Sultry Nights- Synopsis

Tracy Chatman, a 34-year-old author, has found herself back in her small Mississippi hometown to find some much-needed inspiration for her second novel.

However, she is hoping to also find closure on the part of her life that she left behind a little over a year ago. The problem is, she will only be in town for a couple of weeks before returning to New York, so getting that closure may prove to be impossible.

Luckily for Tracy, yet unbeknownst to her, the town’s gossip spotted her and has gotten word around about her unexpected arrival, but will that news reach all the ears that Tracy needs it to?

Tracy never knew that what was supposed to be only a one-night fling a year ago with someone she would have never imagined ever hooking up with would leave her wanting and needing more, but even if Tracy reconnects with this individual, will they feel the same way?

Furthermore, if the news does not reach them, will Tracy have the courage to reach out to the person that left an unforgettable mark on her life? And if so, what will the future- if anything, have in store for them?

This steamy story will leave you as hot as the summer nights in Mississippi and will certainly have you wishing that this story never ends, but as a part of my short story collection, be prepared for a quick rollercoaster ride of love, hope, desire, steamy sex, and jaw-dropping revelations all wrapped up in less than 6,000 words!

Sultry Nights