Silent Noise Release Date and Official Book Cover is Here!

After almost five months in the making, I am super excited to reveal both the release date as well as the official book cover to my latest book, “Silent Noise”! This book is my second personal work, being that I actually went through the events, Life as Lisa being my first.

This is not only a personal reading, but it is an important topic, and stories like this should not only be uncovered but as much noise as possible should be made to bring attention to the dysfunction of the many organizations that are only concerned and consumed with greed and hate versus the well-being of its employees.

The same employees that allow those organizations to run- allowing the owners, the presidents, the co-presidents, the CEO’s, the CFO’s, and the upper management running the separate branches to continue to get rich on the backs and from the sweat of others.

Dirty and deceitful organizations and its officers are the same as slumlords and should be dealt with the same way, taken out of business and the wrongdoings of it’s dedicated and in most cases, terrified employees are made right. I could go on and on because I have become so passionate about this due to my experience during the last three months at my previous employer, but I won’t, this book will show that passion.

Never stop making noise no matter how silent the response!?

Without further ado, I am proud to announce that my sixth novel will be available on Amazon along with my other five works on March 1, 2019! And I must say, this book cover is one of my favorites ?.