“Synopsis of Love at 30,000 Feet”

Ashley Wright, a 37-year-old successful FBI Field Agent of 10 years, will soon have her life come to an unexpected halt after having a life-altering experience. While heading out on assignment to France, her trip was derailed after realizing some important documents had not been updated. Shockingly, Ashley still tried to make the flight.

Luckily, an angel in human clothing convinced her to reschedule the trip after getting everything in order before traveling abroad. Little did she know at the time- but would soon find out later, that angel saved her life. After realizing what could have been her demise, fear of flying began to take over, and decisions had to be made about life as she knew it as well as her dream career.

However, unbeknownst to Ashley, good would come out of the ordeal in the form of love. Love from the same person that played a part in saving her life. Unfortunately, someone wants to stop this love from blossoming and threatens to disclose some very embarrassing information about her.

The question is, will her angel in human clothing be able to save her yet again? Will Ashley allow fear to control her life forever, or will she get back her power? Will love win, or will hate and jealousy ruin what could be? Once the pages begin to turn in this romantic and jaw-dropping love tale, you will not be able to stop until the very end!