Butta Luv- Synopsis

A successful pilot of twelve years, Joanne Taylor is all about her career and not much else.

However, her difficult childhood has left her without the many life skills needed to create meaningful bonds with people that she encounters in her everyday life. Fortunately, her exceptional beauty makes it extremely easy to find sex whenever she wants it, which is often on her layover flights.

Joanne hates having grown up so fast and missing out on having a normal childhood, but growing up in the slums of Baltimore and having a checked-out mother prevented any chances of that.

She wants a normal life, as well as a normal chance at real love, but her protective barrier is thick, and the last thing she wants to do is to give control over her well-being to just anyone. Especially if it pertains to her heart. But as fate would have it, her past catches up with her in ways that she could have never imagine.

A past filled with fear, hate, control, and a special someone, but will fate also gift her with a chance to finally have a normal life? This steamy story will leave you as creamy as butta and will certainly have you wishing that it never ends.

However, as a part of my short story collection, be prepared for a quick rollercoaster ride of love, despair, hope, desire, steamy sex, and jaw-dropping revelations all wrapped up in less than 6,000 words!

Butta Luv