#1- Life as Lisa: The Skin I’m In… The Skin I Was Given

I am proud to introduce my story. A story that is filled with ups, downs, happiness, and sadness. A story that is filled with the struggles of a little girl, turned adult trying to understand, and navigate the world alone, confused about what she was feeling.

Coming out of the closet is one thing, but coming out to yourself is even harder. The burden of being worried about what people will think, act and feel about you while around you, especially as a kid growing up in a world that hates, and refuses to understand homosexuality is an extremely hard thing to deal with all by yourself.  Honestly, it’s almost suffocating.

The ignorance of the world is real! So many emotions that are locked inside, unheard… until one day you just don’t give a fuck any more of what people think, feel or say about you, and you finally stand proud of being the person that you are. This is my skin…..this is my story…..