Synopsis Of “What the Heart Wants”

Will Jared and Janice’s recent reconnection after two years of separation reignite the old flame they once shared and rekindle lost love, or will the flame be burned out for good after new people enter the picture?

Is Jared’s sudden return to San Francisco planned, or is there something more sinister at play? Jared may have done it this time with his infidelity as he struggles with being a one-woman man.

Saddened by some troubling turn of events, Janice takes a break and goes on a much-needed vacation with her best friend after learning some alarming news.

Janice only went for one thing but maybe coming back with more than she could have ever expected or imagined. The question is, can she handle what’s to come? And as Jared bargains with life and women’s hearts, the question is, can he handle what’s to come as well?

This must-read will keep you glued to each page until the very end!