Butta Luv

Butta Luv

Chapter 1

“Well damn, who knew you could put it down like that!?”

For Joanne, sex was just another day at the office. It wasn’t that she was a hoe, or a prostitute, or a thot. The fact was, Joanne was simply a strong and successful woman that enjoyed sex like anyone else.

Unfortunately, no one could seem to break through her thick and self-protective barrier or satisfy her sexually. At least no one in an awfully long time.

“What you mean by that?” DeAndre laughed uneasily as he sat upright in the all-white, soft, pillow top bed while looking at Joanne, who was now standing and quickly tying her black, silk robe.

“I mean exactly that. Who would have known that a man of your… how do I say? Stature could put it down like that. I mean, let’s be honest DeAndre, it’s not like you are working with a water hose,” Joanna said nonchalantly as she began to walk to the bathroom.

Listen, I need to get ready for my flight so, it was nice. I left some money on the nightstand, take it if you want to but please, see your way out.”

Joanne Taylor, at forty-one years of age, was an incredibly attractive and extremely successful pilot of twelve years with American Airlines. She was intelligent and strong-minded but most importantly, she was a no-nonsense kind of woman. When it came to dealing with people, she did not take any bullshit and she always stood her ground- especially being in the field she was in.

Being a female pilot was a dream come true for her even though it had come with several challenges, many based on the simple fact that she was a female in the male driven industry.

As a child, she made three promises- one was to get out of the hood and off the system. The second was to never want for anything again, and the third was to never be locked into anything that she did not want to be in.

At the tender age of ten, she would close her tired eyes each night and dream of freely flying through the clouds to all the different places around the world. That was her escape from being locked in a life that her mother had forced on her. This alone time gave her hope of getting back a piece of her childhood that had been selfishly stripped away.

For Joanne, she always had to be strong because sadly, she was forced to play an adult role, being the oldest of four children to a young, single, and distraught mother.

When she was ten, her father left for reasons unknown to her, and she never saw him again after that day. At that point, it was only her and her eight-year-old sister Allyia.

Painfully, the young, twenty-five-year-old mother that she had loved and who was always there had simply gone overnight. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally.

She made a vow to herself that day to never need a man or allow one to treat her the way she had seen them treat her mother. She vowed to never allow someone to have that kind of control over her well-being.

Unfortunately, this caused Joanne to become a seemingly cold and almost isolated individual who, just as her mother had become, also could not connect emotionally to other people that she encountered.

Her sexual behaviors could be blamed mainly on seeing her mother be used and sometimes abused by the many suitors that she had after her father left which, over the next two years would leave her with two more children to raise alone and with the much-needed help of a now twelve-year-old Joanne.

For her, she had no plans to be hurt this way by men, so she naturally developed a more dominant role in the bedroom.

Normally it was women that wanted to stay and cuddle after a sexual encounter, but for Joanne, it was a quick hit and quit before she asked her sexual partners to leave.

She wanted men to feel used by her before they had any chance to use, degrade and disrespect her. On the other hand, though, it wasn’t that she did not want a healthy relationship. For her, she did not know quite how to have one, and no one had caught her attention enough sexually or otherwise to make her interested in finding out.

Her focus was on herself and how to become an even better version of herself. However, she knew deep down that eventually, she would need to undo what her past had taught her and figure out how to interact better with people even if that meant therapy.

She hated that her younger years lacked the much-needed social interactions required for healthy emotional growth. Regretfully, there were no real social skills for her take into her adult years.

For her, those precious years consisted of going to school and coming straight home to take care of her younger siblings most times alone in the dangerous neighborhood they lived in.

Other than Allyia, Joanne only had one true friend, who would do anything for her even if it were just talking on the front stoop in the middle of the night or bringing food over to feed her and her sister when there was nothing in the house.

Snow, as she was called was a year older than her and lived in the unit above them but after her family was evicted, Joanne never saw her treasured friend again.

Sadly, meeting new people as an adult did not come easily either. Although she was an extrovert and liked to have a good time, she simply lacked the vital life skills needed to come across the way that she intended.

However, people found themselves initially attracted to her because of her undoubtable beauty and strong presence so getting sexual partners was not an issue but making friends and creating tight bonds was another story.

Women for the most part loathed her yet, at the same time admired her and wanted to be her while men were left feeling emasculated by her. Although Joanne’s intentions were good, her delivery is what always left a bad taste in people’s mouths throughout her life.

Her strong personality most times drowned out the good person that she was and although she wished her conveyance were a little better, she did not have the care to take time and figure it out. Having people’s approval of her right now was not something high on her list of concerns.

As Joanne finished her shower, she realized just how much she was ready to leave Philadelphia and get back into the peaceful tranquility that the clouds provided.

She had flown in the previous night from Tulsa Oklahoma and had just enough layover time to grab a quick fuck from an associate that she knew in the area and a few hours of rest before having to return to the airport for a flight out to Phoenix Arizona, which was due for takeoff in less than an hour.

Chapter 2

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to American flight 1669. My name is Joanne Taylor, and I will be your captain today…”

   As Joanne relayed the memorized script forty-five minutes later, she and her first officer prepared for takeoff as they slowly taxied the tarmac to take their position in the long line of planes ready to take to the powder blue skies.

Her mind for the moment was on her sister’s cookout that she was going to attend that weekend. For the most part, Joanne was close with all three of her siblings, but she and Allyia had the closest relationship.

Mainly because they were so close in age and because she was basically the only one there for her growing up to help with their unfair adult responsibilities. Allyia, also, unfortunately, had the misfortune to lose much of her childhood as well due to being made to assist in raising her younger brothers.

As young adults, both women, but especially Joanne, felt victimized by their mother for being made to babysit for hours and sometimes days if it were the weekend as kids themselves while she went out and partied and lived her life as if she had no responsibilities at all.

They held a grudge for a long time because of how it had affected their lives. Their brothers, however, had no clue of their struggles nor the sacrifices they were made to make as young girls. They loved their sisters immensely and Joanne and Allyia vowed to never disclose that secret to them knowing it would break their hearts.

Eventually, the relationship with their mother was somewhat repaired during Joanne’s senior year in college when her mother, who had since married and gotten her life back on the right track apologized to both her daughters for putting her responsibilities on them and making them grow up extremely too fast.

It hurt her for years knowing that she stripped any sense of a normal childhood away from them and she did everything she could to make amends. It wasn’t until then that the girls learned that their mother struggled severely with drug and alcohol abuse ever since their father had left.

Forgiving their mother wasn’t a hard decision but they knew they would never get back the precious years that they had lost because of her.

   “Flight 1669… you are clear for takeoff.”

After flipping a few more switches and quickly snapping out of her daydream, Joanne acknowledged the control tower before the massive Airbus gained speed down the 12,000-foot runway and ascended into the clear blue sky for the soothing five-hour flight ahead of them.

Saturday 2 pm

“Slide to the left! Slide to the right! Reverse! Reverse! Cha Cha now ya’ll!”

   As Joanne drove up the crowded circled drive, she could hear laughter and hands clapping to the song’s command as DJ Casper’s hit, Cha Cha Slide echoed through the air.

Joanne loved spending time with her sister, she was the one person who utterly understood who she was and why she was that way. As she exited her matte black Tesla Model S Plaid, the most expensive of the Tesla’s fleet, Joanne could not help but take in the calmness that filled the air in the picturesque Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood.

The quiet and family-friendly community was a noticeable contrast from the crime-ridden West Baltimore neighborhood the siblings grew up in on the other side of town.

Lexington Terrance was a horrible place to have to grow up. Just staying alive each day was a struggle. The family lived there for all of Joanne’s life until being forced out in the mid-1990s when she was sixteen for the demolition of the housing development.

Sadly, because of her mother’s financial state, the family had to move from one hell right into another on Baltimore’s west side. Gilmore Homes, located in the Winchester area, which was another of the many troubled housing projects in the city was Joanne’s new home until she left to attend the University of Maryland where she entered the Aviation Sciences program in 1997.

Allyia, not surprisingly, shared some of the same dreams as her sister and getting out of the ghettos of Baltimore was one of them.

   “Joanne! I am so glad you made it sis!” Allyia yelled excitedly as she ran towards Joanne, who was smiling from ear to ear as she entered the backyard.

“Of course, I made it! I would not miss your cookouts for anything!”

“Sis! What’s good! So, where are you flying in from this time?”

Before Joanne could turn around good, a set of strong arms wrapped around her and hugged her tightly.

   “Justin!” Joanna squealed as she hugged the younger of her brothers before kissing him playfully on the cheek.

“Amsterdam, I got in late last night. So, is the whole crew here? Where is Aden? I want to sneak up on him before he gets to me first,” Joanne laughed as she looked around sneakily for her other brother.

“He is on his way now and mama said she would stop by later also,” Allyia said as she shielded the sun from her eyes.

“But right now, let’s go have some fun!” She shouted as the classic hit Before I Let Go by Maze filled the air, hyping up an already hyped crowd.

For the next hour, Joanne danced, mingled, and ate the day away with her family and some new hopefuls for friends. She enjoyed these social moments, she needed them. They were her therapy sessions until she could get to a real therapist.

Joanna lived about forty minutes away in the very exclusive Glenelg community in Howard County and although she had an abundance of yard space and house space, her schedule did not permit her to hold such events.

Her life was in the skies and her engagements with people were scarce other than a few flings here and there in her layover cities.


“No, I think I need a break,” Joanne laughed as she declined another dance from a partygoer to whom she had already given three too many dances to already as she tried to make her way to the house.

As she entered the beautiful home, Joanne sighed heavily as she walked slowly to the bathroom to freshen up. Luckily, she had taken a two-week vacation, something that she had rarely done in her tenure with the company, so limiting her alcohol intake was not an issue during this festive time.

Joanne admired her sister for the life she built for herself after everything they had been through. Her husband George, who was away on business was incredibly supportive and the two made a great team.

At thirty-nine years old, she had accomplished what most people could not complete in a lifetime. The one dream that she had not accomplish so far was unfortunately, having children.

Sadly, Allyia was diagnosed with lupus when she was twenty-five. The autoimmune disorder affected and undermined her fertility in several ways from reducing her body’s ability to produce healthy eggs to attacking newly implanted embryos.

The couple considered adoption but decided that if they could not have children of their own, that were created from their love, they would rather remain childless.

Luckily though, the family wasn’t completely childless. Between the two brothers, they had given their sisters five nieces and nephews, and their mother five grandchildren.

Justin had beautiful four-year-old twins, a boy named Jalen and a girl named Jalenda. Aden, the older of the brothers had two adorable boys named Marquis and Malik and a gorgeous little girl named Maya whose ages ranged from two to six.

As Joanne ventured through the large home, she heard a familiar voice as she reached the open sliding glass door leading to the backyard.

   “Aden!” She yelled before wrapping her slender arms around her brother’s strong neck.

“Sis! Damn, I have missed you! I’m glad you came out!” Aden said as he backed up and looked his sister over.

“I would not miss it for the world! I didn’t think you were ever going to get here bro,” Joanne said as she glanced at the handsome yet indescribably pretty individual who accompanied him.

Joanne had been with many men but none with having the characteristics as being both handsome and pretty. It was something about this person that grabbed her attention and she wanted to know more about this intriguing individual.

She could not quite gauge his age, but she could not help but admire his fashion sense and his beautiful, deeply set dimples, along with his flawless brown skin that radiated in the sun’s rays. And his smile was perfect as he patiently stood by Aden’s side.

Oh shit! I’m being rude! Joanne this is my homie Shiloh, she has already met everyone else. Shiloh, this is my big sis, Joanne.”

As Aden introduced his friend, Joanna was in awe at the fact that he said… she.

I must have heard that wrong she thought to herself while reaching her hand to shake Shiloh’s, who was now approaching with an odd look across her face as her eyes uneasily scanned the group of siblings.

   “You can just call me Snow.”

Chapter 3

It was as if the world stood still. It could not be… this could not be.

Snow…,” Joanne said, her voice cracking as looks of confusion covered everyone’s faces.

“I thought it was a coincidence…,” Snow said, her voice trailing off as she realized exactly who she was around.

The two best friends had been separated ever since Snow’s family was evicted from the Lexington Terrance housing projects and oddly, Joanne never knew her real name.

The streets had given her the name Snow because to get by, she sold drugs and eventually became infamous for selling cocaine throughout the entire West Baltimore area.

“I… when Aden said Allyia, I… I said nah, it can’t be. But… when he said Joanne, I realized that it could not be a coincidence. Aden, you were one when my family was evicted. I’m not even sure that I knew your name. And Justin, you weren’t even born…”

It was as if Snow was in a trance as tears slowly began to form in her eyes.

   “Oh my god,” Allyia said softly as she covered her mouth with both hands while slowly looking between Snow and Joanne through wide eyes. Both obviously going through a variety of emotions.

Allyia was old enough to know Snow but the two did not share the same friendship as she and her sister did.

   “I have missed you so much!” Joanne cried as she grabbed and hugged her old friend tightly.

“How do you know my brother? We have so much catching up to do!” She squealed while looking intently into her glimmering brown eyes.

“Joanne, I have thought about you constantly! I have missed you like hell! Look at you all grown up,” Snow laughed as Joanne wiped the water from her soft brown eyes.

“I know Aden through work, I have worked with him on and off for the past three years on a few projects. We have been friends for nearly four years. I can’t believe I have never put this together.”

Snow’s smile against her chiseled face was intoxicating and the truth was, Joanne could not deny what she felt before even realizing who Snow was. She had certainly grown up and changed or- came into who she may have always been and by the looks of it she was doing extremely well in life.

All Joanne knew was that she could not lose her again. There were so many unanswered questions that she wanted answers to, and she intended to get them.

Over the next week, Snow and Joanne spent a lot of time together. As it turned out, Snow was an incredibly skilled and highly compensated architect and had worked closely with Aden over the years on several projects that he had gotten off the ground through his construction company.

Ironically, one of those projects was the 2019 partial demolition of her old home and crime-riddled Gilmore Homes housing projects.

Just like Joanne, Snow never left Maryland and had a rough life as a child and did what she needed to survive. After her family was evicted, they remained homeless for the next two years, but school was the one thing that she never let go of.

Unfortunately, Snow was not able to graduate high school with her class due to her living situation but every day she would read and look through old schoolbooks to keep her on top of her studies.

After her family regained housing, she finally crossed the stage and attended college that same year at Towson University located twenty minutes outside of Baltimore in Towson Maryland and about the same distance from where Joanne was unknowingly attending school at the University of Maryland.

She replaced selling drugs with a real career and received her Bachelor of Architecture degree after five years and obtained her Master of Architecture two years after that.


“Thank you for coming over on such short notice.”

The days spent with Snow had been perfect. It would be a lie if Joanne said that she was not attracted to her old friend who, now looking back realized that she had always been comfortable with who she was.

She had always been protective of Joanne and had always run with the boys, but back then, Joanne did not know there was a word for what she was. All she knew was that she was Snow.

   “Anytime,” Snow said as she entered Joanne’s plush home before placing the expensive wine in her hands.

“Opus One 2017, what is the occasion?” An impressed Joanne asked coyly, as her eyes met Snow’s.

The enticing scent of Armani filled Joanne’s nostrils as Snow stepped closer- causing her to almost drool at the lovely specimen in front of her. Snow’s extremely fit body was cut and chiseled which showed nicely beneath her fitted white V-neck.

Her adorable, manicured baby dreads, which were styled into a mohawk were perfectly sectioned and twisted and her haircut was amazing! It looked as if she had just left the barber’s chair. The defined line-up looked as sharp as razors that would slice you open if touched.

And as she continued to scan downwards all she wanted to do was rip off her perfectly pressed khakis to see exactly what was beneath. Although Snow was very neat in appearance and had matured over the years and had thankfully left the oversized, sagging pants where they belonged- in the ghettos of West Baltimore, there was still that presence of thug that lived on the surface. However, Joanne wanted to be acquainted with this new and better version of her past.

“Getting to know you all over again,” Snow said softly, snapping Joanne out of her trance as she pulled her gently into her embrace.

Joanne’s body weakened in Snow’s strong grip and her knees felt like jelly as Snow’s soft lips brushed against her neck. It was as if Snow had read her mind, the feel of this irresistible woman pressed against her sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

The strength, the dominance, and the expertise of her every movement was sexually overwhelming.

   “I have always wanted you,” Snow whispered as her hands began to explore Joanne’s soft round ass.

Normally, Joanne would never give anyone this much control over her, but Snow was different. Snow was someone that she trusts with all her heart and who she would give her whole heart to. She never felt as safe as she felt in that moment wrapped again in her protection.

There had definitely been a lot of flirting and sexual tension between them since the cookout but after everyone, including her mother realized who she was, Joanne could not get one minute alone with her.

Being with a woman wasn’t something that Joanne was necessarily into. However, she had been with a few women in the past, but none compared to Snow, who, at six-feet-two-inches, was not your average woman.

Her almond-shaped, babyface was just as Joanne remembered, only more mature and certainly sexier. Her creamy cocoa skin was as smooth as butter which Joanne’s hands were all over right now, and those dimples- lord knows those dimples did something to her!

   “I have wanted you since you were thirteen Snow,” Joanne whispered, revealing a secret that she had kept all these years, until now.

It was true, Joanne had developed a special love for Snow during their younger years. It was something about how Snow would always drop anything she was doing to be there for her. And the long, late-night talks as distant gunshots rang through the air meant a lot to Joanne. Snow had always made her feel safe and kept her motivated when she was down.

Whether Snow knew it or not, Joanne hated when she wasn’t around. So, when she left, it tore her to pieces to not know if she would ever see her special friend again. She did not know anything about sexual orientation at that age, she just knew she loved Snow.

So much that on a cold and clear night as the girls shared their dreams, the two shared a kiss on the top of the stairs in front of Snow’s unit. A kiss that Joanne had never forgotten.

   “Joanne…,” Snow moaned as she laid her on a nearby chase and kissed her passionately while slowly unbuttoning her blue silk blouse.

Button by button Joanne’s body squirmed beneath Snow as her anticipation grew. She could feel her throbbing pussy get wetter with each touch and when Snow’s warm mouth covered her hard nipples all she could do was grab her head and keep it there as she slowly sucked and playfully bit each one.

   “Snow…,” Joanne whimpered as her hands and mouth traveled lower, her long body devouring Joanne’s submissive five-foot-seven-inch frame with each movement.

“I have dreamed about this pussy,” Snow said lustfully as she removed Joanne’s pants and the skimpy panties that covered what she desired.

   “Damn you’re beautiful,” Snow said as she gazed upon Joanne’s luscious naked body. Womanhood had certainly treated her good.

Her toned yet thick frame along with her perfect size D breast made men’s mouth water- and even some women’s. Her beautiful, mocha brown face which was adorned with almost perfect symmetrical facial features made her even that much more attractive.

Her shoulder-length, stylish, auburn hair sprawled over the pillows as she waited patiently for her lover to take control of her while her almond-shaped, hazel eyes filled with a fire that only Snow could put out.

   “Come here,” Snow moaned as she bent down and pulled Joanne’s bottom close to her face.

The heat they both felt between them was electrifying. Joanne’s mind at this moment was at rest. With Snow, she didn’t have to worry about being dominant or making sure that a man wasn’t trying to get the best of her or hurt her.

It wasn’t just a quick hit and quit with Snow. Instead, it was about having a connection. As Snow savored and feasted on Joanne below, all she could do was smile and enjoy the ride as her hands slowly ran through her lover’s course, short hair.

Joanne had loved this woman all her life and thought that she would never see her again but as fate would have it, not only was she back in her life, but she was now deep between her legs.

“Mmmm,” Snow murmured as she continued to lick Joanne’s swollen walls clean before lifting her head and slowly moving up Joanne’s satisfied body.

“Please don’t stop,” Joanne begged as Snow hovered over her with a devilish smile stretched across her sexy face. Joanne’s pussy throbbed as Snow positioned herself between her legs with expertise and when their clits connected, Joanne’s gasp could be heard from miles away.

With each stroke, Joanne clinched tightly to Snow’s muscular body as the chase moved to her almost poetic rhythm. Joanna did not want this moment to end as she fought hard to not cum, but as Snow continued to grind into her with each snake-like motion the control was no longer hers.

“Baby you feel so fuckin’ good… I’m… I’m about to cum!” Joanne screamed as her legs tightened around Snow- her pussy wet and pulsating from the pleasure it was receiving.

Snow had certainly had some good pussy over the years, but none was as good as Joanne’s. This was the only pussy that she had ever wanted and as she released herself on top of Joanne, her body trembled from the powerful orgasm she was enjoying before falling to Joanne’s side and kissing her lovingly- her lips still blanketed with the taste of Joanne’s delicious pussy.

Chapter 4

“Aden, do you have a minute?” Joanne asked her brother the next morning after Snow left.

The two newly found friends made love throughout the night and into the early morning hours. Neither was able to get enough of the other nor did they want to. Joanne only had the upcoming weekend left before her vacation was over and she wanted to get more information on Snow before she headed out.

Her brother as it turned out and unbeknownst to her until recently had known Snow for years and would have the best knowledge of what was going on in her personal life.

“I always have time for you sis what’s up?” Aden asked as he placed his pen beside his laptop while waiting to hear what his sister wanted to talk about.

“Listen, this is going to sound weird- but tell me about Snow.”

Joanne’s tone was eager, and her mind and heart were all over the place after the intimate night she spent with her childhood friend. She and Snow had talked about a lot of things over the past two weeks, but she wanted to know if there was anything that Snow wasn’t telling her.

“What do you want to know?” Aden asked nonchalantly as he fiddled with his pen.

Since the cookout, Aden realized that a lot of things Snow had said in the past now made sense. She had always mentioned having a best friend growing up that she had called Jo Jo.

She had always told Aden that if she were to ever reunite with her that she was going to marry her. Aden, being too young to have ever remembered her, never put together that she had been talking about his big sister.

However, Aden knew that whoever this person was had her heart and it made his heart warm the day of the cookout when the revelation was made.

“Like, I don’t know… does she have a girlfriend? Does she say anything about me?

As Aden listened on the other end a smile began to form on his handsome face. He knew his sister struggled socially although he never understood why, so this connection that she had with Snow brought happy tears to his eyes.

He was also happy to be able to give a positive report on Snow- although not perfect, but he was sure that his sister would understand that she did have a life over the many years that had passed.

“Snow is, how can I say- a reborn playa. She has no problem getting women, as a matter of fact, I use her for my wingman when we go out. Women talk to me just to get to know her, but I guess any attention is good attention,” Aden laughed and although all this information was true, he enjoyed hyping their relationship up just a bit to make his sister sweat for just a moment.

“I see,” Joanne said, disappointment filling her voice as she stirred the cold coffee that she had abandoned almost an hour ago.

   “Nah sis I’m totally fucking with you!” Aden said excitedly.

“You missed the keyword reborn! Snow really was all those things but after the cookout, all she has talked about is you. Actually, I’m now the third wheel between you guys,” Aden laughed.

“She had a girlfriend, but they broke up over a year ago. On the outside looking in, the two were perfect together but Snow always talked about this Jo Jo person, who she could never seem to get out of her head- which, now I know is you. She, of course, smashed other women over the years but no one ever had her heart. She was saving that for you.”

For the next hour, Aden told Joanne about Snow and how she had always talked about her childhood friend and the love that she had for her. Joanne never felt so loved and wanted in all her years. And to hear that Snow had been honest with her and about her relationship status made her melt.

“Aden, thank you so much. And please know, I would never want to come in between your guys’ relationship. I just… I just love her so much! You just don’t know.”

“Nonsense sis, trust me, I do understand. Everything happens for a reason. Our meeting was for a reason- and that reason I do believe was for you guys to be reconnected. Snow and I will always be homies, that doesn’t have anything to do with what ya’ll have. Do you sis, I just need her a few hours on Friday nights to get some females,” Aden laughed as he sat back in his office chair.

“So, when are you heading back in the clouds,” Aden asked after calming himself from laughing so hard.

“Whatever little brother, she is mine, no more wingman!” Joanne said playfully.

“I’m back in the clouds Monday, I have a 5:30 a.m. flight out to Seattle.”

For the next ten minutes before ending the call, Joanne went over in detail her flight schedule, something she normally did with her family before she flew.

Monday 5:51 am

“Welcome to American’s flight 541, we apologize for the delay, but we have been cleared for takeoff and will be departing shortly…”

As Joanne informed her passengers of the status of the flight her mind was on the previous night that she shared with Snow.

“Someone is happy on this rainy morning,” Jason, her first pilot said after catching the smile on her face.

   “Yes, I am,” Joanne replied happily as she prepared for takeoff.


“Yes, I need to get a room please.”

As Joanne shuffled through her purse to find her company’s credit card all she wanted to do was call Snow after her long day in the air.

“Certainly, Ms. Taylor,” the familiar and polite desk attendant responded.

The swanky Grand Hyatt Seattle four-star hotel located at 721 Pine Street was a popular hotel for pilots and flight attendants. This hotel was the only one Joanne frequented when visiting Seattle whether for work or personal reasons so most of the staff knew her well.

   “And here you are ma’am, please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.”

Luckily, she nearly had two days before having to fly back out for an international flight to Bologna, Italy, so she had all night to listen to Snow’s smooth and sexy voice but first, she was going to shower and get a bottle of wine sent up.

Normally, Joanne knew someone in most places she flew into to help her relax sexually and Seattle wasn’t an exception. Tom would love to hear from her right now and although Joanne was extremely horny, her body would have to wait to get back to Baltimore to be satisfied.

After her shower, Joanne tried to call Snow several times only to reach her voicemail. She knew that she had a life outside of her but that same feeling of sadness returned just as it did as a young child when Snow would not be around.

So many years had passed and somewhere in there she had begun to manage life without Snow in it, but since her return, it was as if everything had reset.

   “Finally,” Joanne said, relieved as the concierge gently knocked at the door. She was hoping the wine would ease her mind until she could reach her lover.

   “Thank you so…”

As Joanna opened the door her mouth dropped to the floor. She could not fully compute what was standing in front of her, but the vision was better than any bottle of wine could ever be, and it had her speechless.

“I’m never losing sight of you ever again Jo Jo.”

Snow! How! What in the… oh my god baby! Are you really here!?

Joanne was lost for words as she looked in the hallway as if there was a secret portal before pulling Snow in and kissing her deeply.

“Aden told me where you would be staying tonight. I had to see you. I’m never losing you again baby… you’re stuck with me forever.

The temperature in the room rose a few degrees as Snow pressed Joanne’s half-naked body against the wall and slowly opened her robe before sliding her fingers into her moist and creamy smooth hole.

“Damn baby, you feel like butta,” Snow growled- sex filling her voice as she permanently claimed what had always been hers.

Joanne and Snow picked up right where they had left off so many years before but this time around each of them was able to control their own lives and never had to worry about being apart ever again.

Joanne, now, not only having to think of herself adjusted her work schedule to spend more time with Snow. And with her help and support, Joanne got the therapy she needed and was now able to connect more with people to develop meaningful relationships.

The couple made plans to marry the following summer with Aden as Snow’s best man and Allyia as Joanne’s matron of honor.

For now, the two made sweet love above the calm Seattle streets below with no care at all about the wine that the concierge was attempting to deliver outside the door.

Snow definitely had the love that she wanted and the love that she needed… she had that good love, that butta luv.

♡♥♡The End♡♥♡

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