Lisa’s 5-Minute Horrors

I am always being proactive when it comes to my stories, moreover, I also listen to the many emails I receive when it comes to my stories and what my readers would love to see! I started Lisa’s Stories with my favorite genre, which is love, romance, and a splash (a big splash) of erotic behaviors lol.

So far, I have seven novels and four short stories that live up to this style of writing; with novel eight I branched out and dived into a bit of mystery and I am happy to say, that “Fractured” has done quite well! With that being said, I am introducing an even shorter story than my short stories with an entirely different genre! With my first story complete, “The Walk Home”, I am proud to introduce my 5-minute horror stories!

Now, these stories may go up to about fifteen minutes of listening time, and maybe some just a tad bit more but I love the ring that “5-minute” gives lol! Another great thing about these stories is that you will be able to listen to them for FREE right here on! That’s right, no money, just your time, support, and word of mouth to get these stories out is all I ask!

Without further ado, please, click play, get your popcorn and a blanket to cover your eyes as fright begins to wash over you! I hope you enjoy my first 5-minute horror story, “The Walk Home”.