#6- Silent Noise

I am proud to introduce the newest title to my ever growing collection of Lisa’s Stories! Book number six, “Silent Noise” is now a reality and is now available on NookPress! This title, along with my other six works, Life as Lisa: The Skin I’m In…The Skin I was Given, What The Heart Wants, Mystic Encounters, Vanished in Plain Sight, Net of Lies, and Love at 30,000 Feet will hopefully be in major bookstores everywhere so stay tuned!

The loudest noise can sometimes be the most silent when it is coming from the person or persons that is making the noise in the hopes of being heard, but those hopes are instead diminished when their voices, and the noise that is being created is dismissed and swept under the rug so to not bring to light the conditions that could pose serious problems for the powers to be of an organization.

No matter how much noise is made, the return is only silence. Silent noise can happen in any organization and under many circumstances and whenever money is involved that may be lost due to an issue, or if it’s a seasoned, and higher ranking manager that is accused of wrongdoing, that silence becomes even louder by the powers to be…just think of the Me Too Movement. Some organizations will protect their own no matter the cost all while being fully aware of the misconduct while the lives of the people being affected are swept away, their voices and their noise hoping never to be heard.