The Healed Heart- Synopsis

After being in an abusive and anger-filled relationship with Seth, her boyfriend of three years, Charlene has very little to look forward to.

Not only is Seth physically abusive, but he is also mentally abusive and very controlling. Charlene only wants one thing in life, and that is to be loved, but her years of abuse have left her vulnerable, self-conscious, and unaware of her own self-worth.

Her long-time friend Tina worries that her friend will never find the strength to move on, and away from Seth, that is, until an angel in the form of a man enters the dentist office that the two work in and shows an interest in a skeptical Charlene.

Will this man be able to sweep Charlene off her feet, or will years of abuse prove to be too much for even love to conquer? The Healed Heart will leave you wanting more and hoping that love will annihilate hate.

However, as a part of my short story collection, be prepared for a quick rollercoaster ride of love, hope, desire, skepticism, and jaw-dropping revelations all wrapped up in less than 6,000 words!

The Healed Heart