Kinky Kravings

Chapter 1

“He just can’t satisfy me the way I need to be satisfied. I love him but I have needs. I just can’t keep pretending for his ego that he makes me orgasm. Hell, he doesn’t even satisfy me at all anymore to be completely honest.”

“So, did you really get with Bobby?”

Hell, yes! And all I will say is Brandon needs to get his shit together quick or he is about to be the side nigga! Cause when I tell you this muthafucka strapped me to the wall with ropes and chains, stuffed a ball gag in my mouth, and ate my pussy until I washed his face with cum! GIRL!

“Damn girl, sounds like ya’ll got a Fifty Shades of Grey episode going on over there!”

“Shit, I don’t know how many colors was in that bitch, but I about lost my damn mind fuckin’ with Bobby’s freaky ass!”

“Desiree you a mess girl! Well look, just hit me up later and don’t do nothin’ I wouldn’t do!”

Not only would Desiree do what her best friend of eight years would not do, but she also was not going to waste any time doing it.

“You want more already?”

Desiree could not seem to get enough of Bobby and the way his deep voice penetrated her eardrum made her legs squeeze together to keep from cumming on herself.

I’m saying- I just want to see you really quick before I have to go see my clients,” Desiree said in a low and alluring voice while walking to the large window that overlooked her perfectly manicured front lawn.

“What about ya boy?” Bobby asked as a devilish smile crossed his thick lips.

“He just pulled up. Why? Do you want him or me?” Desiree questioned playfully as she watched Brandon begin his walk up the long walkway.

“Definitely you. Get yo sexy ass over here.

Desiree Benton loved her boyfriend Brandon, but she loved being sexually satisfied even more. One thing that this extremely successful, thirty-four-year-old wedding planner did not have time to do was teach a grown-ass man how to please his woman.

It had not always been this way between the struggling couple but after taking on more responsibilities at work, the excessive stress left him impotent and uncaring. And on top of everything, his impotence left their bedroom cold and bitter.

However, only he was feeling the chilling affects because Desiree refused to suffer due to the denial about his erectile dysfunction. No matter how much Desiree and Brandon’s doctor begged him to see a specialist or at the least look into Viagra to enhance their sexual life, their pleas fell on deaf ears.

In Brandon’s mind he did not have a problem, most times he would selfishly blame her for not being able to become aroused, but Desiree knew that was a lie. Sadly, he was also unaware that his denial and impotence were costing him his relationship.

He knew that Desiree was a freak when he met her two years prior, so her wanting and needing sex should not had been a surprise. Instead of being prideful and so sure of himself- he should have been more attentive to the fact that if he was not satisfying her, someone else was.

“What’s up baby, what are we having for dinner?” Brandon asked as he entered the house before placing his briefcase on the small desk in the foyer.

“You have to fend for yourself tonight babe, I have an appointment in twenty minutes. But I have time for a quickie.

Desiree always wanted to at least give Brandon a chance to make things right sexually. Although she loved the way Bobby fucked her, she would rather it be Brandon. Unfortunately, however, she knew there would always be an excuse.

She knew he was embarrassed about his impotence, but she was angered at the fact that he refused to address the problem and seek whatever help he needed.

So, you have time for a quickie, but you don’t have time to cook?” Brandon seethed as he loosened his tie.

   “Unbelievable,” he mumbled, still complaining as he marched through the immaculate home to the nearby bedroom.

“I will figure it out Desiree,” Brandon shouted, aggravated as he released himself in the guest bathroom.

“Listen, I’m going to take a shower and chill out for a while, I don’t want to make you late so I will see you tonight.”

   This muthafucka Desiree said to herself as she rolled her eyes while continuing to gather her belongings.

Brandon’s oblivion to her feelings infuriated her while a part of her had become numb to her partner’s selfishness and was almost glad that he pushed her away and into the arms of an adequate and spontaneous lover.

At this point, she had fallen out of love with Brandon and if he did not address things soon, there was not going to be any love left.

Ok,” Desiree said nonchalantly as the door closed swiftly behind her.


“Shit, I thought you changed your mind. Take your clothes off and come here.”

Bobby was everything that Desiree wanted in Brandon. It used to be that way in the beginning but the last year had been a disaster and her attraction for him was fading quickly.

Desiree was beautiful and getting male attention was not a problem. The fact that she worked with beautiful couples who were madly in love while her personal life was the complete opposite surprisingly gave her a sense of hope.

Not necessarily for her failing relationship to get back on track but instead because it was proof that real love still did exist. She did not want to get married anytime soon but she did want an attentive lover and she found that in Bobby who, fortunately, was also quite easy on the eyes. That, along with his never-ending stamina made submitting to his every demand extremely easy.

“Now what would make me change my mind?” Desiree asked coyly as she slowly walked towards her lover who was holding two pairs of black handcuffs with his manhood already out and standing at full attention.

“Mmmm,” Bobby grunted as he pulled a half-naked Desiree close.

“You see what you do to me?” He whispered playfully while glancing at his thick manhood that was now pressed against her toned stomach.

“I know what I want you to do to me,” Desiree responded without missing a beat as she caressed and gently began to stroke all nine inches of his impressive member.

The energy between the two was magical but Desiree never thought that when she met Bobby six-months earlier at a wedding event for his now married brother that things would get this heated.

However, after a sexless week with Brandon, she eagerly decided to utilize the phone number that Bobby had slipped her near the close of the event. Desiree would soon realize on that dreary Saturday afternoon that sex with Bobby was nothing like sex with Brandon, not even on his best day and today was no different.

She loved how he almost worshipped her body as he made love to her while at the same time roughly controlling it to do his bidding. The domination was euphoric, and her body responded in ways with him that it never had with anyone else.

Suddenly, the warm sensation that covered her palm gently pulled her out the trance she was in before realizing she had stroked Bobby until he climaxed in her small hand.

His dick, however, was still rock-hard as he moved back before placing her left wrist in the black handcuff and her right hand to her mouth until she devoured all his warm seed.

“Now open them legs,” Bobby ordered after securely locking both handcuffs to a contraption on the headboard- making it impossible for Desiree to escape.

Her body wiggled on the bed and her eyes were dark with desire as Bobby mounted her before rubbing his heavy dick slowly between her breast and upwards towards her neck. It was like a python leisurely finding its way through tall grass as it moved from her neck to her face and finally across her thin glossy lips.

“Tell me you want it,” Bobby demanded, his voice low and filled with lust as he leaned one hand on the wall for support while hovering over her face. His dick ached to feel the warmth that only her mouth could provide.

Desiree’s pussy was moist at the sight of Bobby’s naked and muscular six-foot-three-inch frame towering over her.

“Tell me…,” Bobby repeated as he stroked his dick while placing his scrotum over her mouth.

“I want that dick,” Desiree moaned before opening her mouth and sucking the large sack that he placed between her lips while continuing to pleasure himself. Desiree could hardly contain herself as she gagged and hungrily sucked on the smooth brown skin while constrained to the bed.

The sounds from above confirmed that Bobby was close to climax as his buttocks tightened and his body began to weaken.

“Suck it, Desiree!” Bobby moaned as he placed his engorged dick in her hungry mouth.

The force of cum filling her mouth made her want to continue to milk every drop from Bobby as she sucked every inch of him. She loved watching this man cum and she loved, even more, being the one to make him cum.

“Damn girl…,” Bobby said, his breaths fast from the massive orgasm he just experienced.

“Fuck…,” he continued as he smiled down at Desiree, who was seductively licking her wet lips.

“Why are those legs closed?”

This is what Desiree loved about Bobby, his stamina. No matter how many times he came, he never stopped until she was also fully pleasured. And before she could respond, her pussy was filled with his thick, warm dick.

“Oh my god…,” Desiree moaned as her vagina stretched to receive him. Still unable to move her arms, Bobby fucked her hole methodically as her eyes rolled to the back of her head from the euphoric pleasure that washed over her.

The two fucked for hours and enjoyed several orgasms together until it was time for Desiree to meet with her clients later that afternoon.

Chapter 2

The Cosmopolitan Saturday 2:45 pm

“Tonya, when I tell you my girl is still sore!”

Damn Ree! What tha fuck do ya’ll freaks be doing? Yo ass going to go blind fuckin’ with that nigga,” Tonya laughed as she joked with her friend the next day over brunch at the boisterous Rose. Rabbit. Lie, the stylish and swanky new restaurant located in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and as expected, the polished casino and 5-star hotel were certainly not disappointing.

The two women had been best friends since their days at Centennial High School in Las Vegas where they both still resided, and their friendship only thickened throughout the years.

Tonya though, unlike Desiree, was happily married with three teenage children who were the center of her world. Her husband Jessie was Tonya’s high-school sweetheart who Desiree also knew very well.

“Girl, it doesn’t make any sense for a man to be blessed that much. I could barely walk around the venue with my clients last night! But hell; at least I don’t have to worry about Brandon’s ass wanting any.”

“Speaking of Brandon, what are you doing with that?” Tonya asked, her tone changing from playful to concern.

Tonya neither liked nor disliked Brandon, she only wanted the best for her friend and for her to be happy. The two women shared almost everything, and Brandon’s shortcomings were not dismissed from that list.

Normally, Desiree would not put her man’s business in the street but because he refused to address the issue and him blaming her for not being able to perform made her lose all respect for him. At this point, Desiree no longer knew why she continued to stay with him. Furthermore, this question made her examine that decision even more.

“Tonya, I really don’t know anymore,” Desiree admitted. Her forehead wrinkling for a moment as confusion set in.

“There was a point where I was really in love with this man. I mean, would do any fuckin’ thing for him- but now, I don’t even know who he is anymore.”

As Desiree spoke, disgust filled her voice as she thought about everything she had done for Brandon.

She supported him financially for months to help him get back on his feet after his baby’s mother drug him through the courts a year prior for almost everything he had to help support his six-year-old son Braxton.

She even allowed him to move into her home until he figured things out after no longer being able to pay his sizable monthly rent. The fact was, she did not need him, in fact, he needed her. Even then he did not seem to appreciate her nor her support and after the impotence issue, the straw had simply broken the camel’s back.

“Honestly, I think some changes are past due with him and me. I can do bad by my damn self. This man comes in the house and the first thing out his mouth is always what’s for dinner. Not, hi babe, I love you, I have missed you all day. No affection… no… love!”

It was as if reality suddenly hit Desiree. And luckily for her, this was what she needed.

“Girl, I feel you and you know I am always here for you,” Tonya shouted over the energetic crowd.

“You are a bad bitch, with your own money, a great career, and your own shit- period. I don’t hate Brandon, but it just seems like he is bringing you down instead of lifting you up like the queen you are and if someone else can do that, all I will say is don’t hesitate to close that chapter.”

Tonya, for the last year had worried for her friend. She knew there was a point that Desiree wanted things to work out between her and Brandon but from the outside looking in, she was the only one putting in work and that infuriated her.

On the other hand, she knew Desiree was beginning to feel Bobby, who, she had not met yet but knew from past conversations that, besides Desiree- he had a situation, so she did not want her friend to go from a bad situation to a worst one. However, she was happy that he was able to give her some happiness and sexual pleasure at least for the moment.

“I know you are, and I appreciate it,” Desiree said between sips of her strong vodka tonic.

“You know… I just want to date myself for a while. Of course, for the exception of having some benefits on the side,” Desiree laughed as she made the small clarification.

“I really like Bobby, but you know what I told you, he has baggage that I don’t want to help carry. He has that case still hanging over his head from that gun charge a year ago. He could be looking at five-years. And that Wonda chick might be carrying his child. I already have baby mama drama and I don’t want any more of that shit,” Desiree said, rolling her eyes.

“Bobby told me how he felt about me but I… I can’t get that wrapped up with him like that. Lord knows that man is fine as hell and the sex! Jesus help me!”

It was as if something had taken over her body as she spoke about her sexual relationship with Bobby.

Tonya enjoyed seeing that sparkle in her friend’s eyes as well as the beautiful smile that was stretched across her enchanting brown face. She knew her friend was strong and would make the right decision with Brandon as well as Bobby. She also knew her friend was not the one to have all her eggs in only one basket.

There was always a backup plan with Desiree, and she knew she would hear all about it very soon. For now, the two enjoyed each other’s conversation and company in the bustling restaurant before leaving the new hot spot.

Tonya promised her kids a movie night and Desiree had some personal and well overdue business to take care of back at home.

Chapter 3

“What’s for dinner tonight?” Brandon called out the next evening while removing his shoes and placing his briefcase in its usual spot.

“Wait a minute. What’s going on here Desiree?” A confused Brandon asked as he scanned the group of suitcases lined at the bedroom door.

“You know what, I can’t wait to not have to hear that shit anymore as soon as you walk in the fuckin’ house. It is never a hello babe, I have missed you, babe, you need anything babe, or hell an even, I got dinner tonight babe let’s go out! It is always about you! BRANDON WINSTON and I am sick and damn tired of it!”

Desiree was livid yet again at Brandon’s first words as he walked through the door of her home. For the past three hours, she had packed every piece of his belongings and had them waiting for him to take wherever he pleased. The shock that covered his face was worth capturing on camera, but all Desiree wanted was for him to leave.

“Desiree, I… I don’t understand…

“And that is the problem!” Desiree yelled, cutting him off before he could finish.

“You are choosing to not understand because I have been telling you how you have been making me feel for nearly a year! How your issues are negatively affecting me and this relationship! I don’t know who you are anymore Brandon! Furthermore, you refuse to take responsibility for your impotence and have the audacity to blame me for it! Well not anymore!

As Desiree continued to yell, Brandon stood stupidly in the middle of the living room with wide eyes and his mouth dropped to the floor as if he were unable to process what was taking place.

“You sit on your ass all day when you are not at work and have yet to try to work on us! You never even try anymore to have sex or find help in that area. You never even want to cuddle anymore. What do you expect? For me to just sit here and please you while I am not being pleased? Sexually or any other kind of way?”

   “Desiree I…,” Brandon began to say but his attempts to get a word in was useless at this point.

“Did you really believe that your game is that strong that I would just lay down and be a mat for you to wipe your shoes on? You got me fucked up Brandon! I loved you but I never needed you. Every day, the first word out of your mouth is what’s for dinner. Do you know how sick I am hearing that chauvinistic shit?!” Desiree continued to shout.

“Lord knows I have been trying with you but until you get off that pride shit and get some help- this right here is not working, and I refuse to waste any more time with you. I am tired and I have been unhappy for far too long with you. I can’t be the only one putting in work in this relationship so, you got to go. Now!

“Desiree, I am sorry. Look, we can give it a try now. I just… I just need some time to get it up. What do you mean loved? You don’t love me anymore?”

Brandon was lost for words as he attempted to reach his hand out for Desiree, but she was not having it. This was all coming a little too late and furthermore, she knew it was not sincere.

Desiree was empty as she looked into his watery brown eyes while backing away from him with her hands raised- letting him know it was over. She realized at that moment that she no longer cared.

“You have to go Brandon. No need to try to get it up now. I am good in that area… I’ve been good. You stopped fucking me a long time ago. What did you think? I was just going without. And no, I no longer love you. Like I said, I have been out of love with you for some time now.”

Brandon looked pitiful as he walked the suitcases to his car. He never in a hundred years thought Desiree would ever part ways with him. In his mind, he figured that he was her man, and she would just be by his side as his woman regardless of what they may have been going through.

Sadly, for Brandon, he did have an extremely chauvinistic and narcissistic father who put those disgusting beliefs on his son at an incredibly young age and continued to put them in his head to the day he passed away nearly a year and a half ago.

At the beginning of his relationship with Desiree, Brandon hid who he truly was to reel her in. His father, however, unbeknownst to her told his son after meeting her that she was too independent and that he needed to put her in a woman’s place.

Afraid of his father and knowing that he could never tame Desiree, Brandon fictitiously told his father that he had handled her just like he had taught him to. Hearing her say that she no longer knew who he was anymore made him face a harsh reality because he had indeed turned back into his true self. The narcissist that his father had created.

Desiree however was not like most of the submissive women that he was used to, who would heed to his demands and beckoning calls. She was a strong woman and refused to disgrace herself that way. In the beginning she did do for him and pleased him because for her, that was the charming man that she fell in love with. She was not doing it because she was ordered to.

Saturday Morning 11:00 am…

“Yeah, and you should have seen his face when I told him that someone else was fucking me.”

“So, I guess that mean Bobby will be over soon, then, right? Or is he already over there?” Tonya joked as Desiree gave the play by play of the previous night’s events.

Although Tonya knew their relationship was about doomed, she was not expecting the news so soon but hearing the excitement in her friend’s voice she knew it was what she needed.

“Actually, I’m putting some space between Bobby and I for the moment. He just has too much shit going on and I don’t want to confuse our situation with something else,” Desiree explained as she topped off her drink with a perfectly cut lime.

“Situation?” Tonya asked. Confused at what her friend was getting at.

“Yeah, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling Bobby but between his court case, and oh yeah! That chick Wonda I told you about… he just found out the kid is his. Tonya, I just can’t, it’s too much,” Desiree said as she slowly mixed her morning mimosa.

“He has money, but I don’t think he has enough money to make all his problems go away. I mean with his court case and if he has a kid… well, that’s a whole different kind of financial responsibility,” Desiree laughed, uneasily to say the least as she took a seat on her extremely fancy velvet, tufted chaise lounge.

“Basically, I just don’t want him expecting me to chip in and help with anything. We have been super close for a while, and I just need to remind him that we are just kicking it with no strings or commitments attached.”

That was the thing about Desiree, she refused to be taken advantage of or tied down by anyone. She was a young and beautiful woman who was in the prime of her life. One day, she would focus on settling down but for now, she just wanted to have some fun and enjoy an exciting sex life while she was doing it.

Although she was feeling Bobby, she knew his money was getting tight and she was fully aware of what would eventually be asked of her if she stayed in the picture. The last thing she wanted to do was help support another grown man with problems that they brought on themselves.

“Hey girl, you are preaching to the choir. I don’t blame you at all! Unlike me, you are not tied down so there is nothing wrong with having some fun as long as you are safe doing it,” Tonya replied as she dipped her feet in the family’s beautiful sparkling pool.

“Speaking of fun,” Desiree said slyly.

“I’m meeting up with someone a little different tonight.”

“Different?” Tonya asked. Her voice filled with confusion.

“Well,” Desiree responded coyly.

“Her name is Sam. I met her about a week ago at Trader Joe’s on Washington Ave…”

   “Wait, wait, wait! Don’t just try to keep on walking past the big ass elephant in the room,” Tonya laughed- cutting her friend off mid-sentence.


“Yes, her,” Desiree laughed.

“You know I used to dabble a little bit back in the day. Anyway, we had a great and I must say, an intriguing conversation in the coffee aisle, so we decided to exchange numbers,” Desiree explained nonchalantly before taking a sip of her tasty drink while enjoying keeping her friend in suspense.

“Tonya, when I tell you this is the most beautiful stud I have ever seen. I mean, she literally took my breath away when I saw her. And! She has a twin brother as well!”

As Desiree gave the 411 on her new love interest, Tonya could not help but admire her friend. Not only did she attract men, but she also attracted female attention as well.

As far as Tonya, she never had an interest in women, but she did not have any issues towards the LGBTQ+ community nor her friend being in a lesbian relationship if that was what she wanted.

One of her good friends was gay and she would do anything in the world for him and his husband. Homosexuality as far as Tonya was concerned was as normal as the different colors of skin.

“I just sent you a pic that I stole of her in the supermarket, let me know when you get it,” Desiree said excitedly.

Damn… that’s a female or is that the twin damn brother? I’m not a lesbian or anything, but she is kind of sexy,” Tonya said, shocked at her own admission.

“I told you girl. She is fine as hell,” Desiree said as a smile crossed her moist lips.

“You can’t see her eyes, but she has the sexiest, bedroom gray eyes but it’s the hair that does something to me,” Desiree said- biting her lower lip as she thought about hopefully running her hands through Sam’s thick auburn locs.

“But are they her eyes or contacts? You know how our folks do trying to switch out their brown eyes for blue and gray ones,” Tonya laughed as she began to dry her feet.

“They are really hers; you know I asked and as a matter of fact… guess who is calling now! I will call you later girl!”

Chapter 4

The Elephant in the Room…

Over the next thirty-minutes Sam and Desiree reacquainted themselves after meeting a week ago on the coffee aisle at Trader Joe’s. A meeting that somehow, turned from the best brand of coffee into the best kinky sex positions.

Initially, Desiree thought she was approaching a man because of the height and build of Sam but the closer she got to the captivating individual was when she realized the shocking truth. And the truth was, she was extremely interested in what she saw.

“So, are you coming over or what?” Sam asked in a very sexy and alluring voice while pouring herself a shot of Crown Royal.

There was no question that Desiree was going to use the address that Sam had text her earlier in the conversation, but she didn’t need to know that quite yet.

   “I don’t know,” Desiree responded, her tone provocative.

“I was thinking about catching a quick nap. My clients today were a lot,” she lied as she let out a fictitious yawn.

“I have a bed; I promise you can rest all you need to at my place. Matter of fact, I have some pillows, some sheets and a duvet to keep you warm.”

As Sam continued to joke, Desiree was beginning to already feel warm inside from the thoughts of Sam’s tall, fit frame covering her small and slender body. Her mind however was also on one particular sex position that Sam called The Stretcher while at Trader Joe’s and she wanted to try it out as soon as possible.

Ok, I will be over in two hours.”


There was no doubt as to what Desiree was coming over for as she stepped out of her home an hour and a half later dressed in a flawless, black, faux leather dress which tastefully revealed just the right amount of cleavage to make any mind wonder.

Her smooth, caramel brown skin smelled delicious and shimmered in the moonlight from the fragrant Fenty Beauty Lava Body Luminizer by Rihanna as she reached to open the door to her sleek, black Audi A5 Coupe.

The night was perfect and the sins that was taking place on the Vegas Strip could almost be heard from twelve miles away as she drove from her picturesque and secluded Westgate neighborhood located in Henderson Nevada, right outside of Las Vegas. Desiree thought about taking an Uber for the thirty-minute drive to Summerlin but decided that having a quick exit if necessary was the safest move.

The traffic on I-515 was busy as usual and her shoulder length, wavy black hair danced in the warm wind as she opened the panoramic sunroof before turning up Easy by DaniLeigh and Chris Brown while singing along to the sensual lyrics.

Let me catch a vibe, let’s just take our time. Just relax your mind and take it easy. Don’t have to decide, you do, I do, I. Don’t have to be mine, let’s take it easy.

As the navigation showed that she was nearing her destination her imagination began to race while a smile formed across her thin, shiny lips as the anticipation grew inside her.

   “Turn right on Spruce Goose Street,” the soothing voice of the navigation directed as Desiree pulled into the elegant and illuminated downtown development. Tanager Apartments she mumbled to herself while taking in the breathtaking luxury apartment complex.

It was obvious from the area and the spectacular resort style living community that Sam was not strapped for money. Normally, she would have gone on a few dates with someone before going to their home, but there was something about Sam that made her lower her guards.

After knocking softly on the large door in front of her, Desiree exhaled slowly as she looked around the exquisite building.

Damn… Please come in.”

Desiree knew in that moment why she did not hesitate to come over while also realizing why she had been so ready to get there. Time stood still for a while as she stared into Sam’s bedroom gray eyes while admiring her thick and beautiful auburn locs that were neatly tied back.

She exhaled softly before her gaze moved slowly to her beautiful, brown muscular arms as she held the door open. She wanted badly to rub Sam’s flat abdomen, which was covered with only a fitted, white wife beater that clung nicely to her, what seemed to be awfully expensive True Religion jeans.

You are absolutely beautiful,” Sam said, also taken aback by how stunning Desiree looked.

“Thank you, you are not too bad on the eyes either,” Desiree replied while inhaling the wonderful scent of Christian Dior as Sam gave her a firm and suggestive hug before guiding her through the spotless apartment.

   “Wow,” Desiree said as she looked around.

“I love this space,” she continued as she slowly walked through the spacious open kitchen; her four-inch, black, red-bottom stilettos tapping softly against the polished cherry hardwood floors with each movement.

“Thank you,” Sam said- flashing that perfect white smile that Desiree loved while getting two glasses from the beautiful dark brown cabinet.

   Damn Desiree moaned while watching the muscles in Sam’s back flex as she pulled down the last glass. Desiree loved how her jeans draped perfectly over the tops of her Timberland boots. Her thuggish, yet smooth and neat urban vibe was enough to make any female wet.

Desiree’s body ached beneath her dress as she thought about her body in Sam’s arms when welcoming her hug only moments ago. She wanted badly to be back in her strong embrace, but she knew in due time all her needs would be fulfilled.

“What can I get you to drink sexy?” Sam asked as the ice dispensed from the large stainless-steel refrigerator.”

“Anything that you want to,” Desiree answered softly while taking in Sam’s perfectly chiseled, pecan-brown face, which was adorned with thick manicured eyebrows and a perfect set of dimples.

Her full lips made Desiree’s mind wander as she watched her tongue lick them slowly while approaching the floating island.

“To new beginnings,” Sam said while holding her glass mid-way in the air.

“To new beginnings,” Desiree repeated.


“Oh my god! You were a model?! I can’t believe you stopped!” Desiree yelled nearly an hour and three drinks later as the two lounged like old friends on the large plush sofa.

The mood was cozy and sexy as SZA’s soulful hit Good Days played softly over the Bluetooth speakers in the dimly lit living room.

“Yeah, I uh… I don’t know, it just got to be too much,” Sam said while repositioning herself.

“That’s a whole different world, but I still do a little work here and there,” she continued, her voice sultry and her eyes heavy.

“So, that’s why you keep this up so well huh?” Desiree asked coyly as she moved closer and placed her small hand on Sam’s tight abdomen.

“Mm-hmm…,” Sam moaned as she laid further back in the couch as a devilish smile crossed her lips.

“That’s not the only reason why I keep my shit tight though,” Sam said as she placed her hand on Desiree’s exposed thigh.

   “Damn you soft,” Sam said softly as she watched Desiree slowly undue the large leather belt on her dress.

Both women were tipsy off good liquor and were enjoying the energy between them. There was an obvious attraction at Trader Joe’s, and it had only deepened during their time together tonight.

“Is this what you want,” Desiree asked as she opened her dress- revealing the sexy black lingerie that lie beneath.

   “That’s exactly what I want,” Sam replied, her voice smooth and low as she pulled Desiree onto her lap while caressing her thick, round ass.

Desiree was weak to Sam’s prowess as her body gave in to each demand. Nothing else mattered in that moment than feeling Sam’s warm skin against hers. As Body by Summer Walker played softly in the background, Desiree ran her hands through Sam’s thick locs while slowly sucking on her warm tongue that was now exploring her accepting mouth.

She could feel her pussy getting wet as she grinded against Sam’s rock-hard abdomen. This woman was amazing, and Desiree was enjoying every minute of her presence. Every warm touch from Sam’s large hands sent waves of euphoria through Desiree’s hypersensitive body as the seductive music continued to set the intimate mood.

   “Damn you wet…” Sam moaned as she slowly slid Desiree’s panties aside and placed two fingers in her moist hole.

The sounds that escaped her mouth was nothing less than satisfaction as she fucked Sam while adjusting on her lap. Slowly and firmly Desiree grinded on Sam’s hand causing her long fingers to go even deeper within her walls.

Sam…,” Desiree moaned as Sam widened her legs; causing Desiree’s to spread further also to allow for an even deeper penetration as she straddled her.

Oh, my fuckin’ God…,‘ Desiree whimpered as she looked into Sam’s low eyes that showed nothing but lust.

Pleasure washed through her body like a wave as Sam’s warm mouth covered her breast while her expert fingers continued to stroke her pussy until she came hard. Desiree’s body moved wildly on Sam’s lap as she clinched the long locs that she imagined in her hand’s only hours ago.

Low, seductive grunts filled the air as Desiree continued to squeeze Sam’s cream covered fingers, her body refusing to let them go.

“You’re mine tonight,” Sam whispered while effortlessly lifting Desiree up and into her embrace before kissing her passionately as she walked slowly into her lavish bedroom.

The candlelit room was cool, and the relaxing scent of lavender filled the air causing her body to loosen in Sam’s arms almost instantly. Sam’s lips were sweet with a hint of liquor still on them and Desiree could not seem to get enough as she devoured every piece of them that she could.

“I can fuck yo little sexy self all night,” Sam moaned between kisses as she lowered Desiree’s nearly naked body into an amazingly comfortable and unique seat on the other side of the room.

“Wha… what’s this?” Desiree asked, confusion filling her voice as she felt around in the dark, trying to figure out what was happening as the sleek seat seemed to move beneath her.

“Shhh…,” Sam whispered before moving away.

Even if Desiree wanted to get up, she couldn’t because of how relaxed her body was but the fact of the matter was, she wanted to be exactly where she was. Her pussy began to throb at the anticipation of what was to come next. She could hear Sam, but she could not clearly see her, and this excited her.

“Shit…,” Desiree groaned as she felt her panties being removed before her left ankle was placed in some sort of strap. And then her right. It was as if she was floating in the air with her legs wide and bonded.

Whose is it?

Sam’s low and tipsy voice sent chills through Desiree. It was as if she was being sexually taunted and it was electrifying.

“It’s all yours Sam. Yes…,” Desiree purred as she felt Sam’s strong, warm hand on hers before placing it in a contraption slightly above her head and locking it in place before doing the same to the right one.

As her eyes began to adjust to the dimly lit room Desiree realized that she was almost eye to eye with Sam, who was now standing closely in front of her with a devilish smile on her gorgeous face.

“Damn right it’s mine,” Sam said seductively as she pulled the wife beater over her head.

Hunger filled Desiree’s eyes after realizing what she was in while admiring Sam’s exquisite physique. It was obvious from her body and the way her long, full auburn locs draped over her bare shoulders, why the modeling world fought over her. Her look was beyond sexy- she was spellbinding.

   “You like what you see?” Sam asked devilishly as she slowly walked closer between Desiree’s wide legs, her wet pussy now pressed against her bare abdomen. Her body shuddered as her erect clit grazed each tight muscle.

“Fuck!” Desiree could not help but yell out as Sam effortlessly slid her eight-inch, thick and incredibly realistic dick deep inside her.

   “Yes!” Desiree cried out as Sam slowly walked even closer, causing her dick to disappear inside of her.

This satisfying and unexpected treat had taken Desiree completely off guard. She knew Sam had tricks but this one had to be the best of all. She could feel her pussy throb as it received every hard inch of Sam.

Desiree wanted badly to touch Sam’s sweet brown skin as she fucked her in mid-air. Her body was fully submitted to Sam, who was stroking her pussy with the precision of a hammer hitting a nail.

The feel of her warm strong hands controlling her hips was almost too much to handle.

“Damn that pussy sound good,” Sam moaned in her ear as the sounds of cream filled the room.

Desiree could not stop cumming on Sam’s massive dick as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure raced through her entire being.

“Uhhh!” Sam grunted as she repeatedly pulled Desiree and the seat closer to her; filling her completely with her dick before pushing her slowly back while watching as Desiree’s fat, wet pussy lips slowly backed off her long member.

Liquid spewed everywhere as Desiree bounced wildly in the chair. She had never squirted before, but she loved every minute of it.

“Damn baby… you’re doing something to me…”

Desiree’s limp body was in sexual overload as Sam backed away. Her eight-inch cock glistened with Desiree’s sweet nectar and with each flicker of the candles Sam could see the gaping pink hole as Desiree’s wetness poured down her inner thighs.

“Can’t let that go to waste,” Sam said as she gently began to loosen Desiree’s arms and legs, and before she could catch her breath Sam had each of her legs across her broad shoulders while lifting her gaping hole to her hungry mouth and sucked slow.

It was as if the chair complied to each position, it was put in as Desiree arched her back for Sam’s experienced tongue to reach deeper while holding on to the arms of the soft leather contraption.

“Eat it baby… Eat that pussy…,” Desiree purred as she held Sam’s head firmly in place.

“Ummm,” was the only sounds coming from Sam as she licked, sucked, and swallowed every drip of cum that Desiree fed her skillful mouth while standing in the middle of her cozy love den until both were exhausted and drained.

The next morning Desiree realized that the two had somehow made it into Sam’s soft king-sized bed. As the morning sun peaked through the cracked blinds, she was able to get her first glance at Sam’s beautifully laid out bedroom.

Her taste was certainly exquisite and as Sam began to stir Desiree caught a glimpse at the mystery chair on the other side of the large room. This was another first for her- a sex chair, but it certainly would not be the last and certainly not the last with Sam.

The outline of Sam’s naked body beneath the cover was too much torture, she needed to see this beautiful specimen in the light. Inch by inch she pulled the thick duvet away until her six-foot-two-inch, athletic body was revealed.

Damn this woman is sexy she thought to herself as she began to rub her toned back.

Chapter 5

Damn, morning sexy. How long have you been up?” A sleepy Sam asked as she turned over to face Desiree.

“Morning handsome. I haven’t been up long, sorry if I woke you,” Desiree said, her voice low voice as she stroked Sam’s attractive face.

“Nah, you didn’t wake me,” Sam smiled as she kissed Desiree softly on the lips.

“I had fun with you last night,” Desiree said as she looked intently into Sam’s low gray eyes.

“I had fun with you too. I’m glad you came over. So, like I told you at Trader Joe’s… that stretcher will have you calling my name all night,” she said playfully between kisses as her hand brushed Desiree’s still swollen pussy.

   “Shut up and get me some coffee!” Desiree squealed as she playfully hit Sam on her back as she sat up in the bed.

As the two enjoyed their Columbian blend coffee Desiree noticed something that she had not the night before.

   “Your brother is as gorgeous as you are,” Desiree said after noticing a picture on a nearby floating shelf.

“Yeah, that’s my ace… Stephen,” Sam responded.

“As a matter of fact, I’m supposed to be calling him today to give him some advice on a relationship issue he’s having,” Sam continued.

“Well, if you need some advice on how to advise him just let me know,” Desiree laughed.

“After all, that’s what I do every day… deal with relationships. What’s his deal?” Desiree asked as she sipped the aromatic hot drink.

   “The usual,” Sam responded with a hint of aggravation in her voice.

“Another boy problem.”

“Oh wow, he’s gay too?”

   “Very!” Sam laughed as she watched the surprised expression cross Desiree’s face.

“But I don’t know, I’m just not feeling this cat… he’s…,” Sam stammered as she tried to find her words.

“Well, first of all, his ass is on the down low. He’s fucking my brother’s back out but can’t admit that he is gay. But, aside from that he’s just… off. Real needy and a bit controlling.” Sam explained before blowing across the top of her steaming mug.

“Well, just from that alone it sounds like your brother can do better.”

Oh, believe me I don’t play when it comes to my brother. I will have his ass dealt with if Stephan doesn’t deal with him- but first, I’m going to try to convince bro to at least kick Brandon out his crib. Muthafucka has been there about a week now.”

It was as if everything suddenly paused. It couldn’t be Desiree thought to herself as she nearly choked on her coffee.

“How long have they been seeing each other,” she asked, curiosity now filling her voice.

“I think on and off for about a year now. Dude is secretive too. My brother doesn’t really know anything about him after all this time other than his last name. Winston or some shit.

Desiree could not believe her ears as the realization hit her. It was almost exactly a year ago when the couple began to experience problems in their relationship. He had been cheating on her with a man for nearly half of their relationship!

   That muthafucka Desiree thought angrily to herself while trying to keep her composer in front of Sam. Everything clicked in place; it was not that Brandon was impotent. Instead, he was living a lie with her the entire time and maybe even with his baby’s mother years before her. Brandon, as Desiree was now finding out was gay so it was no wonder why he could no longer get aroused by her.

Desiree was in complete shock and livid at the thought that he had wasted her time and had been living a down low life for God knows how long. It disgusted her that he had put her health at risk from his secret sexual escapades so getting tested was now the priority on her to-do list.

However, she had fallen out of love with him a long time ago and could care less who he was fucking. The only thing was, he was now fucking with someone who she was now growing feelings for and that was going to be a problem.

Everything made total sense, the only reason why he even dealt with women was because of his chauvinistic father. Brandon could have never been who he truly was when he was alive but as it seemed, shortly after his passing must have been when he felt free enough to dive into his own kinky kravings.

“I have something to tell you,” Desiree said as she kissed Sam gently on the lips.

“But before I do… I want some more of that stretcher,” she said seductively as she placed the empty cup on the nearby table before climbing into Sam’s strong hold.

Over the next few months, the beautiful couple decided to officially start dating and after Sam disclosed everything to her brother that Desiree told her about Brandon’s and her relationship, he was speechless but was now able to make a clear decision on what needed to be done.

As it turned out, Stephen never knew anything about Brandon’s six-year-old son Braxton nor the fact that he ever indulged in heterosexual relationships. After seeing the kind of man Brandon truly was, he was sent packing yet again.

As for Desiree, her kinky kravings were being satisfied daily with the one person that seemed to have what it took to make her settle down maybe once and for all.

♡♥♡The End♡♥♡

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Kinky Kravings- Synopsis

Desiree Benton is a successful thirty-four-year-old wedding planner who loves to have a good time. Sexually that is, and after her two-year relationship with her boyfriend turns sour due to impotence issues that he refuses to address, Desiree refuses to let that stop her from getting what she needs.

Brandon’s refusal to work on his relationship pushes his gorgeous girlfriend into the arms of more adequate and eager lovers who will oblige each one of Desiree’s kinky desires.

Desiree is not looking for anything serious, but a run-in with someone on the coffee aisle at Trader Joe’s may change that. After filling her best friend in on the latest events of her exciting life, Desiree receives some feedback that gives her clarity and the push she needs to take care of a certain situation.

Is Desiree’s relationship with Brandon on the road to repair, or will he lose her forever for kravings he can no longer satisfy?

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The Healed Heart- Synopsis

After being in an abusive and anger-filled relationship with Seth, her boyfriend of three years, Charlene has very little to look forward to.

Not only is Seth physically abusive, but he is also mentally abusive and very controlling. Charlene only wants one thing in life, and that is to be loved, but her years of abuse have left her vulnerable, self-conscious, and unaware of her own self-worth.

Her long-time friend Tina worries that her friend will never find the strength to move on, and away from Seth, that is, until an angel in the form of a man enters the dentist office that the two work in and shows an interest in a skeptical Charlene.

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The Healed Heart

Sultry Nights- Synopsis

Tracy Chatman, a 34-year-old author, has found herself back in her small Mississippi hometown to find some much-needed inspiration for her second novel.

However, she is hoping to also find closure on the part of her life that she left behind a little over a year ago. The problem is, she will only be in town for a couple of weeks before returning to New York, so getting that closure may prove to be impossible.

Luckily for Tracy, yet unbeknownst to her, the town’s gossip spotted her and has gotten word around about her unexpected arrival, but will that news reach all the ears that Tracy needs it to?

Tracy never knew that what was supposed to be only a one-night fling a year ago with someone she would have never imagined ever hooking up with would leave her wanting and needing more, but even if Tracy reconnects with this individual, will they feel the same way?

Furthermore, if the news does not reach them, will Tracy have the courage to reach out to the person that left an unforgettable mark on her life? And if so, what will the future- if anything, have in store for them?

This steamy story will leave you as hot as the summer nights in Mississippi and will certainly have you wishing that this story never ends, but as a part of my short story collection, be prepared for a quick rollercoaster ride of love, hope, desire, steamy sex, and jaw-dropping revelations all wrapped up in less than 6,000 words!

Sultry Nights

Butta Luv- Synopsis

A successful pilot of twelve years, Joanne Taylor is all about her career and not much else.

However, her difficult childhood has left her without the many life skills needed to create meaningful bonds with people that she encounters in her everyday life. Fortunately, her exceptional beauty makes it extremely easy to find sex whenever she wants it, which is often on her layover flights.

Joanne hates having grown up so fast and missing out on having a normal childhood, but growing up in the slums of Baltimore and having a checked-out mother prevented any chances of that.

She wants a normal life, as well as a normal chance at real love, but her protective barrier is thick, and the last thing she wants to do is to give control over her well-being to just anyone. Especially if it pertains to her heart. But as fate would have it, her past catches up with her in ways that she could have never imagine.

A past filled with fear, hate, control, and a special someone, but will fate also gift her with a chance to finally have a normal life? This steamy story will leave you as creamy as butta and will certainly have you wishing that it never ends.

However, as a part of my short story collection, be prepared for a quick rollercoaster ride of love, despair, hope, desire, steamy sex, and jaw-dropping revelations all wrapped up in less than 6,000 words!

Butta Luv

Butta Luv

Butta Luv

Chapter 1

“Well damn, who knew you could put it down like that!?”

For Joanne, sex was just another day at the office. It wasn’t that she was a hoe, or a prostitute, or a thot. The fact was, Joanne was simply a strong and successful woman that enjoyed sex like anyone else.

Unfortunately, no one could seem to break through her thick and self-protective barrier or satisfy her sexually. At least no one in an awfully long time.

“What you mean by that?” DeAndre laughed uneasily as he sat upright in the all-white, soft, pillow top bed while looking at Joanne, who was now standing and quickly tying her black, silk robe.

“I mean exactly that. Who would have known that a man of your… how do I say? Stature could put it down like that. I mean, let’s be honest DeAndre, it’s not like you are working with a water hose,” Joanna said nonchalantly as she began to walk to the bathroom.

Listen, I need to get ready for my flight so, it was nice. I left some money on the nightstand, take it if you want to but please, see your way out.”

Joanne Taylor, at forty-one years of age, was an incredibly attractive and extremely successful pilot of twelve years with American Airlines. She was intelligent and strong-minded but most importantly, she was a no-nonsense kind of woman. When it came to dealing with people, she did not take any bullshit and she always stood her ground- especially being in the field she was in.

Being a female pilot was a dream come true for her even though it had come with several challenges, many based on the simple fact that she was a female in the male driven industry.

As a child, she made three promises- one was to get out of the hood and off the system. The second was to never want for anything again, and the third was to never be locked into anything that she did not want to be in.

At the tender age of ten, she would close her tired eyes each night and dream of freely flying through the clouds to all the different places around the world. That was her escape from being locked in a life that her mother had forced on her. This alone time gave her hope of getting back a piece of her childhood that had been selfishly stripped away.

For Joanne, she always had to be strong because sadly, she was forced to play an adult role, being the oldest of four children to a young, single, and distraught mother.

When she was ten, her father left for reasons unknown to her, and she never saw him again after that day. At that point, it was only her and her eight-year-old sister Allyia.

Painfully, the young, twenty-five-year-old mother that she had loved and who was always there had simply gone overnight. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally.

She made a vow to herself that day to never need a man or allow one to treat her the way she had seen them treat her mother. She vowed to never allow someone to have that kind of control over her well-being.

Unfortunately, this caused Joanne to become a seemingly cold and almost isolated individual who, just as her mother had become, also could not connect emotionally to other people that she encountered.

Her sexual behaviors could be blamed mainly on seeing her mother be used and sometimes abused by the many suitors that she had after her father left which, over the next two years would leave her with two more children to raise alone and with the much-needed help of a now twelve-year-old Joanne.

For her, she had no plans to be hurt this way by men, so she naturally developed a more dominant role in the bedroom.

Normally it was women that wanted to stay and cuddle after a sexual encounter, but for Joanne, it was a quick hit and quit before she asked her sexual partners to leave.

She wanted men to feel used by her before they had any chance to use, degrade and disrespect her. On the other hand, though, it wasn’t that she did not want a healthy relationship. For her, she did not know quite how to have one, and no one had caught her attention enough sexually or otherwise to make her interested in finding out.

Her focus was on herself and how to become an even better version of herself. However, she knew deep down that eventually, she would need to undo what her past had taught her and figure out how to interact better with people even if that meant therapy.

She hated that her younger years lacked the much-needed social interactions required for healthy emotional growth. Regretfully, there were no real social skills for her take into her adult years.

For her, those precious years consisted of going to school and coming straight home to take care of her younger siblings most times alone in the dangerous neighborhood they lived in.

Other than Allyia, Joanne only had one true friend, who would do anything for her even if it were just talking on the front stoop in the middle of the night or bringing food over to feed her and her sister when there was nothing in the house.

Snow, as she was called was a year older than her and lived in the unit above them but after her family was evicted, Joanne never saw her treasured friend again.

Sadly, meeting new people as an adult did not come easily either. Although she was an extrovert and liked to have a good time, she simply lacked the vital life skills needed to come across the way that she intended.

However, people found themselves initially attracted to her because of her undoubtable beauty and strong presence so getting sexual partners was not an issue but making friends and creating tight bonds was another story.

Women for the most part loathed her yet, at the same time admired her and wanted to be her while men were left feeling emasculated by her. Although Joanne’s intentions were good, her delivery is what always left a bad taste in people’s mouths throughout her life.

Her strong personality most times drowned out the good person that she was and although she wished her conveyance were a little better, she did not have the care to take time and figure it out. Having people’s approval of her right now was not something high on her list of concerns.

As Joanne finished her shower, she realized just how much she was ready to leave Philadelphia and get back into the peaceful tranquility that the clouds provided.

She had flown in the previous night from Tulsa Oklahoma and had just enough layover time to grab a quick fuck from an associate that she knew in the area and a few hours of rest before having to return to the airport for a flight out to Phoenix Arizona, which was due for takeoff in less than an hour.

Chapter 2

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to American flight 1669. My name is Joanne Taylor, and I will be your captain today…”

   As Joanne relayed the memorized script forty-five minutes later, she and her first officer prepared for takeoff as they slowly taxied the tarmac to take their position in the long line of planes ready to take to the powder blue skies.

Her mind for the moment was on her sister’s cookout that she was going to attend that weekend. For the most part, Joanne was close with all three of her siblings, but she and Allyia had the closest relationship.

Mainly because they were so close in age and because she was basically the only one there for her growing up to help with their unfair adult responsibilities. Allyia, also, unfortunately, had the misfortune to lose much of her childhood as well due to being made to assist in raising her younger brothers.

As young adults, both women, but especially Joanne, felt victimized by their mother for being made to babysit for hours and sometimes days if it were the weekend as kids themselves while she went out and partied and lived her life as if she had no responsibilities at all.

They held a grudge for a long time because of how it had affected their lives. Their brothers, however, had no clue of their struggles nor the sacrifices they were made to make as young girls. They loved their sisters immensely and Joanne and Allyia vowed to never disclose that secret to them knowing it would break their hearts.

Eventually, the relationship with their mother was somewhat repaired during Joanne’s senior year in college when her mother, who had since married and gotten her life back on the right track apologized to both her daughters for putting her responsibilities on them and making them grow up extremely too fast.

It hurt her for years knowing that she stripped any sense of a normal childhood away from them and she did everything she could to make amends. It wasn’t until then that the girls learned that their mother struggled severely with drug and alcohol abuse ever since their father had left.

Forgiving their mother wasn’t a hard decision but they knew they would never get back the precious years that they had lost because of her.

   “Flight 1669… you are clear for takeoff.”

After flipping a few more switches and quickly snapping out of her daydream, Joanne acknowledged the control tower before the massive Airbus gained speed down the 12,000-foot runway and ascended into the clear blue sky for the soothing five-hour flight ahead of them.

Saturday 2 pm

“Slide to the left! Slide to the right! Reverse! Reverse! Cha Cha now ya’ll!”

   As Joanne drove up the crowded circled drive, she could hear laughter and hands clapping to the song’s command as DJ Casper’s hit, Cha Cha Slide echoed through the air.

Joanne loved spending time with her sister, she was the one person who utterly understood who she was and why she was that way. As she exited her matte black Tesla Model S Plaid, the most expensive of the Tesla’s fleet, Joanne could not help but take in the calmness that filled the air in the picturesque Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood.

The quiet and family-friendly community was a noticeable contrast from the crime-ridden West Baltimore neighborhood the siblings grew up in on the other side of town.

Lexington Terrance was a horrible place to have to grow up. Just staying alive each day was a struggle. The family lived there for all of Joanne’s life until being forced out in the mid-1990s when she was sixteen for the demolition of the housing development.

Sadly, because of her mother’s financial state, the family had to move from one hell right into another on Baltimore’s west side. Gilmore Homes, located in the Winchester area, which was another of the many troubled housing projects in the city was Joanne’s new home until she left to attend the University of Maryland where she entered the Aviation Sciences program in 1997.

Allyia, not surprisingly, shared some of the same dreams as her sister and getting out of the ghettos of Baltimore was one of them.

   “Joanne! I am so glad you made it sis!” Allyia yelled excitedly as she ran towards Joanne, who was smiling from ear to ear as she entered the backyard.

“Of course, I made it! I would not miss your cookouts for anything!”

“Sis! What’s good! So, where are you flying in from this time?”

Before Joanne could turn around good, a set of strong arms wrapped around her and hugged her tightly.

   “Justin!” Joanna squealed as she hugged the younger of her brothers before kissing him playfully on the cheek.

“Amsterdam, I got in late last night. So, is the whole crew here? Where is Aden? I want to sneak up on him before he gets to me first,” Joanne laughed as she looked around sneakily for her other brother.

“He is on his way now and mama said she would stop by later also,” Allyia said as she shielded the sun from her eyes.

“But right now, let’s go have some fun!” She shouted as the classic hit Before I Let Go by Maze filled the air, hyping up an already hyped crowd.

For the next hour, Joanne danced, mingled, and ate the day away with her family and some new hopefuls for friends. She enjoyed these social moments, she needed them. They were her therapy sessions until she could get to a real therapist.

Joanna lived about forty minutes away in the very exclusive Glenelg community in Howard County and although she had an abundance of yard space and house space, her schedule did not permit her to hold such events.

Her life was in the skies and her engagements with people were scarce other than a few flings here and there in her layover cities.


“No, I think I need a break,” Joanne laughed as she declined another dance from a partygoer to whom she had already given three too many dances to already as she tried to make her way to the house.

As she entered the beautiful home, Joanne sighed heavily as she walked slowly to the bathroom to freshen up. Luckily, she had taken a two-week vacation, something that she had rarely done in her tenure with the company, so limiting her alcohol intake was not an issue during this festive time.

Joanne admired her sister for the life she built for herself after everything they had been through. Her husband George, who was away on business was incredibly supportive and the two made a great team.

At thirty-nine years old, she had accomplished what most people could not complete in a lifetime. The one dream that she had not accomplish so far was unfortunately, having children.

Sadly, Allyia was diagnosed with lupus when she was twenty-five. The autoimmune disorder affected and undermined her fertility in several ways from reducing her body’s ability to produce healthy eggs to attacking newly implanted embryos.

The couple considered adoption but decided that if they could not have children of their own, that were created from their love, they would rather remain childless.

Luckily though, the family wasn’t completely childless. Between the two brothers, they had given their sisters five nieces and nephews, and their mother five grandchildren.

Justin had beautiful four-year-old twins, a boy named Jalen and a girl named Jalenda. Aden, the older of the brothers had two adorable boys named Marquis and Malik and a gorgeous little girl named Maya whose ages ranged from two to six.

As Joanne ventured through the large home, she heard a familiar voice as she reached the open sliding glass door leading to the backyard.

   “Aden!” She yelled before wrapping her slender arms around her brother’s strong neck.

“Sis! Damn, I have missed you! I’m glad you came out!” Aden said as he backed up and looked his sister over.

“I would not miss it for the world! I didn’t think you were ever going to get here bro,” Joanne said as she glanced at the handsome yet indescribably pretty individual who accompanied him.

Joanne had been with many men but none with having the characteristics as being both handsome and pretty. It was something about this person that grabbed her attention and she wanted to know more about this intriguing individual.

She could not quite gauge his age, but she could not help but admire his fashion sense and his beautiful, deeply set dimples, along with his flawless brown skin that radiated in the sun’s rays. And his smile was perfect as he patiently stood by Aden’s side.

Oh shit! I’m being rude! Joanne this is my homie Shiloh, she has already met everyone else. Shiloh, this is my big sis, Joanne.”

As Aden introduced his friend, Joanna was in awe at the fact that he said… she.

I must have heard that wrong she thought to herself while reaching her hand to shake Shiloh’s, who was now approaching with an odd look across her face as her eyes uneasily scanned the group of siblings.

   “You can just call me Snow.”

Chapter 3

It was as if the world stood still. It could not be… this could not be.

Snow…,” Joanne said, her voice cracking as looks of confusion covered everyone’s faces.

“I thought it was a coincidence…,” Snow said, her voice trailing off as she realized exactly who she was around.

The two best friends had been separated ever since Snow’s family was evicted from the Lexington Terrance housing projects and oddly, Joanne never knew her real name.

The streets had given her the name Snow because to get by, she sold drugs and eventually became infamous for selling cocaine throughout the entire West Baltimore area.

“I… when Aden said Allyia, I… I said nah, it can’t be. But… when he said Joanne, I realized that it could not be a coincidence. Aden, you were one when my family was evicted. I’m not even sure that I knew your name. And Justin, you weren’t even born…”

It was as if Snow was in a trance as tears slowly began to form in her eyes.

   “Oh my god,” Allyia said softly as she covered her mouth with both hands while slowly looking between Snow and Joanne through wide eyes. Both obviously going through a variety of emotions.

Allyia was old enough to know Snow but the two did not share the same friendship as she and her sister did.

   “I have missed you so much!” Joanne cried as she grabbed and hugged her old friend tightly.

“How do you know my brother? We have so much catching up to do!” She squealed while looking intently into her glimmering brown eyes.

“Joanne, I have thought about you constantly! I have missed you like hell! Look at you all grown up,” Snow laughed as Joanne wiped the water from her soft brown eyes.

“I know Aden through work, I have worked with him on and off for the past three years on a few projects. We have been friends for nearly four years. I can’t believe I have never put this together.”

Snow’s smile against her chiseled face was intoxicating and the truth was, Joanne could not deny what she felt before even realizing who Snow was. She had certainly grown up and changed or- came into who she may have always been and by the looks of it she was doing extremely well in life.

All Joanne knew was that she could not lose her again. There were so many unanswered questions that she wanted answers to, and she intended to get them.

Over the next week, Snow and Joanne spent a lot of time together. As it turned out, Snow was an incredibly skilled and highly compensated architect and had worked closely with Aden over the years on several projects that he had gotten off the ground through his construction company.

Ironically, one of those projects was the 2019 partial demolition of her old home and crime-riddled Gilmore Homes housing projects.

Just like Joanne, Snow never left Maryland and had a rough life as a child and did what she needed to survive. After her family was evicted, they remained homeless for the next two years, but school was the one thing that she never let go of.

Unfortunately, Snow was not able to graduate high school with her class due to her living situation but every day she would read and look through old schoolbooks to keep her on top of her studies.

After her family regained housing, she finally crossed the stage and attended college that same year at Towson University located twenty minutes outside of Baltimore in Towson Maryland and about the same distance from where Joanne was unknowingly attending school at the University of Maryland.

She replaced selling drugs with a real career and received her Bachelor of Architecture degree after five years and obtained her Master of Architecture two years after that.


“Thank you for coming over on such short notice.”

The days spent with Snow had been perfect. It would be a lie if Joanne said that she was not attracted to her old friend who, now looking back realized that she had always been comfortable with who she was.

She had always been protective of Joanne and had always run with the boys, but back then, Joanne did not know there was a word for what she was. All she knew was that she was Snow.

   “Anytime,” Snow said as she entered Joanne’s plush home before placing the expensive wine in her hands.

“Opus One 2017, what is the occasion?” An impressed Joanne asked coyly, as her eyes met Snow’s.

The enticing scent of Armani filled Joanne’s nostrils as Snow stepped closer- causing her to almost drool at the lovely specimen in front of her. Snow’s extremely fit body was cut and chiseled which showed nicely beneath her fitted white V-neck.

Her adorable, manicured baby dreads, which were styled into a mohawk were perfectly sectioned and twisted and her haircut was amazing! It looked as if she had just left the barber’s chair. The defined line-up looked as sharp as razors that would slice you open if touched.

And as she continued to scan downwards all she wanted to do was rip off her perfectly pressed khakis to see exactly what was beneath. Although Snow was very neat in appearance and had matured over the years and had thankfully left the oversized, sagging pants where they belonged- in the ghettos of West Baltimore, there was still that presence of thug that lived on the surface. However, Joanne wanted to be acquainted with this new and better version of her past.

“Getting to know you all over again,” Snow said softly, snapping Joanne out of her trance as she pulled her gently into her embrace.

Joanne’s body weakened in Snow’s strong grip and her knees felt like jelly as Snow’s soft lips brushed against her neck. It was as if Snow had read her mind, the feel of this irresistible woman pressed against her sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

The strength, the dominance, and the expertise of her every movement was sexually overwhelming.

   “I have always wanted you,” Snow whispered as her hands began to explore Joanne’s soft round ass.

Normally, Joanne would never give anyone this much control over her, but Snow was different. Snow was someone that she trusts with all her heart and who she would give her whole heart to. She never felt as safe as she felt in that moment wrapped again in her protection.

There had definitely been a lot of flirting and sexual tension between them since the cookout but after everyone, including her mother realized who she was, Joanne could not get one minute alone with her.

Being with a woman wasn’t something that Joanne was necessarily into. However, she had been with a few women in the past, but none compared to Snow, who, at six-feet-two-inches, was not your average woman.

Her almond-shaped, babyface was just as Joanne remembered, only more mature and certainly sexier. Her creamy cocoa skin was as smooth as butter which Joanne’s hands were all over right now, and those dimples- lord knows those dimples did something to her!

   “I have wanted you since you were thirteen Snow,” Joanne whispered, revealing a secret that she had kept all these years, until now.

It was true, Joanne had developed a special love for Snow during their younger years. It was something about how Snow would always drop anything she was doing to be there for her. And the long, late-night talks as distant gunshots rang through the air meant a lot to Joanne. Snow had always made her feel safe and kept her motivated when she was down.

Whether Snow knew it or not, Joanne hated when she wasn’t around. So, when she left, it tore her to pieces to not know if she would ever see her special friend again. She did not know anything about sexual orientation at that age, she just knew she loved Snow.

So much that on a cold and clear night as the girls shared their dreams, the two shared a kiss on the top of the stairs in front of Snow’s unit. A kiss that Joanne had never forgotten.

   “Joanne…,” Snow moaned as she laid her on a nearby chase and kissed her passionately while slowly unbuttoning her blue silk blouse.

Button by button Joanne’s body squirmed beneath Snow as her anticipation grew. She could feel her throbbing pussy get wetter with each touch and when Snow’s warm mouth covered her hard nipples all she could do was grab her head and keep it there as she slowly sucked and playfully bit each one.

   “Snow…,” Joanne whimpered as her hands and mouth traveled lower, her long body devouring Joanne’s submissive five-foot-seven-inch frame with each movement.

“I have dreamed about this pussy,” Snow said lustfully as she removed Joanne’s pants and the skimpy panties that covered what she desired.

   “Damn you’re beautiful,” Snow said as she gazed upon Joanne’s luscious naked body. Womanhood had certainly treated her good.

Her toned yet thick frame along with her perfect size D breast made men’s mouth water- and even some women’s. Her beautiful, mocha brown face which was adorned with almost perfect symmetrical facial features made her even that much more attractive.

Her shoulder-length, stylish, auburn hair sprawled over the pillows as she waited patiently for her lover to take control of her while her almond-shaped, hazel eyes filled with a fire that only Snow could put out.

   “Come here,” Snow moaned as she bent down and pulled Joanne’s bottom close to her face.

The heat they both felt between them was electrifying. Joanne’s mind at this moment was at rest. With Snow, she didn’t have to worry about being dominant or making sure that a man wasn’t trying to get the best of her or hurt her.

It wasn’t just a quick hit and quit with Snow. Instead, it was about having a connection. As Snow savored and feasted on Joanne below, all she could do was smile and enjoy the ride as her hands slowly ran through her lover’s course, short hair.

Joanne had loved this woman all her life and thought that she would never see her again but as fate would have it, not only was she back in her life, but she was now deep between her legs.

“Mmmm,” Snow murmured as she continued to lick Joanne’s swollen walls clean before lifting her head and slowly moving up Joanne’s satisfied body.

“Please don’t stop,” Joanne begged as Snow hovered over her with a devilish smile stretched across her sexy face. Joanne’s pussy throbbed as Snow positioned herself between her legs with expertise and when their clits connected, Joanne’s gasp could be heard from miles away.

With each stroke, Joanne clinched tightly to Snow’s muscular body as the chase moved to her almost poetic rhythm. Joanna did not want this moment to end as she fought hard to not cum, but as Snow continued to grind into her with each snake-like motion the control was no longer hers.

“Baby you feel so fuckin’ good… I’m… I’m about to cum!” Joanne screamed as her legs tightened around Snow- her pussy wet and pulsating from the pleasure it was receiving.

Snow had certainly had some good pussy over the years, but none was as good as Joanne’s. This was the only pussy that she had ever wanted and as she released herself on top of Joanne, her body trembled from the powerful orgasm she was enjoying before falling to Joanne’s side and kissing her lovingly- her lips still blanketed with the taste of Joanne’s delicious pussy.

Chapter 4

“Aden, do you have a minute?” Joanne asked her brother the next morning after Snow left.

The two newly found friends made love throughout the night and into the early morning hours. Neither was able to get enough of the other nor did they want to. Joanne only had the upcoming weekend left before her vacation was over and she wanted to get more information on Snow before she headed out.

Her brother as it turned out and unbeknownst to her until recently had known Snow for years and would have the best knowledge of what was going on in her personal life.

“I always have time for you sis what’s up?” Aden asked as he placed his pen beside his laptop while waiting to hear what his sister wanted to talk about.

“Listen, this is going to sound weird- but tell me about Snow.”

Joanne’s tone was eager, and her mind and heart were all over the place after the intimate night she spent with her childhood friend. She and Snow had talked about a lot of things over the past two weeks, but she wanted to know if there was anything that Snow wasn’t telling her.

“What do you want to know?” Aden asked nonchalantly as he fiddled with his pen.

Since the cookout, Aden realized that a lot of things Snow had said in the past now made sense. She had always mentioned having a best friend growing up that she had called Jo Jo.

She had always told Aden that if she were to ever reunite with her that she was going to marry her. Aden, being too young to have ever remembered her, never put together that she had been talking about his big sister.

However, Aden knew that whoever this person was had her heart and it made his heart warm the day of the cookout when the revelation was made.

“Like, I don’t know… does she have a girlfriend? Does she say anything about me?

As Aden listened on the other end a smile began to form on his handsome face. He knew his sister struggled socially although he never understood why, so this connection that she had with Snow brought happy tears to his eyes.

He was also happy to be able to give a positive report on Snow- although not perfect, but he was sure that his sister would understand that she did have a life over the many years that had passed.

“Snow is, how can I say- a reborn playa. She has no problem getting women, as a matter of fact, I use her for my wingman when we go out. Women talk to me just to get to know her, but I guess any attention is good attention,” Aden laughed and although all this information was true, he enjoyed hyping their relationship up just a bit to make his sister sweat for just a moment.

“I see,” Joanne said, disappointment filling her voice as she stirred the cold coffee that she had abandoned almost an hour ago.

   “Nah sis I’m totally fucking with you!” Aden said excitedly.

“You missed the keyword reborn! Snow really was all those things but after the cookout, all she has talked about is you. Actually, I’m now the third wheel between you guys,” Aden laughed.

“She had a girlfriend, but they broke up over a year ago. On the outside looking in, the two were perfect together but Snow always talked about this Jo Jo person, who she could never seem to get out of her head- which, now I know is you. She, of course, smashed other women over the years but no one ever had her heart. She was saving that for you.”

For the next hour, Aden told Joanne about Snow and how she had always talked about her childhood friend and the love that she had for her. Joanne never felt so loved and wanted in all her years. And to hear that Snow had been honest with her and about her relationship status made her melt.

“Aden, thank you so much. And please know, I would never want to come in between your guys’ relationship. I just… I just love her so much! You just don’t know.”

“Nonsense sis, trust me, I do understand. Everything happens for a reason. Our meeting was for a reason- and that reason I do believe was for you guys to be reconnected. Snow and I will always be homies, that doesn’t have anything to do with what ya’ll have. Do you sis, I just need her a few hours on Friday nights to get some females,” Aden laughed as he sat back in his office chair.

“So, when are you heading back in the clouds,” Aden asked after calming himself from laughing so hard.

“Whatever little brother, she is mine, no more wingman!” Joanne said playfully.

“I’m back in the clouds Monday, I have a 5:30 a.m. flight out to Seattle.”

For the next ten minutes before ending the call, Joanne went over in detail her flight schedule, something she normally did with her family before she flew.

Monday 5:51 am

“Welcome to American’s flight 541, we apologize for the delay, but we have been cleared for takeoff and will be departing shortly…”

As Joanne informed her passengers of the status of the flight her mind was on the previous night that she shared with Snow.

“Someone is happy on this rainy morning,” Jason, her first pilot said after catching the smile on her face.

   “Yes, I am,” Joanne replied happily as she prepared for takeoff.


“Yes, I need to get a room please.”

As Joanne shuffled through her purse to find her company’s credit card all she wanted to do was call Snow after her long day in the air.

“Certainly, Ms. Taylor,” the familiar and polite desk attendant responded.

The swanky Grand Hyatt Seattle four-star hotel located at 721 Pine Street was a popular hotel for pilots and flight attendants. This hotel was the only one Joanne frequented when visiting Seattle whether for work or personal reasons so most of the staff knew her well.

   “And here you are ma’am, please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.”

Luckily, she nearly had two days before having to fly back out for an international flight to Bologna, Italy, so she had all night to listen to Snow’s smooth and sexy voice but first, she was going to shower and get a bottle of wine sent up.

Normally, Joanne knew someone in most places she flew into to help her relax sexually and Seattle wasn’t an exception. Tom would love to hear from her right now and although Joanne was extremely horny, her body would have to wait to get back to Baltimore to be satisfied.

After her shower, Joanne tried to call Snow several times only to reach her voicemail. She knew that she had a life outside of her but that same feeling of sadness returned just as it did as a young child when Snow would not be around.

So many years had passed and somewhere in there she had begun to manage life without Snow in it, but since her return, it was as if everything had reset.

   “Finally,” Joanne said, relieved as the concierge gently knocked at the door. She was hoping the wine would ease her mind until she could reach her lover.

   “Thank you so…”

As Joanna opened the door her mouth dropped to the floor. She could not fully compute what was standing in front of her, but the vision was better than any bottle of wine could ever be, and it had her speechless.

“I’m never losing sight of you ever again Jo Jo.”

Snow! How! What in the… oh my god baby! Are you really here!?

Joanne was lost for words as she looked in the hallway as if there was a secret portal before pulling Snow in and kissing her deeply.

“Aden told me where you would be staying tonight. I had to see you. I’m never losing you again baby… you’re stuck with me forever.

The temperature in the room rose a few degrees as Snow pressed Joanne’s half-naked body against the wall and slowly opened her robe before sliding her fingers into her moist and creamy smooth hole.

“Damn baby, you feel like butta,” Snow growled- sex filling her voice as she permanently claimed what had always been hers.

Joanne and Snow picked up right where they had left off so many years before but this time around each of them was able to control their own lives and never had to worry about being apart ever again.

Joanne, now, not only having to think of herself adjusted her work schedule to spend more time with Snow. And with her help and support, Joanne got the therapy she needed and was now able to connect more with people to develop meaningful relationships.

The couple made plans to marry the following summer with Aden as Snow’s best man and Allyia as Joanne’s matron of honor.

For now, the two made sweet love above the calm Seattle streets below with no care at all about the wine that the concierge was attempting to deliver outside the door.

Snow definitely had the love that she wanted and the love that she needed… she had that good love, that butta luv.

♡♥♡The End♡♥♡

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Sultry Nights

Sultry Nights

Chapter 1

The night was hot, the air sticky, and the vibe was tranquil as Tracy sat on the large, weather-beaten porch while listening to the cicadas unique mating calls as the moon shined brightly against the black, starless night sky. The lake directly ahead of her shimmered in the calm night as the moonlight bounced off the soft ripples in the water.

The nocturnal amphibians that were hidden beneath their liquid home frequently caused small splashes as they caught their prey and for some, unfortunately, they became the prey. The air was filled with the soothing sounds of these mysterious creatures as their day was just beginning.

For Tracy, she was getting inspiration for her second novel which this peaceful environment effortlessly provided as she continued to relax and slowly sip her chilled red wine.

Tracy, who lived in Auburn, NY was from Snow Lake Shores, a small town in Benton County, Mississippi, which at one time used to be a private and restricted resort community that in 2010 only had a population of only 319 people. The quaint town consists of only about 150 homes that all surrounded the serene lake.

The home that she grew up in was left to her and her younger brother after their mother passed away three years prior, and whenever she needed inspiration, she would leave New York at the drop of a dime and return to her small hometown. The memories here were endless, the home was nostalgic and a certain matter that was left without closure during her last visit was also on her mind.

For the most part, the old, but recently renovated, three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home remained empty except during the summer months when Snow Lake Shores came alive with tourists.

These peace seekers ventured to the quiet town mostly for fishing, boating, hiking, and miniature golf. The siblings, who had their own lives in different states used the home mostly as an Airbnb for these tourists and people who were just passing through.

Timothy, her 25-year-old brother rarely returned. He was a millennial who was living his best life in Los Angeles as a professional gamer and surprisingly to Tracy, he made great money doing it.

Certain occasions however would bring them back at the same time to their childhood stomping ground to reflect. One was the anniversary of their mother’s passing, and the other was for the annual Chatman’s family reunion.

Other than that, the secluded home was occasionally looked after by a trusted family member who lived nearby, but mostly, the home was safe and extremely secure when no one was there.

The home was especially important to both siblings and each had elaborate security measures in place. With just the touch of a button or a swipe of a screen, they could view and adjust many features all from the convenience of their phones wherever they were.

As Tracy laid her head back and slowly took a pull from her perfectly rolled joint, the sound of her cell phone pulled her away from the peace she was wanting.

I heard you were back in town.

As the familiar voice drowned her ear, chills ran through her body. Visions of their last steamy encounter entered her mind as she fought to make some version of a sound come from her mouth. Unfortunately, her efforts were useless.

Tracy had never been in a situation like that before and revisiting it scared her. Liking it scared her and more importantly, wanting it, scared her- but not only did she welcomed this call, she prayed for this call.

“Dominique, how… how did you know?” Tracy asked, stuttering over her words as her body began to warm at the thought of Dominique’s last touch.

“You know this is a small town. Nothing has changed Tracy, people still talk. Cathy said she saw you today at Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs. Did you get in today?”

On one hand, Tracy wished Cathy, who was the town’s gossip would mind her business just for once, but this time however, she was happy that she saw her earlier that morning when she stopped by to grab some groceries and supplies on the ride in.

Tracy knew at some point during her stay she wanted- no, she needed to reach out to Dominique. The problem was, she just didn’t know when or how. Luckily for her though, Cathy had made that process much easier.

   “I should have known,” Tracy laughed nervously.

“Yes, I got in this morning. I needed this place,” Tracy continued as she envisioned Dominique on the other end as she exhaled the natural yet intoxicating smoke from her newly lit joint.

“Need is a strong word. So, how have you been?”

Need was a strong word indeed, but it was true. Tracy needed to come back home for more reasons than one. And if she did not end this call soon, the buzz she was experiencing was going to give her the courage to tell Dominique one of those reasons why.

“I’m doing fine. Life in Auburn is great, and my first book is doing well. I just needed to come out here to get some inspiration for my second novel,” Tracy said as she reached in the cooler for more wine.

   “How have you been?” Tracy asked, smiling as she looked off into the dark abyss in front of her.

She could stare out into the endless darkness for days, but the slight smile came across her thin lips because the last time she did, it was with Dominique.

“I have been good. Actually, I have been thinking about moving back to North Carolina. I have been here for two years now, and I think I have gotten out of it for what I came out here for,” Dominique said exasperatedly.

“And what was that?” Tracy asked, trying to hide the shock in her voice.

Unbeknownst to Dominique, she was one of the reasons Tracy enjoyed coming back to Snow Lake.

“I came for the peace of mind that you get out here. Charlotte is chaotic for a lack of words. Everywhere you look a new building is going up, the poor are getting pushed out, the homeless are lining the streets, construction is all over the city, and it’s a new murder every day,” Dominique began, her tone disgusted.

“Shit is crazy and sad at the same time. Here, it’s none of that, but I don’t know. I just think it’s time to get back. Time to jump back into reality,” Dominique explained as she exhaled slowly.

It was obvious by the tone in her voice that it was something else on her mind that she wasn’t saying.

   “Sounds like New York,” Tracy laughed.

“So, do you have a date set in mind?” Tracy asked curiously, hoping it was not going to be over in the night.

“No, not yet. But I think it will be sooner rather than later. But hey, I don’t want to keep you. When I heard you were here, I just had to call. I just… Tracy, do you think about us?”

And there it was. The elephant in the room had been found. Dominique was not the type to beat around the bush for too long. She had thought of Tracy every day since she had left a little over a year ago.

The two had met on Tracy’s last visit home at Lucky’s Wine & Liquor in Olive Branch, Mississippi, which was about forty-five minutes outside of Snow Lake Shores.

Tracy found Dominique, who she found out later was a highly successful graphic designer on the vodka aisle deciding on which brand to buy and was immediately attracted by the boyish yet feminine and extremely in shape figure standing in front of her.

However, Tracy, never being with a woman before, was confused by her emotions but she could not deny her feelings.

   “Why not just buy both?” Tracy asked, watching intently as a confused Dominique turned and smiled the sexiest smile she had ever seen.

Her dimples sat deep in her olive-brown face which was adorned with thick and perfectly manicured eyebrows and low brown eyes. Her extremely handsome face looked as if it were precisely chiseled by a professional stone carver.

However, her hair was what she loved the most about Dominique, who, being of a biracial race had a long, thick, and curly mane that she could do almost anything with.

On this day she had it all tied up in a ball on the top of her head. It was like controlled confusion with one strand here and three there. But however, her hair lay that day, she was absolutely beautiful.

“I would except I am drinking alone tonight,” Dominique replied, her voice smooth, low, and just as sexy as she was.

“Well, that’s a shame, in that case, go with the Tito’s,” Tracy advised as her eyes continued to scan this delicacy.

“That settles it then, I would never disagree with a beautiful woman,” Dominique said as she placed the lower grade vodka back on the shelf.

“I know I am being forward, but you are just too cute to drink alone. Where are you heading?” Tracy asked flirtatiously as she slowly approached an extremely laid-back Dominique, who was now scanning Tracy from head to toe.

“Snow Lake, and you?” Dominique asked as she slowly licked her moist, thick lips.

“Same,” Tracy replied seductively as her body began to heat up by the encounter as only inches separated the two.

Nothing in the world could put the fire out that burned between them after that night and after the small talk was over, Dominique agreed to follow Tracy back to Snow Lake.

After the forty-five-minute drive, which they did in only thirty, the two spent the night making passionate love in almost all the rooms in Tracy’s house. Luckily, there were no neighbors in the area because they would have known Dominique’s name well if it were.

Dominique was gentle with Tracy at first, knowing that it was her first time with a woman, but as the night turned into day, Tracy could not get enough of her new lover and begged her to do whatever she wanted and Dominique happily obliged.

The fire between them had never been extinguished, while at the same time, it had not been revisited since Tracy’s last visit. There had been many plans for Dominique to visit her in New York, but something would always come up on one of their schedules that would cause them to have to postpone the meet up.

“So… do you ever think of me, Tracy? Because I think of you constantly. Are you even still there?” Dominique repeated for the second time, unaware that all Tracy was doing at that moment was thinking about her.

   “Always…,” Tracy moaned through the phone.

She could no longer contain what she was feeling. Dominique had been the only thing on her mind since she left Snow Lake and since she had returned, and right now, she needed her more than ever.

“Can you come over?” Tracy asked, lust filling her voice and liquid courage running through her veins.

There was no denying their connection and although it was 2am, if Dominique didn’t come, Tracy was going to go to her.

“I can be there in 10 minutes,” Dominique said with nothing but sex in her voice.

Chapter 2

Tracy’s mind raced as the call ended. She had not seen Dominique in over a year, and she wondered if what they had during her last visit would still exist. She also wondered if Dominique would still find her as sexy as she used to. The tension was almost unbearable as she entered the dimly lit house.

“Get it together,” she whispered excitedly, scolding herself as she looked in the mirror before splashing water on her tanned and lightly freckled face.

After changing into something a little more revealing, Tracy smiled as she lit the candles around her bedroom, which created an extremely sexy ambiance. It only seemed like yesterday when Dominique had her screaming her name as she fucked her endlessly on that same bed night after night.

Damn Tracy moaned softly as she freed her shoulder-length blonde hair from its ponytail before connecting her Bluetooth to put the final touches on the mood for a night that would hopefully be filled with Dominique’s sexy body on top of hers.

   “She got humps and a bump dunk in the trunk back that ass up, feel up on it like beep-beep…”

Tracy was in a trance as her body swayed slowly to the sexy voice of Chris Brown as she played Put in Work by Chris Brown and Jacquees, the first song in her long playlist for the night.

As the song played on a familiar sound brought her quickly back to reality. There had always been a built-in alarm system on her property thanks to the graveled driveway.

No one could ever get on their land without being heard unless they came on foot. Butterflies suddenly filled Tracy’s stomach as she ran through the house to meet Dominique after hearing the beep from her car alarm being set.

Nervously, Tracy approached the front door and when she laid her eyes on her past lover it seemed as if the breath had left her body.

Dominique was even sexier than she had remembered, and it was obvious from her muscular arms and flat stomach that she had continued her fitness regimen and healthy eating habits.

Her slightly drunken, low, dark eyes and seductive smile was nothing less than enticing. Captivated by her attractiveness, Tracy continued to scan every inch of this masculine woman slowly- she wanted this vision to be burned onto her retina forever.

Dominique was nothing like anyone else in Snow Lake. Her swag, her look, her confidence level was untouchable, and no one dared to try her on any level. Many would assume that the person standing in front of Tracy, who wore a crisp, white, V-neck t-shirt, distressed, ripped, denim jeans, Timberland boots, and long, thick cornrows were nothing less than a thug.

However, surprisingly to many, Dominique would give a stranger that same shirt off her back and the last dollar in her pocket if it came down to it- but at the same time, fuck with her and you would certainly find that dangerous thug.

There had been many occasions where the mixed, lesbian couple would get stares as they walked through the small southern town together. Tracy, being white and Dominique, whose African American genes were more dominant certainly gave the people there something to look at and talk about. Luckily for them though, that was all they did.

For the most part, people respected them for who they were but there were always those ignorant, small-minded few that turned up their noses and rolled their eyes, which did not bother either one of them.

In fact, in those moments, Tracy and Dominique would laugh at those people and would intentionally make out in front of them just to give them something to huff and puff about.

Baby, damn… get your fine ass in here…,” Tracy said softly as she quickly wrapped her arms around Dominique’s neck and kissed her passionately.

   “Mmm,” Dominique moaned as she returned Tracy’s kisses while gently caressing her soft ass that her shorts barely covered.

Dominique’s six-foot-one-inch frame hovered over Tracy as the two were locked in an embrace that no one could have broken. Dominique had brought the sultry heat from the hot, July, Mississippi night right into her living room.

“Damn I’ve missed you,” Dominique said lustfully as she slowly walked Tracy back and against the wall as she slid her skin-tight booty shorts down with expertise.

Tracy’s body melted at her lover’s touch as Dominique’s thick lips left moist, warm trails down her neck and onto her breast. Tracy pulled Dominique’s head closer as she continued to suck and nibble gently on her rosy, rock-hard nipples after effortlessly removing her tank top without missing a beat.

   “Dominique…,” Tracy moaned as her kisses continued down Tracy’s slender body, her tongue making small circles around her navel before moving even lower.

Tracy quivered at the anticipation of what was going to come next. She had wanted this for over a year and although she had been with other partners during that time no one else could satisfy her the way Dominique could. And right now, she was certainly not disappointing her as she knelt on one knee while her strong hands continued to ravish her small body.

As Ne-Yo’s U 2 Luv remix played in the background Dominique slowly took Tracy’s left leg and placed it over her left shoulder before looking up and into her lust-filled eyes.

“Please… please…,” Tracy begged, her voice almost inaudible as she held tightly to Dominique’s head, whose hungry mouth was only inches from her moist and awaiting pussy.

“This is mine…,” Dominique moaned roughly while teasing Tracy as she began to lick her inner thighs- her tongue coming within inches of her moist, pink hole with each lick.

Tracy’s body flailed helplessly between the wall and Dominique’s strong body. Her warm and heavy breath against Tracy’s thighs sent her into a sexual frenzy. And just when she thought she could not be teased any longer, the pleasure she felt was intoxicating as Dominique’s long, warm tongue slowly entered her pussy.

   “Oh my god!” Tracy squealed- her body weakening as Dominique devoured her.

If it were not for her leg straddled over Dominique’s broad shoulders she would have buckled and fallen to the floor.

Every thrust of Dominique’s tongue set off euphoric explosions within her body as she fought to stand while her lover’s warm hands gently grabbed her thick, round ass and pulled her closer for better access.

As Tracy struggled above, Dominique continued to hungrily lick her extremely sensitive clitoris and suck on her wet, hairless labia, causing Tracy to hold on tightly to her shoulders for support as waves of pleasure continued to run through her body.

The sight of Dominique enjoying and dominating her made her pussy even wetter. And just when she thought she was going to crawl the wall from excitement, her eyes and mouth widened as Dominique slide two fingers deep inside her drenched hole.

Yesss…,” Tracy moaned as her body slowly dipped up and down on Dominique, her creamy juices covering her fingers with every stroke.

   “I love you…,” Tracy whimpered as she clenched her long cornrows and looked seductively into the eyes of her enchanting lover who was still licking the sweet nectar from her lips.

   “I love you too,” Dominique whispered as she stroked even deeper on Tracy’s downward thrust, causing her to gasp as her eyes closed and her grip tightened.

   “I’m about to come baby…,” Tracy said through clenched teeth as her pussy tightened around Dominique’s fingers while she continued to ride her long digits.

“I want it all,” Dominique demanded softly as she removed her wet fingers and placed her warm mouth over her gaping hole and sucked slowly, causing Tracy to yell out her name as she exploded in her mouth while her weak and drained body moved wildly above.

Dominique, refusing to let her squirm away, kept her fatigued body tightly in her grips until she swallowed every drop of her. Tracy’s leg now hung loosely at Dominique’s side while she stroked her lover’s head gently as she began to move slowly back up her body.

   “I can’t lose you again.”

Dominique’s eyes were low, and her voice was smooth as she kissed Tracy passionately before picking her up and walking into the candlelit bedroom as the soft music continued to play.

After laying Tracy on the king-sized bed, Dominque began to undress slowly- their eyes locked together. Tracy was mesmerized by Dominique, her presence sent chills through her. She could not get enough of this woman.

And as she watched each article of clothing fall to the ground her pussy jumped knowing more was to come.

“I got that,” Tracy said playfully as she unbuttoned Dominique’s jeans and slowly pulled them down, and based on the bulge in her boxers, she knew the fun was only beginning.

“So, you just knew you were going to get some ass tonight huh?” Tracy laughed as she pressed against Dominique’s half-naked body, her pussy getting wet again from feeling the hard dick against her stomach, as well as the hardness of Dominique’s athletically, fit body.

“Nah, I was just hoping,” Dominique said flirtatiously as she pulled her boxers down, exposing the erect, eight-inch dildo that matched her skin tone perfectly.

One thing Tracy loved was that Dominique could satisfy her no matter if she fucked her with a strap or without one. However, she loved being on the receiving end of Dominique’s addition. She knew how to use hers better than most men did their natural ones.

“Damn I missed her,” Tracy purred as she pulled Dominique by the thick device and pushed her onto the bed.

Mmmm, I am about to fuck the shit out of you,” Tracy said, licking her lips as she slowly climbed on top of Dominique and positioned herself over her dick before slowly sitting on it until all eight inches disappeared.

Dominique moaned with pleasure as the strap continuously grazed her clit while Tracy slowly rode her with precision, her wet pussy swallowing the thick dick with each stroke.

For the rest of the night, Tracy’s thick round ass bounced on Dominique’s dick which caused her to orgasm repeatedly until her pussy could not take anymore. Furthermore, her ass was red by morning from the many smacks Dominique had given it and her pussy was certainly tender from the pleasurable beaten it had gotten as well.

Both women had gotten a workout and had nothing left to give by the time the sun peaked over the horizon the next morning. It was going to be another sweltering day in Mississippi but not nearly as hot as it had been between the two the night before

Chapter 3

“Morning sleepyhead, I was going to wake you up if you didn’t open those sexy eyes soon,” Tracy said as she traced Dominique’s chiseled brown face with her fingers while looking lovingly into her eyes.

Tracy had spent the past hour watching Dominique sleep, she was happy to have her back in her bed and between her sheets.  She wondered though if Dominique was serious when she said she loved her or did she say it because she was in the moment. Because for Tracy, what she said was true- she loved her and never again wanted to lose what they had.

   “Morning beautiful,” Dominique murmured, her eyes squinting at the bright light poking through the cracked blinds.

“How long have you been awake?” She continued as she stretched her exhausted limbs before turning to face Tracy.

“Um, not long…,” Tracy lied as she smiled and kissed Dominique gently on the lips.

“I had fun with you last night,” Dominique said, her voice low and still thick with sleep which did something to Tracy.

“I definitely had fun with you, I’m so glad that you called me. I have missed you so much Nique. I just… Listen, do you want some coffee?”

Tracy wasn’t sure if she should put all her feelings on the table without knowing exactly where Dominique stood. She knew from the phone call that she did think about her and missed her, but to what extent?

She did say that she loved her, but was that just because she said it first? For all she knew, Dominique probably had a girlfriend or at least a few partners and was only hooking up with her because she was back in town.

And although Tracy had a friend with benefits situation back in New York, she knew she would drop them immediately for Dominique. Which led to the next problem, Dominique was heading back to North Carolina without any mention of even considering New York.

So how serious could she really be about us Tracy thought as she rested her head in Dominique’s hand as she gently stroked her face. There were just so many unanswered questions.

“Earth to Tracy,” Dominique smiled as she tilted Tracy’s face up and looked in her eyes.

“What are you thinking about baby? And what were you going to say? You just what?” Dominique asked lovingly.

“How about this, I will make the coffee and we can talk about it then. Ok?

There was no way Tracy could ever resist anything that Dominique asked of her. She was her prince and she wanted badly to be her princess. She the only woman, the only person that she ever wanted.

“Yes, that will be fine baby,” Tracy responded as the two finally made it out of the bed.

“I will meet you in the kitchen,” Tracy said as she playfully hit Domonique on her butt before going into the bathroom.

   “That girl is too sexy, it just doesn’t make any sense,” Tracy said as she looked at the beautiful reflection of herself in the mirror before brushing her teeth and washing her face.

   “Ok, get it together girl.”

Tracy knew Dominique was going to press her until she told her what was on her mind earlier. For Tracy, the problem wasn’t telling her. Instead, the problem for her was going to be the response.

Fortunately, after hyping herself up a bit, she finally got the nerve enough to face her worst fears. Learning that Dominique wasn’t as serious about their relationship as she was and losing her forever.

“Coffee is served, I have everything set up outside,” Dominique said as she flashed that sexy smile that Tracy loved so much.

As a half-dressed Dominique led the way, Tracy could not help but get turned on by how her jeans hung a little low on her hips because she had not yet fastened her belt. And her shirt, which was only halfway on allowed a clear view of the defined muscles in her back as well as the grey SAXX boxers with black trim that fit tightly around her toned waist.

“This is more beautiful than I remembered,” Dominique said while putting her arm through the sleeve of her shirt while looking out on the calm lake as the two settled in on the porch for coffee and some much-needed wake-n-bake.

“I know… I love this place. I wish I could wrap it all up and bring it back to New York with me,” Tracy said, exhaling slowly as she watched two birds playing in a nearby tree.

“So, when are you leaving?” Dominique asked as she lit the perfectly rolled blunt.

The tone in her voice made Tracy smile, it was obvious that she was sad to see her go. The question though, was, was she going to miss her genuinely or only the sex.

“I don’t know honestly. I will be here for at least another week, but I do need to return before the end of the month which is only what? Another two weeks.” Tracy responded as she sipped her coffee while intently watching Dominique’s face.

   “Wow… so soon?” Dominique said, her voice filled with dread.

“So, listen, what was on your mind earlier?” She continued, not wanted to face the details of her departure so soon.

Tracy did not know quite yet how Dominique truly felt, but she knew this conversation could not be avoided and maybe having it would clear a lot of things up. Tracy was not going to leave this time without some type of closure or understanding of what they were doing.

“Dominique, I really don’t know how to even start. This is actually harder than I thought it would be but… Dominique, when I said that I loved you last night, I meant it. When we met last year, I never thought that I would develop these feelings for you. I thought that night was just going to be a fling and the next day you would be gone, and life would go on. But it didn’t.

As Tracy talked, Dominique gave her undivided attention. It seemed to her that Tracy had the same feelings that she had. For Dominique she had not been sure how Tracy felt, it wasn’t something that they ever talked about until now. She wasn’t even sure if she should call once she found out she was back in town.

Out of the three times that she had planned to come to New York, two of those times Tracy canceled, so Dominique felt as though she didn’t want her there or that she had another lover that she could not get rid of.

Dominique had no problem passing her time because she also had a few admirers that she dealt with but none of them could ever compare or be equal to Tracy. Nothing could come close to what they shared so hearing this was like music to her ears.

“It was scary at first getting involved with you. You were the first and only female I had ever been with but… I could not and cannot deny my feelings for you. I am absolutely in love with you, and I have the most wonderful times with you,” Tracy confessed.

“However, at thirty-four years old, what I want now is to be in a committed relationship with someone who feels the same for me as I do for them. Nique, I don’t really know your situation, or if you have someone and I am not asking you to commit to me, but before I leave this time, I just want closure. I want to know where we stand, where you stand with us because honestly, I’m not sure when I will return.”

“Tracy, I am speechless. I have loved you since the first night we spent together. After meeting you, I didn’t want to ever lose you. Every time I tried to come to New York it was always something so… I just figured you were pushing me away and I decided to take a hint,” Dominique began, her tone relieved.

“When you are not here this town isn’t the same, which is why I have decided to leave. The memories are too much. This is a small town so no matter where I go, we have been there. Hearing you say this is like the best news ever because for me at thirty-three, I’m about ready to settle down with that right person also,” Dominique continued as she grasped Tracy’s hand.

“And as far as women, I don’t have anything serious, just a couple of things to do. What about you?” Dominique asked as she sat on the edge of her seat watching Tracy’s every move.

The excitement that Tracy felt was overwhelming. All the unanswered questions were now being answered and as it turned out, Dominique had always felt the same way.

Nooo baby! I would never dismiss you! Those times in New York were both work-related. My publisher had set me up with two book signing events at the last minute, which pissed me the fuck off!” Tracy laughed as she tried to contain the tears that were forming.

“I wanted to see you so fuckin’ bad and then, we set it up again and then you canceled, and I never heard from you again until yesterday. You are sexy, beautiful, handsome, funny, and so many other things so getting women for you I know is no problem. I figured I was in your rearview mirror, and I was trying to put you in mine, but it has proven to be impossible. When you called me, I wanted to jump through the phone to get to you,” Tracy said as she squeezed Dominique’s hand.

“And as far as me, I have one friend with an occasional benefits situation, but I will drop him like a bad habit for you,” Tracy laughed as Dominique leaned over and wiped her tears away before kissing her deeply.

The two continued to talk and put all their feelings on the table that afternoon and as day turned to night, they enjoyed another sultry night overlooking the beautiful lake that began to come to life. They decided on many things that evening when it came to their relationship and was excited about what the future might hold for them.

Chapter 4

Over the next week and a half, the two made love multiple times daily, enjoyed the town, enjoyed many more warm nights on the porch overlooking the peaceful lake, and visited a few of Tracy’s family members before she returned to New York.

The two had never felt more connected than what they felt now and seeing Tracy leave again hurt even more than it ever had. A week later, Dominique packed up her life in Snow Lake Shores for good and returned to her hometown of Charlotte North Carolina.

Two Months Later

“Hey babe, where are you?”

“Hey sexy! I am finishing up with the publisher now, I will tell you all about it over dinner,” Tracy said excitedly.

“I think I want to eat in tonight, I want you all to myself,” Tracy continued happily as she walked out of the Dill Street office.

“I can’t wait to hear all about it baby! Eating in is cool with me, I will stop by Wegmans and grab a couple bottles of wine.”

It had been two months since Tracy and Dominique had seen each other and it had been two months too long because phone calls did not always fulfill much of the other needed desires.

Dominique had finally made it to New York after tying up some loose ends in Charlotte and was now enjoying her time with Tracy, who was not only her official girlfriend now but was also her new roommate.

Their relationship had turned into a committed one after Tracy’s last visit to Snow Lake and the two wanted to do everything possible to make it work.

An hour later over a delicious steak dinner, Tracy told Dominique how successful her second book had been doing and was expected to do based on its trends. The story was about two lovers who had fallen in love after a one-night fling and had been reconnected after a year when one of them returned to town to get a sense of clarity and hopefully some much needed closure.

   “The story,” Tracy began to explain playfully, as if Dominique did not know.

“Was inspired on my last visit home and I thank you so much for the inspiration and your contribution. I love you more than you will ever know, so the success of this book is due to you,” Tracy continued as a tear dropped from her eye.

“And I have dedicated it to you as well my love,” she finished as she presented Dominique with her own personally signed copy before kissing her woman passionately, which led to a mid-afternoon two-hour sex session.

Over the next year the vibrate, beautiful, and successful couple moved to Oahu, Hawaii thanks to the proceeds from her novel, A Second Chance at Love and were engaged three months after that.

Although they no longer had their beloved lake in Snow Lake Shores Mississippi, they did have many, many more sultry nights together on the beautiful island paradise.

♡♥♡The End♡♥♡

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The Healed Heart

Healed Hearts

Chapter 1

“Move! It’s over with! I can’t do this with you anymore Charlene!”

As Seth stormed out of the dismantled room, Charlene dropped to her knees and continued to beg her boyfriend of three years not to leave. Unfortunately for Charlene, those pleas fell on deaf ears as the roar of his engine drowned out her sobs as his blacked-out Hellcat sped away.

For the next what seemed like hours, Charlene sat on the floor staring at the wall. Her beautiful brown face streaked with now dry tears as new ones took their place. If it were not for the phone ringing, she would have sat in the same place for another hour trying to figure out what just happened.

“Girl, you need to just let him go. You already know that he is no good for you. How many times are you going to go through this, friend?”

Even though she knew her friend was telling the truth, the fact remained that she loved this man. Three years of her life she had given to Seth even after proof of his infidelities had surfaced. Even after he put his hands on her too many times to count and even after he fathered three children with three other women during their relationship.

“Tina, I know you are concerned for me but believe me, I’m fine. He just needs time to cool off and he will be back. I… I just can’t see my life without him in it.”

As Charlene spoke, the tears began again as Tina sighed heavily on the other end.

“Listen, Charlene, I hope he doesn’t come back. I have been your friend for over six years and three of those years have kept me on edge and scared for your life. Every day that you are with him, I wonder if he will kill you, or if one of his hoes will try to fuck with you. I am tired of you not knowing your worth honey.”

Tina was not only Charlene’s friend of six years, but she was also her co-worker. Both women worked as a receptionist at a popular dentist office in the stylish Buckhead district in Atlanta. Charlene, an employee for four years was able to get her friend on a year prior after she was included in a massive layoff at her previous company.

   “I know… I know Tina,” Charlene sighed.

“I should be happy that he is gone but… I don’t know. Look, I am going to try to get some rest. See you tomorrow?”

As silence filled the phone Charlene fought back tears, hoping Tina would hurry and answer.

“Sure… see you tomorrow. Call me if you need anything.”

“Hi, I have a 2:30 appointment with Doctor Webster.”

Charlene was speechless as the tall, brown-skinned man stood in front of her. His smile was perfect and from what she could see from his body- that was perfect as well. She could not tell if his crystal green eyes were his or contacts, but the longer she looked into them the harder it seemed to look away.

   “Ahem…, “ Tina softly grunted.

“Oh… uh! Sorry! Doctor Webster… yes, and you are David Kemp? Just… just sign in here and we will get you back in just a moment.”

“Oh my god! Thank you! If it weren’t for you clearing your throat I would still be staring!” Charlene said- embarrassed at her actions as she watched the extremely attractive gentleman take a seat in the waiting area.

“If I didn’t know you, I would think you were trying to get with that,” Tina joked as her friend continued to blush as she looked at the patient who was now consumed by whatever was keeping his attention on his phone.

“What! No! I mean… he is fine as hell but… no. Besides, I don’t even think he looked twice at me,” Charlene said while organizing some paperwork that did not need organizing.

Over the three years that Charlene had been with Seth her self-confidence had dwindled to almost nothing due to his verbal, mental, and physical abuse. And although she was the envy of most women and the weakness to almost every man, she no longer saw the beauty that she possessed.

Instead, all she saw herself as was worthless and dependent on her abusive ex- but for some reason, this stranger did something to her that she had not felt in years.

“Mr. Kemp, you can come on back now,” the chipper hygienist said as she held the door open for David as he smiled at her and headed back.

“Wish me luck,” he joked as he passed the receptionist desk- his mesmerizing eyes locking directly onto Charlene.

“So, what was that you said about him not looking twice at you?” Tina said jokingly, seeing her friend melt in the seat next to her.

“I’m going to have to go to the bathroom and dry off if I get another look like that!”

Unfortunately, Charlene’s panties were already damp from the initial engagement with David, so this just added to her problems down below. Luckily for her, her shift was about to end in less than an hour but until then, for the next forty-five minutes, Charlene and Tina continued to take care of patients in the lavish dentist office.

“Good seeing you again David, just see the receptionist to schedule your six-month visit. Have a great afternoon!”

It was as if a bolt of lightning shot through Charlene at the sound of David’s name. She was hoping he would be done before her shift was over because just had to lay eyes on this man one more time.

   “Me again,” David smiled as he pierced Charlene’s soul with his presence.

“So, I see,” Charlene said playfully.

“What day works best for you Mr. Kemp?” She continued.

“Well, that depends.” David replied, his deep voice digging into Charlene while sending shivers through her petite body.

While clearing her throat she realized that she was squeezing her thighs together tightly due to the wetness beginning to ooze from her once again.

Depends on what?” Charlene asked- puzzled at the statement.

“Well, it depends on if you will be here to check me in or not.”

Charlene was trying hard to hold it together. Between the wetness between her legs, Tina making sounds under her breath, and this fine specimen of a man standing over her obviously flirting- it was almost too much for her to handle.

“Uh, well, I don’t know my schedule six months in advance but if nothing changes, I… I guess I will be here,” Charlene said as she stumbled over her words.

“Trust me, she will be here. She never misses a day,” Tina chimed in smiling- catching her friend off guard.

“Well, that settles it, Ms. Charlene, schedule me for any day that you think you will be here,” David said as he playfully winked his eye before taking the paperwork from her hand and walking out the door.

   “Tina! Oh my god! I’m going to kill you girl,” Charlene laughed as she gathered her personal items, obviously not at all mad at her friend.

“Let’s get out of here girl, the first thing you need is a cold shower to cool down and then drinks after. You cool with that?” Tina asked playfully as the two walked through the large, frosted glass doors.

“I am definitely cool with that!”

As the women said their goodbyes in the parking lot, a familiar voice rang out from behind.


“You better go, girl! That’s my cue, you better call me after this,” Tina said, smiling mischievously as she opened the door to her cherry red Lexus SUV.

Mr. Kemp?”

“Please, call me David. Listen, I don’t mean to be weird, but I overheard you and your friend saying you were getting off around this time and I just wanted to talk with you in a more private setting,” David said as he looked around the bustling parking lot which was not private in the least bit but certainly more private than in the office.

“So, David, that appointment does not work for you anymore?” Charlene joked as the sexiness of this man was more apparent in the warm sunlight.

She was lost again in his trance as the sun danced around in his almost transparent light green eyes. His brown skin looked as smooth as chocolate and his body was… amazing. His beautiful white smile was captivating and his voice… electrifying! No imperfections could be found anywhere on this man.

“So, what do you say? Do you mind if I take you out for a drink sometime?” David asked again as Charlene was lost in her thoughts.

“I am so sorry David, drinks? I would love that. Can I ask you a question?” Charlene asked nervously as she shielded her eyes from the sun.

   “Anything,” David responded in a serious tone.

“Why me? I mean, why do you want to take me out?”

“Is that a trick question?” David asked as he looked around the parking lot as if trying to find hidden cameras.

“You are beautiful! The truth is, I have been coming here for a year now and each time I have tried to get up the nerve to ask you out. Unfortunately for me, every time I would come you would be on your way out. So today I knew I had to make my move. I mean, I don’t get to see you but once every six months,” David laughed as he pulled out his phone.

How she missed this man was beyond her as Charlene listened and blushed like a schoolgirl being asked out by the high school football star.

“The connection I felt with you was undeniable and I was hoping that you felt the same thing,” David said as he leaned against her car.

Oh yeah! I felt it, Charlene thought to herself as she scanned David from head to toe- picturing him in different positions other than leaning against her car.

“I admit, there was a small connection there,” Charlene lied as she shifted her weight to her other foot, preparing to talk for the next hour if that was what David wanted.

The two talked for the next fifteen minutes like old friends before exchanging numbers and going their separate ways. Later that evening over drinks at Ormsby, the stylish speakeasy restaurant on Howell Mill Road, Charlene filled her friend in on her new mystery man and the conversation they had in the parking lot that afternoon.

But for some reason, she felt disloyal to Seth for exploring something new with a new man. She knew well enough to not let her friend in on that piece of information because she was not ready to be scolded.

Why she felt that way she did not know or knew why she cared. All he did was cheat on her throughout their relationship and it wasn’t as though he had taken care of her the way she wished. He had mind-fucked her for so long that she no longer knew who she was without him… that is- until David.

“I’m glad to see you moving on Charlene. I hope you don’t pass up something good because you’re thinking about that clown. I’m happy for you and let’s be honest. Seth doesn’t have anything on him!”

Tina knew her friend and knew she was still thinking about Seth. Although she was livid that she was still entertaining the thought of him, she understood that what Charlene needed now was support, not a lecture.

For the next couple hours, the two friends enjoyed a few more laughs and drinks before closing out their tab and heading home.

Chapter 2

“Hey, I have been thinking about you. A lot,” the deep voice said as Charlene listened intently on the other end.

This had been the call she had been holding her breath for. And as the deep, sultry voice filled her ear, she thought she was going to cream all over herself.

“Can I see you this evening?” He continued.

   “David…,” Charlene weakly responded.

“When were you thinking?”

“Anytime that is good for you. I am free whenever,” David said, confidence filling his voice.

   This man is dangerous Charlene thought to herself while already envisioning his thick lips embracing beer bottles and hopefully other things. And those eyes.

“How about this afternoon around maybe 4 o’clock?” Charlene asked flirtatiously as she smiled into the phone.

“Sounds perfect. Can I pick you up or would you rather meet?” David asked cautiously.

The last thing he wanted to be was too forward. He understood boundaries and did not want to fuck this up. He had eyes for Charlene for far too long to crash and burn now.

“Meeting is fine, did you have a place in mind?” Charlene asked. Although she would love to be whisked away in his chariot- she knew that now was too soon for him to know where she lived. After all, she did not know this man at all.

“I was thinking The Capital Grille on East Paces Ferry Road, is that ok with you? I’m in the mood for a great steak.”

   “Oh ok, I see you,” Charlene said, her grin widening across her beautiful face.

“So, this is date night huh? Of course, that sounds nice, but I might have to push that time back to 5 o’clock. I didn’t realize that I was going to have to pull out my best tonight,” Charlene laughed.

As the two wrapped up their conversation, Charlene was glowing. It had been a long time since anyone made her feel this way. So sexy, so worthy and boy did it feel good.

However, after returning from her moment of happiness, it dawned on her that she did not have any clothes worthy of this outing. Seth never allowed her to wear or have anything sexy or revealing in her wardrobe.

Although he was the cheater, he always accused her of stepping out on their relationship or looking like a thot when she went out. His insecurities always seemed to affect her life and no matter how much she tried to convince him that what she wore was fashionable and not trashy, he did not want to hear it.

Instead, he belittled her and made her get rid of the garments in question. She hated what he made her wear which was worn out sweatpants and tennis shoes. Maybe Tina was right Charlene thought. Maybe I do need to forget about him.

“You look beautiful! Can I ask, where you’re off to tonight?”

After an hour of shopping, Charlene finally found the perfect outfit at the Pink Sky Boutique which, luckily for her was right around the corner from her condo.

“Oh, thank you,” Charlene said to the attentive store attendant.

“First date tonight so you know how it is girl,” she continued as she smiled at herself in the large stylish floor mirror.

“I’m actually running behind so if we could get this wrapped up it would be great,” Charlene added as she looked at the time. The last thing she wanted to do was be late and make a bad impression.

On the ride home, Charlene filled an ecstatic Tina in on her plans that evening and asked for any advice since she had been off the scene so long.

“Just be the wonderful you that you are honey. Just be confident and open. I am so proud of you taking this step!” Tina screamed, enthused at the idea.

“Yeah… I know… but…

“Wait, that better not be skepticism I hear,” Tina fumed, cutting her friend off mid-sentence.

“What is it?” Tina asked, worry filling her voice.

“Nothing. It’s… it’s Seth. He… he called and text me the other night. He said he wanted to talk. But I didn’t respond to either one of them,” Charlene confessed, sounding like a wounded child as she said Seth’s name.

“Fuck Seth! Charlene, please don’t tell me you are thinking about taking his sorry ass back!?”

Tina was so upset at her friend but mostly, she felt sorry for her. No matter what she told her, it was her that was going to have to make the final decision about her life.

“I don’t know what I want to do Tina! Three years is a long time to throw away. What I am feeling right now with David is good but- I don’t know him. As I said, I didn’t respond.”

“Well listen, you have a big night to get ready for lady! Call me tomorrow, you know I love my Saturday brunch with you. I can’t wait to hear every detail of your night,” Tina squealed as they ended the call.


The city lights were bright, and the city was vibrant as Charlene silently rode in the back of her Uber. At the last minute, she decided not to drive based on the amount of wine she had to ward off the jitters, and she was still beyond nervous.

“We have arrived ma’am!” The polite Uber driver said as he gave her front door service to The Capital Grille.

Eyes immediately turned as Charlene stepped out of the car. Her elegant black dress fit her stunning body perfectly. She was flawless in every sense of the word- from her beautiful pecan brown face which was adorned with a perfect set of dimples to the tips of her toes which was covered with a pair of six-inch, black Christian Louboutin red bottom stilettos.

Her almond-shaped brown eyes scanned the crowd of people standing outside the restaurant as well as the people passing by. This late June weather is perfect Charlene thought as a soft gust of wind blew gently through her shoulder-length, straight black hair as she walked towards the door.

“Not only are you right on time, but you are also fine.”

“David, I didn’t even see you,” Charlene gasped.

At this point, she was pleased with her decision to have a couple of glasses of wine beforehand based on what was standing in front of her. David exuded a sex appeal that she had never seen. His smile was intoxicating, and she could not help but submit to his now darker, bedroom green eyes which complimented his brown smooth skin and handsomely chiseled face.

Not until tonight did she realize how much he towered over her five-foot-six-inch frame. He must have been at least six-feet-three-inches tall and every inch of it was in perfect shape. She could tell by the way the crisp white button-down laid against his chest that everything beneath was solid.

Damn she thought as she continued to scan his body. The biggest mystery for her at the moment was if the bulge in his pants was excitement from seeing her, or if it was his member at rest. Either way was a particularly good look and just another perfect asset on this man’s body.

“I just got here myself about two-minutes ago, it took me a while to find parking. I should have been smart like you and ordered an Uber,” David laughed as he slowly walked closer to Charlene, who was beginning to get moist at the almost intimate closeness the two now shared.

And if that was not enough, the scent of his Yves Saint Laurent cologne made her want to leave all her inhibitions right there on the sidewalk as the wonderful scent danced in her nose.

“Being late was not an option,” Charlene managed to say as David took her small hand in his before leading them to the entrance.

“I have a five o’clock reservation for two.”

While David took control, Charlene could not help but admire his confidence and calm demeanor. Her hand felt warm and secure in his as the two were led to their table.

David was without question an alpha male and she loved it. Just by the way he held her close let all other men know that she was his and she had no objections to those assumptions. Women could not help but drool as the beautiful couple walked by while envy showed on the faces of their male counterparts.

He turned heads as he walked through the dimly lit restaurant.  His sleek, black tailored suit and crisp, tailored white button-down underneath complimented every inch of him. It was something about the way he wore his shirt open at the neck with no tie. Not everyone could pull that off, but he certainly could.

“Did I already tell you how stunning you look?” David asked after the two settled in their very cozy and intimate nook.

“The question should be, did I tell you how absolutely handsome you are?”

Charlene was surprised by her confession as the last word left her lips. However, she did not care- this man needed to know how good he looked, and she was going to be the woman to tell him.

“Well thank you, I had to come correct. I mean… I couldn’t step to someone as beautiful as you any old way,” David laughed as he placed the cloth napkin in his lap.

The night was perfect, and Charlene felt like a princess as the two talked, laughed, and feasted on wine and appetizers while they waited on their entrees to arrive.

“Ma’am, we have the 10oz Filet Mignon- medium. Also, for you ma’am we have Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Mosto and the New England Clam Chowder Soup. For you sir, we have the 22oz Bone-In Ribeye- medium-rare. Also, sir, we have the Lobster Mac and Cheese and the Field Greens Salad. Is there anything else at the moment that I can do for either of you?” The polite and well-spoken waiter said as he attentively waited on a response.

“No, thank you, I believe that will be all for now,” David responded as the two looked over the beautiful spread in front of them.

As it turned out, not only did David play the part of a successful and take-charge individual, but he was all of that and then some. As Charlene would learn over dinner, David was a very distinctive and prominent lawyer in Atlanta.

To her surprise, he owned a remarkably successful law firm which was located on Peachtree Street where he and his colleagues practiced anything from real property disputes to identity theft disputes.

His firm was one of the most prestigious and recognized as they represented businesses and individuals throughout the Atlanta metro area, Georgia, and most of the Southeast.

Speaking with David was so easy, nothing like she was used to, and for almost three hours the two had gotten to know each other very well. So much in fact that, another thing she learned over dinner was that those entrancing eyes were the real deal.

“Will we be having dessert tonight?” The waiter asked as he cleared the empty dishes from the table.

“Actually, I think we will have it to go,” David laughed as he placed his hand over his stomach.

He and Charlene were stuffed but knew they could not resist some of the classic desserts that only Capital Grille could offer.

“Very well, so ma’am for you I have The Capital Grille Cheesecake, Brulee style with fresh berries and for you sir I have the Flourless Chocolate Expresso Cake, is that correct?”

“You got it,” David responded.

“So, I had an absolutely great time with you tonight Charlene. I hate it must end, but I am sure we will do this again soon. So… what time is your Uber arriving?” David asked as the two walked hand in hand out of the restaurant.

It was as if David was reading her mind because just like him, she was not ready to end the night just yet either. Luckily, she had more than enough liquid courage on board to be spontaneous thanks to all the drinks she had consumed before and during dinner.

“I had a wonderful night as well and thank you for the spectacular dinner.”

As Charlene looked up and into David’s handsome face, she melted. The feel of his large strong hands against the small of her back made her want to feel more of his body against hers.

Actually, I didn’t order an Uber. I was hoping that I could convince you to give me a ride instead,” Charlene added as she slowly ran her hands along the front of his blazer.

The smile that came across David’s face was breathtaking, it was as if his prayers had been answered.

“I would be honored,” David managed to say as he led the two through the busy sidewalk to his car. Once inside his custom-built Range Rover, time seemed to stand still as they looked into each other’s eyes. There was an unspoken desire that was understood between both of them even though the silence that filled the air was thick.

Charlene’s lips submitted to David’s as he gently caressed her face and slowly pulled her lips to his. The warmth from his full lips seemed to warm her entire soul as her tongue begin to explore his mouth. She never wanted this moment to end, she never wanted his hands to leave her body.

Everything that she had been through with Seth- the abuse, the belittling, her lack of confidence, David seemed to heal in that very moment. She felt safe and she did not want to ever feel anything else.

For so long she thought she could not live without Seth, but now, she knew that she could and that he did not deserve her. She knew that he would never be able to make her feel less than ever again.

“I’m sorry if I overstepped my boundaries,” David said as he slowly pulled away from Charlene, hunger still in his lust-filled eyes.

“Trust me… you didn’t,” Charlene said as she slowly exhaled while placing her hand on his.

If only you knew she thought to herself while watching him set up his onboard navigation.

“Good. The last thing I want to do is fuck this up,” David smiled as he gently squeezed her small hand.

“So, where to?” David asked as he prepared to enter her address in the system.

   “Surprise me,” Charlene said coyly as she smiled and settled into the plush, red leather seat as a devilish smile covered David’s face.

After a quick ten-minute drive, David pulled into a long, gated, and illuminated driveway which led to his immaculate two-level home in Tuxedo Park, a very swanky and top-shelf neighborhood located in Buckhead.

   “David… this is beautiful…,” Charlene gasped.

She was lost for words as she took in the estate that stood in front of her.

“Thank you,” David said humbly.

“The first time I saw this house I knew I had to have it,” David continued as he turned off the engine before sitting just a few minutes looking at it as if he were in a trance.

“Come on, let me show you inside.”

Charlene was even more in love with David’s home after the forty-five-minute tour had come to an end. Over dinner, David said that he had always wanted a big family but never seemed to find the right partner to share those dreams with.  However, looking at his home, he had been proactive in that area as it had enough room to house half a football team.


“Oh my God, that cheesecake was to die for!” Charlene said as the two enjoyed their desserts from earlier.

For the past two and a half hours the two enjoyed more conversation and a few more drinks before devouring their sweet treats. For Charlene, the night just kept getting better.

“Come here, let me get that,” David said, laughing as he wiped the remnants of the cake from her lips before kissing her softly on the neck.

   “Mmm…,” Charlene moaned, wanting this moment more than anything.

Her body took over as she wrapped her slender arms around his muscular neck and pulled his body closer. The heaviness of his frame made her feel secure and the huge bulge that she felt against her stomach was unmistakable. She wanted all of him in every way possible and he wanted the same.

   “Damn baby,” David said lustfully as he stood up and quickly gathered her in his strong arms- taking her to his bedroom where he laid her gently on the soft, pillow-top, king-sized bed.

Charlene squirmed at the anticipation as she watched David undress in the dimly lit and satisfyingly fragrant room. As he removed his shirt she gasped softly at his perfect and extremely fit torso. Everything she had imagined was true. His body was like that of a God and all she wanted to do was lick every muscle.

After taking off the last of his clothing, what stood in front of her was nothing short of amazing as well as shocking. Charlene had never been with a man this size, but she wanted all of him inside her. She needed to feel him… every inch she thought as she licked her lips slowly while taking his rock-hard member in both hands.

   “Ahhh…,” David groaned above her as Charlene stroked all nine inches of his dick.


Charlene could not get enough as she took his large scrotum in her mouth and sucked and pulled slowly as her hand continued to glide up and down the length of his shaft.

“Fuck…,” David moaned as he placed his large hands on each side of her head, moving it back and forth slowly as his dick filled and fucked her small mouth, watching as wetness dripped from her lips.

As Charlene gaged below on him, David’s body began to tremble as he was about to release his seed.

   “I’m about ta cum…,” David groaned out as Charlene refused to let go, she wanted all of him as she ravaged his member with the expertise he had never experienced.

“Oh shi… oh shit… fuck…,” David moaned out as his thick, warm semen shot in her waiting mouth. His dick was still as hard as a rock as she continued to suck and squeeze him dry.

“Fuck me, David,” Charlene begged while removing her evening dress. Her wet pussy was ready to take his mammoth dick and she let him know it as she laid on her back and opened her toned brown legs wide.

“David!” Charlene grunted as all nine inches disappeared inside her.

While holding her legs up, David fucked her pussy with precision. His strokes were rhythmic as her pussy swallowed and squeezed his meat.

The pleasure she was feeling was euphoric and the sounds coming from David were making her pussy wetter. This man knew what he was doing as he turned her around effortlessly without even removing himself from her.

   “Whose pussy is this?” David moaned out as he fucked Charlene from the back, her apple-shaped ass bouncing on his dick.

“It’s yours David… this pussy is yours, baby…”

   “Damn right,” David whispered as he smacked her ass hard before burying himself deep within her walls and planting his seed.

Charlene’s pussy exploded on him almost simultaneously as she climaxed and held his dick deep inside until he emptied himself in her before the exhausted couple fell to the bed and slept the rest of the night wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter 3

Over the next four months Charlene and David dated, made love, and got to know each other on even deeper levels before entering a serious and monogamous relationship.

Seth’s days were in the past although he had not gotten the hint and continued to leave her text and voicemails begging for another chance. All of which had all been unanswered until one day in late winter when he ran into her and David in Lenox Square Mall.

“Charlene… what… how have you been? Have you not gotten any of my messages? And wha… what is this?” Seth asked, pointing, and confused, seething as he looked between an incredibly happy Charlene and David, who was now putting himself between Seth and Charlene.

“My man…,”

“No, baby, I got this,” a confident Charlene said as she handed her bags to David who smiled and stepped aside as he continued to eye Seth.

“Seth, I thought you were bright enough to get the hint. I would never take your sorry, broke ass back. You never deserved me, and you certainly don’t deserve me now. The power that you had over me for all those years is over! It’s been over!

As Charlene let out her feelings, heads began to turn as the confusion in Seth’s face deepened. He had never seen this version of Charlene and it left him speechless as he stood in silence and embarrassingly looked around at the curious eyes.

“At one point in my life I thought you were strong and powerful but, you were and still are weak. You had to put me down to make yourself feel like something and you know what that makes you Seth? PATHETIC! So, please. Do not contact me ever again or I will have your ass lost in so much legal paperwork that Google won’t even be able to find your stupid-looking ass!”

“Daammmmmnnnn!” Some of the spectators yelled out as they laughed and pointed at a defeated Seth.

“And oh, by the way. This is my fiancé and this… this is our child,” Charlene said as she gently rubbed to her stomach.

“You hurt me once, but I have a real man that knows my worth and appreciates me as his woman. He picked up my scattered pieces and he healed the broken heart that you gave me! So, hear me when I say this one more time. If you keep fucking with me, you will come to know the power that he has!

As Charlene and David walked away, cheers exploded around them while Seth was left embarrassed in the middle of the mall as he watched the new Charlene walk forever out of his life for good.

He thought he would be able to come and go out of her life as he pleased- he thought his abuse would keep her fragile and in line with his demands, but he had sorely mistaken how incredibly strong she was.

Charlene and David married in January of 2021 with Tina being the proud maid of honor. The beautiful couple welcomed their first child, Joshua Kemp, on March 19th, 2021, and would go on to have four more children that would successfully fill their home in Tuxedo Park. 

♡♥♡♥The End♡♥♡♥

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