The Healed Heart

Healed Hearts

Chapter 1

“Move! It’s over with! I can’t do this with you anymore Charlene!”

As Seth stormed out of the dismantled room, Charlene dropped to her knees and continued to beg her boyfriend of three years not to leave. Unfortunately for Charlene, those pleas fell on deaf ears as the roar of his engine drowned out her sobs as his blacked-out Hellcat sped away.

For the next what seemed like hours, Charlene sat on the floor staring at the wall. Her beautiful brown face streaked with now dry tears as new ones took their place. If it were not for the phone ringing, she would have sat in the same place for another hour trying to figure out what just happened.

“Girl, you need to just let him go. You already know that he is no good for you. How many times are you going to go through this, friend?”

Even though she knew her friend was telling the truth, the fact remained that she loved this man. Three years of her life she had given to Seth even after proof of his infidelities had surfaced. Even after he put his hands on her too many times to count and even after he fathered three children with three other women during their relationship.

“Tina, I know you are concerned for me but believe me, I’m fine. He just needs time to cool off and he will be back. I… I just can’t see my life without him in it.”

As Charlene spoke, the tears began again as Tina sighed heavily on the other end.

“Listen, Charlene, I hope he doesn’t come back. I have been your friend for over six years and three of those years have kept me on edge and scared for your life. Every day that you are with him, I wonder if he will kill you, or if one of his hoes will try to fuck with you. I am tired of you not knowing your worth honey.”

Tina was not only Charlene’s friend of six years, but she was also her co-worker. Both women worked as a receptionist at a popular dentist office in the stylish Buckhead district in Atlanta. Charlene, an employee for four years was able to get her friend on a year prior after she was included in a massive layoff at her previous company.

   “I know… I know Tina,” Charlene sighed.

“I should be happy that he is gone but… I don’t know. Look, I am going to try to get some rest. See you tomorrow?”

As silence filled the phone Charlene fought back tears, hoping Tina would hurry and answer.

“Sure… see you tomorrow. Call me if you need anything.”

“Hi, I have a 2:30 appointment with Doctor Webster.”

Charlene was speechless as the tall, brown-skinned man stood in front of her. His smile was perfect and from what she could see from his body- that was perfect as well. She could not tell if his crystal green eyes were his or contacts, but the longer she looked into them the harder it seemed to look away.

   “Ahem…, “ Tina softly grunted.

“Oh… uh! Sorry! Doctor Webster… yes, and you are David Kemp? Just… just sign in here and we will get you back in just a moment.”

“Oh my god! Thank you! If it weren’t for you clearing your throat I would still be staring!” Charlene said- embarrassed at her actions as she watched the extremely attractive gentleman take a seat in the waiting area.

“If I didn’t know you, I would think you were trying to get with that,” Tina joked as her friend continued to blush as she looked at the patient who was now consumed by whatever was keeping his attention on his phone.

“What! No! I mean… he is fine as hell but… no. Besides, I don’t even think he looked twice at me,” Charlene said while organizing some paperwork that did not need organizing.

Over the three years that Charlene had been with Seth her self-confidence had dwindled to almost nothing due to his verbal, mental, and physical abuse. And although she was the envy of most women and the weakness to almost every man, she no longer saw the beauty that she possessed.

Instead, all she saw herself as was worthless and dependent on her abusive ex- but for some reason, this stranger did something to her that she had not felt in years.

“Mr. Kemp, you can come on back now,” the chipper hygienist said as she held the door open for David as he smiled at her and headed back.

“Wish me luck,” he joked as he passed the receptionist desk- his mesmerizing eyes locking directly onto Charlene.

“So, what was that you said about him not looking twice at you?” Tina said jokingly, seeing her friend melt in the seat next to her.

“I’m going to have to go to the bathroom and dry off if I get another look like that!”

Unfortunately, Charlene’s panties were already damp from the initial engagement with David, so this just added to her problems down below. Luckily for her, her shift was about to end in less than an hour but until then, for the next forty-five minutes, Charlene and Tina continued to take care of patients in the lavish dentist office.

“Good seeing you again David, just see the receptionist to schedule your six-month visit. Have a great afternoon!”

It was as if a bolt of lightning shot through Charlene at the sound of David’s name. She was hoping he would be done before her shift was over because just had to lay eyes on this man one more time.

   “Me again,” David smiled as he pierced Charlene’s soul with his presence.

“So, I see,” Charlene said playfully.

“What day works best for you Mr. Kemp?” She continued.

“Well, that depends.” David replied, his deep voice digging into Charlene while sending shivers through her petite body.

While clearing her throat she realized that she was squeezing her thighs together tightly due to the wetness beginning to ooze from her once again.

Depends on what?” Charlene asked- puzzled at the statement.

“Well, it depends on if you will be here to check me in or not.”

Charlene was trying hard to hold it together. Between the wetness between her legs, Tina making sounds under her breath, and this fine specimen of a man standing over her obviously flirting- it was almost too much for her to handle.

“Uh, well, I don’t know my schedule six months in advance but if nothing changes, I… I guess I will be here,” Charlene said as she stumbled over her words.

“Trust me, she will be here. She never misses a day,” Tina chimed in smiling- catching her friend off guard.

“Well, that settles it, Ms. Charlene, schedule me for any day that you think you will be here,” David said as he playfully winked his eye before taking the paperwork from her hand and walking out the door.

   “Tina! Oh my god! I’m going to kill you girl,” Charlene laughed as she gathered her personal items, obviously not at all mad at her friend.

“Let’s get out of here girl, the first thing you need is a cold shower to cool down and then drinks after. You cool with that?” Tina asked playfully as the two walked through the large, frosted glass doors.

“I am definitely cool with that!”

As the women said their goodbyes in the parking lot, a familiar voice rang out from behind.


“You better go, girl! That’s my cue, you better call me after this,” Tina said, smiling mischievously as she opened the door to her cherry red Lexus SUV.

Mr. Kemp?”

“Please, call me David. Listen, I don’t mean to be weird, but I overheard you and your friend saying you were getting off around this time and I just wanted to talk with you in a more private setting,” David said as he looked around the bustling parking lot which was not private in the least bit but certainly more private than in the office.

“So, David, that appointment does not work for you anymore?” Charlene joked as the sexiness of this man was more apparent in the warm sunlight.

She was lost again in his trance as the sun danced around in his almost transparent light green eyes. His brown skin looked as smooth as chocolate and his body was… amazing. His beautiful white smile was captivating and his voice… electrifying! No imperfections could be found anywhere on this man.

“So, what do you say? Do you mind if I take you out for a drink sometime?” David asked again as Charlene was lost in her thoughts.

“I am so sorry David, drinks? I would love that. Can I ask you a question?” Charlene asked nervously as she shielded her eyes from the sun.

   “Anything,” David responded in a serious tone.

“Why me? I mean, why do you want to take me out?”

“Is that a trick question?” David asked as he looked around the parking lot as if trying to find hidden cameras.

“You are beautiful! The truth is, I have been coming here for a year now and each time I have tried to get up the nerve to ask you out. Unfortunately for me, every time I would come you would be on your way out. So today I knew I had to make my move. I mean, I don’t get to see you but once every six months,” David laughed as he pulled out his phone.

How she missed this man was beyond her as Charlene listened and blushed like a schoolgirl being asked out by the high school football star.

“The connection I felt with you was undeniable and I was hoping that you felt the same thing,” David said as he leaned against her car.

Oh yeah! I felt it, Charlene thought to herself as she scanned David from head to toe- picturing him in different positions other than leaning against her car.

“I admit, there was a small connection there,” Charlene lied as she shifted her weight to her other foot, preparing to talk for the next hour if that was what David wanted.

The two talked for the next fifteen minutes like old friends before exchanging numbers and going their separate ways. Later that evening over drinks at Ormsby, the stylish speakeasy restaurant on Howell Mill Road, Charlene filled her friend in on her new mystery man and the conversation they had in the parking lot that afternoon.

But for some reason, she felt disloyal to Seth for exploring something new with a new man. She knew well enough to not let her friend in on that piece of information because she was not ready to be scolded.

Why she felt that way she did not know or knew why she cared. All he did was cheat on her throughout their relationship and it wasn’t as though he had taken care of her the way she wished. He had mind-fucked her for so long that she no longer knew who she was without him… that is- until David.

“I’m glad to see you moving on Charlene. I hope you don’t pass up something good because you’re thinking about that clown. I’m happy for you and let’s be honest. Seth doesn’t have anything on him!”

Tina knew her friend and knew she was still thinking about Seth. Although she was livid that she was still entertaining the thought of him, she understood that what Charlene needed now was support, not a lecture.

For the next couple hours, the two friends enjoyed a few more laughs and drinks before closing out their tab and heading home.

Chapter 2

“Hey, I have been thinking about you. A lot,” the deep voice said as Charlene listened intently on the other end.

This had been the call she had been holding her breath for. And as the deep, sultry voice filled her ear, she thought she was going to cream all over herself.

“Can I see you this evening?” He continued.

   “David…,” Charlene weakly responded.

“When were you thinking?”

“Anytime that is good for you. I am free whenever,” David said, confidence filling his voice.

   This man is dangerous Charlene thought to herself while already envisioning his thick lips embracing beer bottles and hopefully other things. And those eyes.

“How about this afternoon around maybe 4 o’clock?” Charlene asked flirtatiously as she smiled into the phone.

“Sounds perfect. Can I pick you up or would you rather meet?” David asked cautiously.

The last thing he wanted to be was too forward. He understood boundaries and did not want to fuck this up. He had eyes for Charlene for far too long to crash and burn now.

“Meeting is fine, did you have a place in mind?” Charlene asked. Although she would love to be whisked away in his chariot- she knew that now was too soon for him to know where she lived. After all, she did not know this man at all.

“I was thinking The Capital Grille on East Paces Ferry Road, is that ok with you? I’m in the mood for a great steak.”

   “Oh ok, I see you,” Charlene said, her grin widening across her beautiful face.

“So, this is date night huh? Of course, that sounds nice, but I might have to push that time back to 5 o’clock. I didn’t realize that I was going to have to pull out my best tonight,” Charlene laughed.

As the two wrapped up their conversation, Charlene was glowing. It had been a long time since anyone made her feel this way. So sexy, so worthy and boy did it feel good.

However, after returning from her moment of happiness, it dawned on her that she did not have any clothes worthy of this outing. Seth never allowed her to wear or have anything sexy or revealing in her wardrobe.

Although he was the cheater, he always accused her of stepping out on their relationship or looking like a thot when she went out. His insecurities always seemed to affect her life and no matter how much she tried to convince him that what she wore was fashionable and not trashy, he did not want to hear it.

Instead, he belittled her and made her get rid of the garments in question. She hated what he made her wear which was worn out sweatpants and tennis shoes. Maybe Tina was right Charlene thought. Maybe I do need to forget about him.

“You look beautiful! Can I ask, where you’re off to tonight?”

After an hour of shopping, Charlene finally found the perfect outfit at the Pink Sky Boutique which, luckily for her was right around the corner from her condo.

“Oh, thank you,” Charlene said to the attentive store attendant.

“First date tonight so you know how it is girl,” she continued as she smiled at herself in the large stylish floor mirror.

“I’m actually running behind so if we could get this wrapped up it would be great,” Charlene added as she looked at the time. The last thing she wanted to do was be late and make a bad impression.

On the ride home, Charlene filled an ecstatic Tina in on her plans that evening and asked for any advice since she had been off the scene so long.

“Just be the wonderful you that you are honey. Just be confident and open. I am so proud of you taking this step!” Tina screamed, enthused at the idea.

“Yeah… I know… but…

“Wait, that better not be skepticism I hear,” Tina fumed, cutting her friend off mid-sentence.

“What is it?” Tina asked, worry filling her voice.

“Nothing. It’s… it’s Seth. He… he called and text me the other night. He said he wanted to talk. But I didn’t respond to either one of them,” Charlene confessed, sounding like a wounded child as she said Seth’s name.

“Fuck Seth! Charlene, please don’t tell me you are thinking about taking his sorry ass back!?”

Tina was so upset at her friend but mostly, she felt sorry for her. No matter what she told her, it was her that was going to have to make the final decision about her life.

“I don’t know what I want to do Tina! Three years is a long time to throw away. What I am feeling right now with David is good but- I don’t know him. As I said, I didn’t respond.”

“Well listen, you have a big night to get ready for lady! Call me tomorrow, you know I love my Saturday brunch with you. I can’t wait to hear every detail of your night,” Tina squealed as they ended the call.


The city lights were bright, and the city was vibrant as Charlene silently rode in the back of her Uber. At the last minute, she decided not to drive based on the amount of wine she had to ward off the jitters, and she was still beyond nervous.

“We have arrived ma’am!” The polite Uber driver said as he gave her front door service to The Capital Grille.

Eyes immediately turned as Charlene stepped out of the car. Her elegant black dress fit her stunning body perfectly. She was flawless in every sense of the word- from her beautiful pecan brown face which was adorned with a perfect set of dimples to the tips of her toes which was covered with a pair of six-inch, black Christian Louboutin red bottom stilettos.

Her almond-shaped brown eyes scanned the crowd of people standing outside the restaurant as well as the people passing by. This late June weather is perfect Charlene thought as a soft gust of wind blew gently through her shoulder-length, straight black hair as she walked towards the door.

“Not only are you right on time, but you are also fine.”

“David, I didn’t even see you,” Charlene gasped.

At this point, she was pleased with her decision to have a couple of glasses of wine beforehand based on what was standing in front of her. David exuded a sex appeal that she had never seen. His smile was intoxicating, and she could not help but submit to his now darker, bedroom green eyes which complimented his brown smooth skin and handsomely chiseled face.

Not until tonight did she realize how much he towered over her five-foot-six-inch frame. He must have been at least six-feet-three-inches tall and every inch of it was in perfect shape. She could tell by the way the crisp white button-down laid against his chest that everything beneath was solid.

Damn she thought as she continued to scan his body. The biggest mystery for her at the moment was if the bulge in his pants was excitement from seeing her, or if it was his member at rest. Either way was a particularly good look and just another perfect asset on this man’s body.

“I just got here myself about two-minutes ago, it took me a while to find parking. I should have been smart like you and ordered an Uber,” David laughed as he slowly walked closer to Charlene, who was beginning to get moist at the almost intimate closeness the two now shared.

And if that was not enough, the scent of his Yves Saint Laurent cologne made her want to leave all her inhibitions right there on the sidewalk as the wonderful scent danced in her nose.

“Being late was not an option,” Charlene managed to say as David took her small hand in his before leading them to the entrance.

“I have a five o’clock reservation for two.”

While David took control, Charlene could not help but admire his confidence and calm demeanor. Her hand felt warm and secure in his as the two were led to their table.

David was without question an alpha male and she loved it. Just by the way he held her close let all other men know that she was his and she had no objections to those assumptions. Women could not help but drool as the beautiful couple walked by while envy showed on the faces of their male counterparts.

He turned heads as he walked through the dimly lit restaurant.  His sleek, black tailored suit and crisp, tailored white button-down underneath complimented every inch of him. It was something about the way he wore his shirt open at the neck with no tie. Not everyone could pull that off, but he certainly could.

“Did I already tell you how stunning you look?” David asked after the two settled in their very cozy and intimate nook.

“The question should be, did I tell you how absolutely handsome you are?”

Charlene was surprised by her confession as the last word left her lips. However, she did not care- this man needed to know how good he looked, and she was going to be the woman to tell him.

“Well thank you, I had to come correct. I mean… I couldn’t step to someone as beautiful as you any old way,” David laughed as he placed the cloth napkin in his lap.

The night was perfect, and Charlene felt like a princess as the two talked, laughed, and feasted on wine and appetizers while they waited on their entrees to arrive.

“Ma’am, we have the 10oz Filet Mignon- medium. Also, for you ma’am we have Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Mosto and the New England Clam Chowder Soup. For you sir, we have the 22oz Bone-In Ribeye- medium-rare. Also, sir, we have the Lobster Mac and Cheese and the Field Greens Salad. Is there anything else at the moment that I can do for either of you?” The polite and well-spoken waiter said as he attentively waited on a response.

“No, thank you, I believe that will be all for now,” David responded as the two looked over the beautiful spread in front of them.

As it turned out, not only did David play the part of a successful and take-charge individual, but he was all of that and then some. As Charlene would learn over dinner, David was a very distinctive and prominent lawyer in Atlanta.

To her surprise, he owned a remarkably successful law firm which was located on Peachtree Street where he and his colleagues practiced anything from real property disputes to identity theft disputes.

His firm was one of the most prestigious and recognized as they represented businesses and individuals throughout the Atlanta metro area, Georgia, and most of the Southeast.

Speaking with David was so easy, nothing like she was used to, and for almost three hours the two had gotten to know each other very well. So much in fact that, another thing she learned over dinner was that those entrancing eyes were the real deal.

“Will we be having dessert tonight?” The waiter asked as he cleared the empty dishes from the table.

“Actually, I think we will have it to go,” David laughed as he placed his hand over his stomach.

He and Charlene were stuffed but knew they could not resist some of the classic desserts that only Capital Grille could offer.

“Very well, so ma’am for you I have The Capital Grille Cheesecake, Brulee style with fresh berries and for you sir I have the Flourless Chocolate Expresso Cake, is that correct?”

“You got it,” David responded.

“So, I had an absolutely great time with you tonight Charlene. I hate it must end, but I am sure we will do this again soon. So… what time is your Uber arriving?” David asked as the two walked hand in hand out of the restaurant.

It was as if David was reading her mind because just like him, she was not ready to end the night just yet either. Luckily, she had more than enough liquid courage on board to be spontaneous thanks to all the drinks she had consumed before and during dinner.

“I had a wonderful night as well and thank you for the spectacular dinner.”

As Charlene looked up and into David’s handsome face, she melted. The feel of his large strong hands against the small of her back made her want to feel more of his body against hers.

Actually, I didn’t order an Uber. I was hoping that I could convince you to give me a ride instead,” Charlene added as she slowly ran her hands along the front of his blazer.

The smile that came across David’s face was breathtaking, it was as if his prayers had been answered.

“I would be honored,” David managed to say as he led the two through the busy sidewalk to his car. Once inside his custom-built Range Rover, time seemed to stand still as they looked into each other’s eyes. There was an unspoken desire that was understood between both of them even though the silence that filled the air was thick.

Charlene’s lips submitted to David’s as he gently caressed her face and slowly pulled her lips to his. The warmth from his full lips seemed to warm her entire soul as her tongue begin to explore his mouth. She never wanted this moment to end, she never wanted his hands to leave her body.

Everything that she had been through with Seth- the abuse, the belittling, her lack of confidence, David seemed to heal in that very moment. She felt safe and she did not want to ever feel anything else.

For so long she thought she could not live without Seth, but now, she knew that she could and that he did not deserve her. She knew that he would never be able to make her feel less than ever again.

“I’m sorry if I overstepped my boundaries,” David said as he slowly pulled away from Charlene, hunger still in his lust-filled eyes.

“Trust me… you didn’t,” Charlene said as she slowly exhaled while placing her hand on his.

If only you knew she thought to herself while watching him set up his onboard navigation.

“Good. The last thing I want to do is fuck this up,” David smiled as he gently squeezed her small hand.

“So, where to?” David asked as he prepared to enter her address in the system.

   “Surprise me,” Charlene said coyly as she smiled and settled into the plush, red leather seat as a devilish smile covered David’s face.

After a quick ten-minute drive, David pulled into a long, gated, and illuminated driveway which led to his immaculate two-level home in Tuxedo Park, a very swanky and top-shelf neighborhood located in Buckhead.

   “David… this is beautiful…,” Charlene gasped.

She was lost for words as she took in the estate that stood in front of her.

“Thank you,” David said humbly.

“The first time I saw this house I knew I had to have it,” David continued as he turned off the engine before sitting just a few minutes looking at it as if he were in a trance.

“Come on, let me show you inside.”

Charlene was even more in love with David’s home after the forty-five-minute tour had come to an end. Over dinner, David said that he had always wanted a big family but never seemed to find the right partner to share those dreams with.  However, looking at his home, he had been proactive in that area as it had enough room to house half a football team.


“Oh my God, that cheesecake was to die for!” Charlene said as the two enjoyed their desserts from earlier.

For the past two and a half hours the two enjoyed more conversation and a few more drinks before devouring their sweet treats. For Charlene, the night just kept getting better.

“Come here, let me get that,” David said, laughing as he wiped the remnants of the cake from her lips before kissing her softly on the neck.

   “Mmm…,” Charlene moaned, wanting this moment more than anything.

Her body took over as she wrapped her slender arms around his muscular neck and pulled his body closer. The heaviness of his frame made her feel secure and the huge bulge that she felt against her stomach was unmistakable. She wanted all of him in every way possible and he wanted the same.

   “Damn baby,” David said lustfully as he stood up and quickly gathered her in his strong arms- taking her to his bedroom where he laid her gently on the soft, pillow-top, king-sized bed.

Charlene squirmed at the anticipation as she watched David undress in the dimly lit and satisfyingly fragrant room. As he removed his shirt she gasped softly at his perfect and extremely fit torso. Everything she had imagined was true. His body was like that of a God and all she wanted to do was lick every muscle.

After taking off the last of his clothing, what stood in front of her was nothing short of amazing as well as shocking. Charlene had never been with a man this size, but she wanted all of him inside her. She needed to feel him… every inch she thought as she licked her lips slowly while taking his rock-hard member in both hands.

   “Ahhh…,” David groaned above her as Charlene stroked all nine inches of his dick.


Charlene could not get enough as she took his large scrotum in her mouth and sucked and pulled slowly as her hand continued to glide up and down the length of his shaft.

“Fuck…,” David moaned as he placed his large hands on each side of her head, moving it back and forth slowly as his dick filled and fucked her small mouth, watching as wetness dripped from her lips.

As Charlene gaged below on him, David’s body began to tremble as he was about to release his seed.

   “I’m about ta cum…,” David groaned out as Charlene refused to let go, she wanted all of him as she ravaged his member with the expertise he had never experienced.

“Oh shi… oh shit… fuck…,” David moaned out as his thick, warm semen shot in her waiting mouth. His dick was still as hard as a rock as she continued to suck and squeeze him dry.

“Fuck me, David,” Charlene begged while removing her evening dress. Her wet pussy was ready to take his mammoth dick and she let him know it as she laid on her back and opened her toned brown legs wide.

“David!” Charlene grunted as all nine inches disappeared inside her.

While holding her legs up, David fucked her pussy with precision. His strokes were rhythmic as her pussy swallowed and squeezed his meat.

The pleasure she was feeling was euphoric and the sounds coming from David were making her pussy wetter. This man knew what he was doing as he turned her around effortlessly without even removing himself from her.

   “Whose pussy is this?” David moaned out as he fucked Charlene from the back, her apple-shaped ass bouncing on his dick.

“It’s yours David… this pussy is yours, baby…”

   “Damn right,” David whispered as he smacked her ass hard before burying himself deep within her walls and planting his seed.

Charlene’s pussy exploded on him almost simultaneously as she climaxed and held his dick deep inside until he emptied himself in her before the exhausted couple fell to the bed and slept the rest of the night wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter 3

Over the next four months Charlene and David dated, made love, and got to know each other on even deeper levels before entering a serious and monogamous relationship.

Seth’s days were in the past although he had not gotten the hint and continued to leave her text and voicemails begging for another chance. All of which had all been unanswered until one day in late winter when he ran into her and David in Lenox Square Mall.

“Charlene… what… how have you been? Have you not gotten any of my messages? And wha… what is this?” Seth asked, pointing, and confused, seething as he looked between an incredibly happy Charlene and David, who was now putting himself between Seth and Charlene.

“My man…,”

“No, baby, I got this,” a confident Charlene said as she handed her bags to David who smiled and stepped aside as he continued to eye Seth.

“Seth, I thought you were bright enough to get the hint. I would never take your sorry, broke ass back. You never deserved me, and you certainly don’t deserve me now. The power that you had over me for all those years is over! It’s been over!

As Charlene let out her feelings, heads began to turn as the confusion in Seth’s face deepened. He had never seen this version of Charlene and it left him speechless as he stood in silence and embarrassingly looked around at the curious eyes.

“At one point in my life I thought you were strong and powerful but, you were and still are weak. You had to put me down to make yourself feel like something and you know what that makes you Seth? PATHETIC! So, please. Do not contact me ever again or I will have your ass lost in so much legal paperwork that Google won’t even be able to find your stupid-looking ass!”

“Daammmmmnnnn!” Some of the spectators yelled out as they laughed and pointed at a defeated Seth.

“And oh, by the way. This is my fiancé and this… this is our child,” Charlene said as she gently rubbed to her stomach.

“You hurt me once, but I have a real man that knows my worth and appreciates me as his woman. He picked up my scattered pieces and he healed the broken heart that you gave me! So, hear me when I say this one more time. If you keep fucking with me, you will come to know the power that he has!

As Charlene and David walked away, cheers exploded around them while Seth was left embarrassed in the middle of the mall as he watched the new Charlene walk forever out of his life for good.

He thought he would be able to come and go out of her life as he pleased- he thought his abuse would keep her fragile and in line with his demands, but he had sorely mistaken how incredibly strong she was.

Charlene and David married in January of 2021 with Tina being the proud maid of honor. The beautiful couple welcomed their first child, Joshua Kemp, on March 19th, 2021, and would go on to have four more children that would successfully fill their home in Tuxedo Park. 

♡♥♡♥The End♡♥♡♥

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