Silent Noise Now Available!


I hate to say it, but I picked up one tiny bad trait from my previous employer and it’s officers which inspired this book… I lied! I lied about the release date ? ! I could not wait until March 1st! This book needed to be released as soon as possible and I am proud to announce that the paperback version, as well as the E-Book version of Silent Noise, is now available on Amazon!

Six months ago I embarked on what was supposed to be a new beginning with what I thought was a great company with great people but as it turned out, moving to Syracuse, NY due to a promotion was the worst decision that I could have ever made! I found out a lot about the company that I once respected as well as it’s officers and management. But…

The hate, the lies, the inhumane treatment of its employees, the setups and the cover-ups showed me an entirely different side to this company as well as the individuals in charge. What made this even more disgusting was that all of these actions were coming from the officers of the company and the branch manager of that facility.

The people that were supposed to be the “honest ones” were the ones that were disappointing and were not upholding the values of the significant roles they were in, and in my eyes, they were the ones that failed on every level. Being that this disturbing treatment affected me personally, and due to the way things were handled and mishandled during my horrible experience is what inspired me to put a voice to what went on in my time with this company.

Will this book change anything? Maybe not. Will people care about my experience? Maybe not. Will anyone from that organization read this book? Maybe not lol. But maybe… just maybe- if someone, even if only one person reads my book who may be going through a similar situation at a deadbeat employer, they will see that they too can make noise, they will see that they too have the strength to walk away, they will see that they do not have to stick around and be abused and treated any kind of way by a manager, or an organization that does not appreciate their dedication and hard work.

They will hopefully see that it is not ok to be lied to. Hopefully, they will see that it is ok to have a fuckin’ voice and stand up for yourself. My hopes are that they will understand that just because someone has a certain title like CEO or CFO or Co-President or President or HR Director or Branch Manager that it does not mean those people are superior to you or better than you and they too can be stood up to in a professional and respectful manner even if they are not those things to you.

Never let a title intimidate you. My point of writing about my experience is to inspire and let people know that no matter how loud the silence is from the people that are supposed to be in charge, because they do not want to deal with something, or because they do not want to believe that one of their “elite” could be the wrongdoer and would rather sweep things under the rug than do something worthwhile about the issue.

My message is… you can still make as much noise as you need to in order to be heard and bring attention to a problem or problems. My purpose is to let my readers know that no matter your title or position in a company, you are also important and worthy of respect. My message is to let people know to never feel like you are stuck in one place and with one company, you are not paint on a wall, meaning- there are more companies and opportunities out there.

You do not have to sit still for anyone. Search for who and what deserves your mind, your know-how, and you as an individual and if that fails, also know that you can be your own boss. Never limit yourself is my message and if that message reaches just one person, then my mission will be served in writing this book.

To get immediately directed to my new book, please click the link below and thank you in advance for taking the time to read and invest in my work!