Lisa’s Short Stories

Welcome to Lisa’s Short Stories- the stories between the stories! My passion to write has gotten me to be a bit impatient. By that I mean… I can’t wait to finish a whole book to tell my stories so I decided to get around that loophole and write short stories in between the lengthy ones!

You can be assured that just like my novels, my short stories will not disappoint! And better than anything! My short stories are 100% free to read! Especially now, during the trying times that we all face. However, if you would like to support and have a personal copy, you can find them on the Amazon platform in both e-book and paperback versions for an exceptionally low price. Links to my available stories, “The Healed Heart” and “Sultry Nights” can be found at the end of the short stories themselves and on the bottom of this page.

And also, unlike my novels that are  70,000 to 100,000 words and over, my short stories are only 6,000 words or less which allow for a quick and satisfying read! However, if they leave you wanting more and wanting a longer version of these savory stories then please check out one of my seven novels to continue the journey for you!

Please be advised that my short stories are still rated MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY just like my books, so read at your own risk!!!