Synopsis of “Mystic Encounters”

The shyest people always seem to be the freakiest people that have that secret and mysterious side of life that no one would ever suspect, or imagine. Paul is that person, a thirty-five-year-old, bi-sexual, very successful and reserved, Software Quality Assurance Engineer for the last eleven years. Paul was recently put on a ninety-day work performance probation for his surprising drop in his quality of work, as well as a change in his work ethic.

Paul had been losing sleep lately due to him experiencing very disturbing, vivid dreams for the past few weeks that had contributed to his disappointing work performance. Not being the one to sleep around, Paul might shock himself in that area after attending a recent invitation by James, his protective childhood best friend who is a heterosexual playboy.

Paul never imagined that a night of wild spontaneous sex would change his life for a long time to come when it came to his own confidence.  What will become of Paul’s dreams and why did they start in the first place? Where will they lead? Will Paul become the wild child that no one ever expected as new people enter the picture?

When a successful blast from the past re-enters his life, Paul has no clue what lies ahead for him, but he is hoping for the best. The question is, is Paul ready for it? Will things be as they seem, or is there something more sinister in the making? Will James have to step in one more time on Paul’s behalf? This erotic thriller will keep you wanting more all the way until the last page.