Synopsis Of “Life As Lisa”

A feel-good book that depicts my life growing up as a young lesbian. It will take you on a journey throughout my young years into my adult years as I came and grew into my own skin. The people that I met, the people that I loved, the hearts that I broke, the people that broke mine, my friends, and my foes- all helped shape and craft me into the proud lesbian that I am today.

This journey will make you laugh, mad, and may even make you cry. My story is filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions that I had to deal with, as I was faced with many life challenges alone about why and who I was. This book of my life’s experiences and hurdles I to jump as I grew will hopefully inspire anyone that is going through coming out alone to become a stronger person and realize that they are not alone.

It is my hope that my story will also let anyone who is reading this, that is going through any negativity about who you are, realize the strengths that you already possess, and redirect that negativity to make it work for you in a positive way. As parents who may read my story- what I hope you will gain is the knowledge to know that your voice and support are required during this difficult point in any young person’s life who is going through the realization that they are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender.

What you say and how you act towards a certain group of people can affect your child in ways that you could never imagine. Remember, you may be talking about your child and not even know it. Being gay may not be understood to many but the truth is, it exists and for many like myself, it is not by choice. We choose to be ignorant, that is something that we can change. My plea to the less knowledgeable is to please gain the knowledge of my beautiful  LGBT community before you stand in judgment of what may be deemed different in the eyes of society.

Society may not accept us or our lifestyles but at least take time to understand it before you pass judgment and pass hate.