Synopsis of Fractured

For Ms. Amanda Smith, formally Mrs. Amanda Barnes, life has proven to be, as many say… unpredictable. After a horrific and life-altering car accident, Amanda is no longer the gregarious and thrill-seeking individual she used to be. On the contrary, Amanda is now left contemplating her entire existence as she undergoes extensive surgeries, mental evaluations, and non-stop therapy sessions to hopefully get her body and mind on the road to recovery and back to a resemblance to who she once was.

If that was not enough, there is also a killer on the loose on the streets of Atlanta who has claimed several lives, including the life of her ex-husband, Mr. Mark Barnes. Although long divorced from her once adulterous lover, Amanda wants nothing more than to help Amy, his now widowed wife, to help find his killer. Fighting all odds and fighting through the manic spells and memory loss that the accident left her with, Amanda is determined to come out on top. Determined to return to her old self.

As the murders continue, many questions and suspicions arise as Amy and Amanda continue tracking Mark’s murderer. But where will this mysterious and terrifying trail lead? Will the answers be too much to bear? Can Amanda’s longtime best friend, Charles, keep her motivated through her daily struggles as situations get to be too much to handle? And more importantly, will the killer finally be brought to justice so that Atlanteans can finally feel somewhat safe again in their vibrate city?

Sit back and prepare to put together the many pieces of this thrilling puzzle, only to realize that what you thought was the right piece may not be right at all!