Synopsis of “Vanished in Plain Sight”

Misty Lewis, a twenty-five-year-old, recent graduate student of Florida State University, has found herself in the fight of her life. Her dreams of being a nurse have been put on hold as she tries to prove her innocence of the murder of her on-again, off-again friend, Elaine Stevenson.

Only two months into her nursing career, Misty now finds herself locked behind bars in a different type of institution. Not only does she have to fight for her innocence, but she also must fight for her life in a world that she does not know anything about until she finds an unsuspected guardian by the name of Bags.

Misty has only seen the good in people until Bags helps her realize the other side of people, the cruel side, as she also attempts to help her uncover her foggy past, which releases terrible and shocking memories that had since been forgotten.

Until Misty can get this resolved, she has more than enough time on her hands to realize exactly what troubles jealousy, envy, and hate can really cause. What really happened on that fateful October night? Will Misty’s pleas of innocence continue to go unheard? Will she ever return to the world she knows, or will this life behind bars be her cage as she lives out her fifty-year sentence?

This suspenseful thriller will have you begging for more all the way until the very last page!