Sultry Nights

Sultry Nights

Chapter 1

The night was hot, the air sticky, and the vibe was tranquil as Tracy sat on the large, weather-beaten porch while listening to the cicadas unique mating calls as the moon shined brightly against the black, starless night sky. The lake directly ahead of her shimmered in the calm night as the moonlight bounced off the soft ripples in the water.

The nocturnal amphibians that were hidden beneath their liquid home frequently caused small splashes as they caught their prey and for some, unfortunately, they became the prey. The air was filled with the soothing sounds of these mysterious creatures as their day was just beginning.

For Tracy, she was getting inspiration for her second novel which this peaceful environment effortlessly provided as she continued to relax and slowly sip her chilled red wine.

Tracy, who lived in Auburn, NY was from Snow Lake Shores, a small town in Benton County, Mississippi, which at one time used to be a private and restricted resort community that in 2010 only had a population of only 319 people. The quaint town consists of only about 150 homes that all surrounded the serene lake.

The home that she grew up in was left to her and her younger brother after their mother passed away three years prior, and whenever she needed inspiration, she would leave New York at the drop of a dime and return to her small hometown. The memories here were endless, the home was nostalgic and a certain matter that was left without closure during her last visit was also on her mind.

For the most part, the old, but recently renovated, three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home remained empty except during the summer months when Snow Lake Shores came alive with tourists.

These peace seekers ventured to the quiet town mostly for fishing, boating, hiking, and miniature golf. The siblings, who had their own lives in different states used the home mostly as an Airbnb for these tourists and people who were just passing through.

Timothy, her 25-year-old brother rarely returned. He was a millennial who was living his best life in Los Angeles as a professional gamer and surprisingly to Tracy, he made great money doing it.

Certain occasions however would bring them back at the same time to their childhood stomping ground to reflect. One was the anniversary of their mother’s passing, and the other was for the annual Chatman’s family reunion.

Other than that, the secluded home was occasionally looked after by a trusted family member who lived nearby, but mostly, the home was safe and extremely secure when no one was there.

The home was especially important to both siblings and each had elaborate security measures in place. With just the touch of a button or a swipe of a screen, they could view and adjust many features all from the convenience of their phones wherever they were.

As Tracy laid her head back and slowly took a pull from her perfectly rolled joint, the sound of her cell phone pulled her away from the peace she was wanting.

I heard you were back in town.

As the familiar voice drowned her ear, chills ran through her body. Visions of their last steamy encounter entered her mind as she fought to make some version of a sound come from her mouth. Unfortunately, her efforts were useless.

Tracy had never been in a situation like that before and revisiting it scared her. Liking it scared her and more importantly, wanting it, scared her- but not only did she welcomed this call, she prayed for this call.

“Dominique, how… how did you know?” Tracy asked, stuttering over her words as her body began to warm at the thought of Dominique’s last touch.

“You know this is a small town. Nothing has changed Tracy, people still talk. Cathy said she saw you today at Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs. Did you get in today?”

On one hand, Tracy wished Cathy, who was the town’s gossip would mind her business just for once, but this time however, she was happy that she saw her earlier that morning when she stopped by to grab some groceries and supplies on the ride in.

Tracy knew at some point during her stay she wanted- no, she needed to reach out to Dominique. The problem was, she just didn’t know when or how. Luckily for her though, Cathy had made that process much easier.

   “I should have known,” Tracy laughed nervously.

“Yes, I got in this morning. I needed this place,” Tracy continued as she envisioned Dominique on the other end as she exhaled the natural yet intoxicating smoke from her newly lit joint.

“Need is a strong word. So, how have you been?”

Need was a strong word indeed, but it was true. Tracy needed to come back home for more reasons than one. And if she did not end this call soon, the buzz she was experiencing was going to give her the courage to tell Dominique one of those reasons why.

“I’m doing fine. Life in Auburn is great, and my first book is doing well. I just needed to come out here to get some inspiration for my second novel,” Tracy said as she reached in the cooler for more wine.

   “How have you been?” Tracy asked, smiling as she looked off into the dark abyss in front of her.

She could stare out into the endless darkness for days, but the slight smile came across her thin lips because the last time she did, it was with Dominique.

“I have been good. Actually, I have been thinking about moving back to North Carolina. I have been here for two years now, and I think I have gotten out of it for what I came out here for,” Dominique said exasperatedly.

“And what was that?” Tracy asked, trying to hide the shock in her voice.

Unbeknownst to Dominique, she was one of the reasons Tracy enjoyed coming back to Snow Lake.

“I came for the peace of mind that you get out here. Charlotte is chaotic for a lack of words. Everywhere you look a new building is going up, the poor are getting pushed out, the homeless are lining the streets, construction is all over the city, and it’s a new murder every day,” Dominique began, her tone disgusted.

“Shit is crazy and sad at the same time. Here, it’s none of that, but I don’t know. I just think it’s time to get back. Time to jump back into reality,” Dominique explained as she exhaled slowly.

It was obvious by the tone in her voice that it was something else on her mind that she wasn’t saying.

   “Sounds like New York,” Tracy laughed.

“So, do you have a date set in mind?” Tracy asked curiously, hoping it was not going to be over in the night.

“No, not yet. But I think it will be sooner rather than later. But hey, I don’t want to keep you. When I heard you were here, I just had to call. I just… Tracy, do you think about us?”

And there it was. The elephant in the room had been found. Dominique was not the type to beat around the bush for too long. She had thought of Tracy every day since she had left a little over a year ago.

The two had met on Tracy’s last visit home at Lucky’s Wine & Liquor in Olive Branch, Mississippi, which was about forty-five minutes outside of Snow Lake Shores.

Tracy found Dominique, who she found out later was a highly successful graphic designer on the vodka aisle deciding on which brand to buy and was immediately attracted by the boyish yet feminine and extremely in shape figure standing in front of her.

However, Tracy, never being with a woman before, was confused by her emotions but she could not deny her feelings.

   “Why not just buy both?” Tracy asked, watching intently as a confused Dominique turned and smiled the sexiest smile she had ever seen.

Her dimples sat deep in her olive-brown face which was adorned with thick and perfectly manicured eyebrows and low brown eyes. Her extremely handsome face looked as if it were precisely chiseled by a professional stone carver.

However, her hair was what she loved the most about Dominique, who, being of a biracial race had a long, thick, and curly mane that she could do almost anything with.

On this day she had it all tied up in a ball on the top of her head. It was like controlled confusion with one strand here and three there. But however, her hair lay that day, she was absolutely beautiful.

“I would except I am drinking alone tonight,” Dominique replied, her voice smooth, low, and just as sexy as she was.

“Well, that’s a shame, in that case, go with the Tito’s,” Tracy advised as her eyes continued to scan this delicacy.

“That settles it then, I would never disagree with a beautiful woman,” Dominique said as she placed the lower grade vodka back on the shelf.

“I know I am being forward, but you are just too cute to drink alone. Where are you heading?” Tracy asked flirtatiously as she slowly approached an extremely laid-back Dominique, who was now scanning Tracy from head to toe.

“Snow Lake, and you?” Dominique asked as she slowly licked her moist, thick lips.

“Same,” Tracy replied seductively as her body began to heat up by the encounter as only inches separated the two.

Nothing in the world could put the fire out that burned between them after that night and after the small talk was over, Dominique agreed to follow Tracy back to Snow Lake.

After the forty-five-minute drive, which they did in only thirty, the two spent the night making passionate love in almost all the rooms in Tracy’s house. Luckily, there were no neighbors in the area because they would have known Dominique’s name well if it were.

Dominique was gentle with Tracy at first, knowing that it was her first time with a woman, but as the night turned into day, Tracy could not get enough of her new lover and begged her to do whatever she wanted and Dominique happily obliged.

The fire between them had never been extinguished, while at the same time, it had not been revisited since Tracy’s last visit. There had been many plans for Dominique to visit her in New York, but something would always come up on one of their schedules that would cause them to have to postpone the meet up.

“So… do you ever think of me, Tracy? Because I think of you constantly. Are you even still there?” Dominique repeated for the second time, unaware that all Tracy was doing at that moment was thinking about her.

   “Always…,” Tracy moaned through the phone.

She could no longer contain what she was feeling. Dominique had been the only thing on her mind since she left Snow Lake and since she had returned, and right now, she needed her more than ever.

“Can you come over?” Tracy asked, lust filling her voice and liquid courage running through her veins.

There was no denying their connection and although it was 2am, if Dominique didn’t come, Tracy was going to go to her.

“I can be there in 10 minutes,” Dominique said with nothing but sex in her voice.

Chapter 2

Tracy’s mind raced as the call ended. She had not seen Dominique in over a year, and she wondered if what they had during her last visit would still exist. She also wondered if Dominique would still find her as sexy as she used to. The tension was almost unbearable as she entered the dimly lit house.

“Get it together,” she whispered excitedly, scolding herself as she looked in the mirror before splashing water on her tanned and lightly freckled face.

After changing into something a little more revealing, Tracy smiled as she lit the candles around her bedroom, which created an extremely sexy ambiance. It only seemed like yesterday when Dominique had her screaming her name as she fucked her endlessly on that same bed night after night.

Damn Tracy moaned softly as she freed her shoulder-length blonde hair from its ponytail before connecting her Bluetooth to put the final touches on the mood for a night that would hopefully be filled with Dominique’s sexy body on top of hers.

   “She got humps and a bump dunk in the trunk back that ass up, feel up on it like beep-beep…”

Tracy was in a trance as her body swayed slowly to the sexy voice of Chris Brown as she played Put in Work by Chris Brown and Jacquees, the first song in her long playlist for the night.

As the song played on a familiar sound brought her quickly back to reality. There had always been a built-in alarm system on her property thanks to the graveled driveway.

No one could ever get on their land without being heard unless they came on foot. Butterflies suddenly filled Tracy’s stomach as she ran through the house to meet Dominique after hearing the beep from her car alarm being set.

Nervously, Tracy approached the front door and when she laid her eyes on her past lover it seemed as if the breath had left her body.

Dominique was even sexier than she had remembered, and it was obvious from her muscular arms and flat stomach that she had continued her fitness regimen and healthy eating habits.

Her slightly drunken, low, dark eyes and seductive smile was nothing less than enticing. Captivated by her attractiveness, Tracy continued to scan every inch of this masculine woman slowly- she wanted this vision to be burned onto her retina forever.

Dominique was nothing like anyone else in Snow Lake. Her swag, her look, her confidence level was untouchable, and no one dared to try her on any level. Many would assume that the person standing in front of Tracy, who wore a crisp, white, V-neck t-shirt, distressed, ripped, denim jeans, Timberland boots, and long, thick cornrows were nothing less than a thug.

However, surprisingly to many, Dominique would give a stranger that same shirt off her back and the last dollar in her pocket if it came down to it- but at the same time, fuck with her and you would certainly find that dangerous thug.

There had been many occasions where the mixed, lesbian couple would get stares as they walked through the small southern town together. Tracy, being white and Dominique, whose African American genes were more dominant certainly gave the people there something to look at and talk about. Luckily for them though, that was all they did.

For the most part, people respected them for who they were but there were always those ignorant, small-minded few that turned up their noses and rolled their eyes, which did not bother either one of them.

In fact, in those moments, Tracy and Dominique would laugh at those people and would intentionally make out in front of them just to give them something to huff and puff about.

Baby, damn… get your fine ass in here…,” Tracy said softly as she quickly wrapped her arms around Dominique’s neck and kissed her passionately.

   “Mmm,” Dominique moaned as she returned Tracy’s kisses while gently caressing her soft ass that her shorts barely covered.

Dominique’s six-foot-one-inch frame hovered over Tracy as the two were locked in an embrace that no one could have broken. Dominique had brought the sultry heat from the hot, July, Mississippi night right into her living room.

“Damn I’ve missed you,” Dominique said lustfully as she slowly walked Tracy back and against the wall as she slid her skin-tight booty shorts down with expertise.

Tracy’s body melted at her lover’s touch as Dominique’s thick lips left moist, warm trails down her neck and onto her breast. Tracy pulled Dominique’s head closer as she continued to suck and nibble gently on her rosy, rock-hard nipples after effortlessly removing her tank top without missing a beat.

   “Dominique…,” Tracy moaned as her kisses continued down Tracy’s slender body, her tongue making small circles around her navel before moving even lower.

Tracy quivered at the anticipation of what was going to come next. She had wanted this for over a year and although she had been with other partners during that time no one else could satisfy her the way Dominique could. And right now, she was certainly not disappointing her as she knelt on one knee while her strong hands continued to ravish her small body.

As Ne-Yo’s U 2 Luv remix played in the background Dominique slowly took Tracy’s left leg and placed it over her left shoulder before looking up and into her lust-filled eyes.

“Please… please…,” Tracy begged, her voice almost inaudible as she held tightly to Dominique’s head, whose hungry mouth was only inches from her moist and awaiting pussy.

“This is mine…,” Dominique moaned roughly while teasing Tracy as she began to lick her inner thighs- her tongue coming within inches of her moist, pink hole with each lick.

Tracy’s body flailed helplessly between the wall and Dominique’s strong body. Her warm and heavy breath against Tracy’s thighs sent her into a sexual frenzy. And just when she thought she could not be teased any longer, the pleasure she felt was intoxicating as Dominique’s long, warm tongue slowly entered her pussy.

   “Oh my god!” Tracy squealed- her body weakening as Dominique devoured her.

If it were not for her leg straddled over Dominique’s broad shoulders she would have buckled and fallen to the floor.

Every thrust of Dominique’s tongue set off euphoric explosions within her body as she fought to stand while her lover’s warm hands gently grabbed her thick, round ass and pulled her closer for better access.

As Tracy struggled above, Dominique continued to hungrily lick her extremely sensitive clitoris and suck on her wet, hairless labia, causing Tracy to hold on tightly to her shoulders for support as waves of pleasure continued to run through her body.

The sight of Dominique enjoying and dominating her made her pussy even wetter. And just when she thought she was going to crawl the wall from excitement, her eyes and mouth widened as Dominique slide two fingers deep inside her drenched hole.

Yesss…,” Tracy moaned as her body slowly dipped up and down on Dominique, her creamy juices covering her fingers with every stroke.

   “I love you…,” Tracy whimpered as she clenched her long cornrows and looked seductively into the eyes of her enchanting lover who was still licking the sweet nectar from her lips.

   “I love you too,” Dominique whispered as she stroked even deeper on Tracy’s downward thrust, causing her to gasp as her eyes closed and her grip tightened.

   “I’m about to come baby…,” Tracy said through clenched teeth as her pussy tightened around Dominique’s fingers while she continued to ride her long digits.

“I want it all,” Dominique demanded softly as she removed her wet fingers and placed her warm mouth over her gaping hole and sucked slowly, causing Tracy to yell out her name as she exploded in her mouth while her weak and drained body moved wildly above.

Dominique, refusing to let her squirm away, kept her fatigued body tightly in her grips until she swallowed every drop of her. Tracy’s leg now hung loosely at Dominique’s side while she stroked her lover’s head gently as she began to move slowly back up her body.

   “I can’t lose you again.”

Dominique’s eyes were low, and her voice was smooth as she kissed Tracy passionately before picking her up and walking into the candlelit bedroom as the soft music continued to play.

After laying Tracy on the king-sized bed, Dominque began to undress slowly- their eyes locked together. Tracy was mesmerized by Dominique, her presence sent chills through her. She could not get enough of this woman.

And as she watched each article of clothing fall to the ground her pussy jumped knowing more was to come.

“I got that,” Tracy said playfully as she unbuttoned Dominique’s jeans and slowly pulled them down, and based on the bulge in her boxers, she knew the fun was only beginning.

“So, you just knew you were going to get some ass tonight huh?” Tracy laughed as she pressed against Dominique’s half-naked body, her pussy getting wet again from feeling the hard dick against her stomach, as well as the hardness of Dominique’s athletically, fit body.

“Nah, I was just hoping,” Dominique said flirtatiously as she pulled her boxers down, exposing the erect, eight-inch dildo that matched her skin tone perfectly.

One thing Tracy loved was that Dominique could satisfy her no matter if she fucked her with a strap or without one. However, she loved being on the receiving end of Dominique’s addition. She knew how to use hers better than most men did their natural ones.

“Damn I missed her,” Tracy purred as she pulled Dominique by the thick device and pushed her onto the bed.

Mmmm, I am about to fuck the shit out of you,” Tracy said, licking her lips as she slowly climbed on top of Dominique and positioned herself over her dick before slowly sitting on it until all eight inches disappeared.

Dominique moaned with pleasure as the strap continuously grazed her clit while Tracy slowly rode her with precision, her wet pussy swallowing the thick dick with each stroke.

For the rest of the night, Tracy’s thick round ass bounced on Dominique’s dick which caused her to orgasm repeatedly until her pussy could not take anymore. Furthermore, her ass was red by morning from the many smacks Dominique had given it and her pussy was certainly tender from the pleasurable beaten it had gotten as well.

Both women had gotten a workout and had nothing left to give by the time the sun peaked over the horizon the next morning. It was going to be another sweltering day in Mississippi but not nearly as hot as it had been between the two the night before

Chapter 3

“Morning sleepyhead, I was going to wake you up if you didn’t open those sexy eyes soon,” Tracy said as she traced Dominique’s chiseled brown face with her fingers while looking lovingly into her eyes.

Tracy had spent the past hour watching Dominique sleep, she was happy to have her back in her bed and between her sheets.  She wondered though if Dominique was serious when she said she loved her or did she say it because she was in the moment. Because for Tracy, what she said was true- she loved her and never again wanted to lose what they had.

   “Morning beautiful,” Dominique murmured, her eyes squinting at the bright light poking through the cracked blinds.

“How long have you been awake?” She continued as she stretched her exhausted limbs before turning to face Tracy.

“Um, not long…,” Tracy lied as she smiled and kissed Dominique gently on the lips.

“I had fun with you last night,” Dominique said, her voice low and still thick with sleep which did something to Tracy.

“I definitely had fun with you, I’m so glad that you called me. I have missed you so much Nique. I just… Listen, do you want some coffee?”

Tracy wasn’t sure if she should put all her feelings on the table without knowing exactly where Dominique stood. She knew from the phone call that she did think about her and missed her, but to what extent?

She did say that she loved her, but was that just because she said it first? For all she knew, Dominique probably had a girlfriend or at least a few partners and was only hooking up with her because she was back in town.

And although Tracy had a friend with benefits situation back in New York, she knew she would drop them immediately for Dominique. Which led to the next problem, Dominique was heading back to North Carolina without any mention of even considering New York.

So how serious could she really be about us Tracy thought as she rested her head in Dominique’s hand as she gently stroked her face. There were just so many unanswered questions.

“Earth to Tracy,” Dominique smiled as she tilted Tracy’s face up and looked in her eyes.

“What are you thinking about baby? And what were you going to say? You just what?” Dominique asked lovingly.

“How about this, I will make the coffee and we can talk about it then. Ok?

There was no way Tracy could ever resist anything that Dominique asked of her. She was her prince and she wanted badly to be her princess. She the only woman, the only person that she ever wanted.

“Yes, that will be fine baby,” Tracy responded as the two finally made it out of the bed.

“I will meet you in the kitchen,” Tracy said as she playfully hit Domonique on her butt before going into the bathroom.

   “That girl is too sexy, it just doesn’t make any sense,” Tracy said as she looked at the beautiful reflection of herself in the mirror before brushing her teeth and washing her face.

   “Ok, get it together girl.”

Tracy knew Dominique was going to press her until she told her what was on her mind earlier. For Tracy, the problem wasn’t telling her. Instead, the problem for her was going to be the response.

Fortunately, after hyping herself up a bit, she finally got the nerve enough to face her worst fears. Learning that Dominique wasn’t as serious about their relationship as she was and losing her forever.

“Coffee is served, I have everything set up outside,” Dominique said as she flashed that sexy smile that Tracy loved so much.

As a half-dressed Dominique led the way, Tracy could not help but get turned on by how her jeans hung a little low on her hips because she had not yet fastened her belt. And her shirt, which was only halfway on allowed a clear view of the defined muscles in her back as well as the grey SAXX boxers with black trim that fit tightly around her toned waist.

“This is more beautiful than I remembered,” Dominique said while putting her arm through the sleeve of her shirt while looking out on the calm lake as the two settled in on the porch for coffee and some much-needed wake-n-bake.

“I know… I love this place. I wish I could wrap it all up and bring it back to New York with me,” Tracy said, exhaling slowly as she watched two birds playing in a nearby tree.

“So, when are you leaving?” Dominique asked as she lit the perfectly rolled blunt.

The tone in her voice made Tracy smile, it was obvious that she was sad to see her go. The question though, was, was she going to miss her genuinely or only the sex.

“I don’t know honestly. I will be here for at least another week, but I do need to return before the end of the month which is only what? Another two weeks.” Tracy responded as she sipped her coffee while intently watching Dominique’s face.

   “Wow… so soon?” Dominique said, her voice filled with dread.

“So, listen, what was on your mind earlier?” She continued, not wanted to face the details of her departure so soon.

Tracy did not know quite yet how Dominique truly felt, but she knew this conversation could not be avoided and maybe having it would clear a lot of things up. Tracy was not going to leave this time without some type of closure or understanding of what they were doing.

“Dominique, I really don’t know how to even start. This is actually harder than I thought it would be but… Dominique, when I said that I loved you last night, I meant it. When we met last year, I never thought that I would develop these feelings for you. I thought that night was just going to be a fling and the next day you would be gone, and life would go on. But it didn’t.

As Tracy talked, Dominique gave her undivided attention. It seemed to her that Tracy had the same feelings that she had. For Dominique she had not been sure how Tracy felt, it wasn’t something that they ever talked about until now. She wasn’t even sure if she should call once she found out she was back in town.

Out of the three times that she had planned to come to New York, two of those times Tracy canceled, so Dominique felt as though she didn’t want her there or that she had another lover that she could not get rid of.

Dominique had no problem passing her time because she also had a few admirers that she dealt with but none of them could ever compare or be equal to Tracy. Nothing could come close to what they shared so hearing this was like music to her ears.

“It was scary at first getting involved with you. You were the first and only female I had ever been with but… I could not and cannot deny my feelings for you. I am absolutely in love with you, and I have the most wonderful times with you,” Tracy confessed.

“However, at thirty-four years old, what I want now is to be in a committed relationship with someone who feels the same for me as I do for them. Nique, I don’t really know your situation, or if you have someone and I am not asking you to commit to me, but before I leave this time, I just want closure. I want to know where we stand, where you stand with us because honestly, I’m not sure when I will return.”

“Tracy, I am speechless. I have loved you since the first night we spent together. After meeting you, I didn’t want to ever lose you. Every time I tried to come to New York it was always something so… I just figured you were pushing me away and I decided to take a hint,” Dominique began, her tone relieved.

“When you are not here this town isn’t the same, which is why I have decided to leave. The memories are too much. This is a small town so no matter where I go, we have been there. Hearing you say this is like the best news ever because for me at thirty-three, I’m about ready to settle down with that right person also,” Dominique continued as she grasped Tracy’s hand.

“And as far as women, I don’t have anything serious, just a couple of things to do. What about you?” Dominique asked as she sat on the edge of her seat watching Tracy’s every move.

The excitement that Tracy felt was overwhelming. All the unanswered questions were now being answered and as it turned out, Dominique had always felt the same way.

Nooo baby! I would never dismiss you! Those times in New York were both work-related. My publisher had set me up with two book signing events at the last minute, which pissed me the fuck off!” Tracy laughed as she tried to contain the tears that were forming.

“I wanted to see you so fuckin’ bad and then, we set it up again and then you canceled, and I never heard from you again until yesterday. You are sexy, beautiful, handsome, funny, and so many other things so getting women for you I know is no problem. I figured I was in your rearview mirror, and I was trying to put you in mine, but it has proven to be impossible. When you called me, I wanted to jump through the phone to get to you,” Tracy said as she squeezed Dominique’s hand.

“And as far as me, I have one friend with an occasional benefits situation, but I will drop him like a bad habit for you,” Tracy laughed as Dominique leaned over and wiped her tears away before kissing her deeply.

The two continued to talk and put all their feelings on the table that afternoon and as day turned to night, they enjoyed another sultry night overlooking the beautiful lake that began to come to life. They decided on many things that evening when it came to their relationship and was excited about what the future might hold for them.

Chapter 4

Over the next week and a half, the two made love multiple times daily, enjoyed the town, enjoyed many more warm nights on the porch overlooking the peaceful lake, and visited a few of Tracy’s family members before she returned to New York.

The two had never felt more connected than what they felt now and seeing Tracy leave again hurt even more than it ever had. A week later, Dominique packed up her life in Snow Lake Shores for good and returned to her hometown of Charlotte North Carolina.

Two Months Later

“Hey babe, where are you?”

“Hey sexy! I am finishing up with the publisher now, I will tell you all about it over dinner,” Tracy said excitedly.

“I think I want to eat in tonight, I want you all to myself,” Tracy continued happily as she walked out of the Dill Street office.

“I can’t wait to hear all about it baby! Eating in is cool with me, I will stop by Wegmans and grab a couple bottles of wine.”

It had been two months since Tracy and Dominique had seen each other and it had been two months too long because phone calls did not always fulfill much of the other needed desires.

Dominique had finally made it to New York after tying up some loose ends in Charlotte and was now enjoying her time with Tracy, who was not only her official girlfriend now but was also her new roommate.

Their relationship had turned into a committed one after Tracy’s last visit to Snow Lake and the two wanted to do everything possible to make it work.

An hour later over a delicious steak dinner, Tracy told Dominique how successful her second book had been doing and was expected to do based on its trends. The story was about two lovers who had fallen in love after a one-night fling and had been reconnected after a year when one of them returned to town to get a sense of clarity and hopefully some much needed closure.

   “The story,” Tracy began to explain playfully, as if Dominique did not know.

“Was inspired on my last visit home and I thank you so much for the inspiration and your contribution. I love you more than you will ever know, so the success of this book is due to you,” Tracy continued as a tear dropped from her eye.

“And I have dedicated it to you as well my love,” she finished as she presented Dominique with her own personally signed copy before kissing her woman passionately, which led to a mid-afternoon two-hour sex session.

Over the next year the vibrate, beautiful, and successful couple moved to Oahu, Hawaii thanks to the proceeds from her novel, A Second Chance at Love and were engaged three months after that.

Although they no longer had their beloved lake in Snow Lake Shores Mississippi, they did have many, many more sultry nights together on the beautiful island paradise.

♡♥♡The End♡♥♡

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